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How to know the residual WINDTRE credit from a smartphone

You are often on the move and, therefore, would like to learn quickly and easily how to know the residual WINDTRE credit from a smartphone? No problem, in this case you can refer to different alternatives: by downloading the WINDTRE app or by phone, by calling the voice assistance service, using the good old man USSD code, or by sending a traditional SMS (the latter method, however, is reserved for certain types of contract). You choose the one that seems to you best suited to your needs and immediately put into practice the relative instructions that you will find in the next lines.


THEWINDTRE app it is definitely one of the most practical ways to find out about your remaining credit and numerous other information relating to your mobile phone contract with this provider. It is available for Android devices (also on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) and for iPhone / iPad.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to download the app via the links mentioned above and press the button Installa / Ottieni to proceed with its installation (on iPhone you will also need to verify your identity via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password). Next, tap on the relative icon, to start it, and press on the wording Skip, present at the top of the presentation screen shown on first use.

At this point, press the button Log in to perform authentication or registration. If you have not yet registered an account, you will find the button below Create your account: press it, then enter your number and tap on the item Continue. You will be sent a SMS containing a code to be inserted in the next screen of the app.

After doing this, click on the button Continue and type l 'email address and Password, then press the button again Continue to complete the procedure: you will receive an e-mail containing the confirmation link, which you will have to press to validate the registration request.

If, on the other hand, your account has already been registered previously and, therefore, you only need to authenticate, enter your email address or telephone number and tap the button Continue. Also in this case you will receive a text message containing a code to be entered in the appropriate field: press the button Continue to access the main screen of the app.

The operation of the WINDTRE app is very simple: the information relating to the remaining credit is available in the section Home: if you do not see it immediately, click on the relative icon located at the bottom left. The first time you will be prompted to allow the app access to your phone and location - tap on one of the available options, that is Consenti semper, Only allow while using the app o Reject.

You are now in front of a summary screen of your contract: in a special box at the top, called  and , you will find the desired information, while further down you can also view the Jig and minutes available (the information varies according to the type of contract signed). By tapping on the item below Details in the Credit section, on the other hand, you will be able to access a detailed screen with more specific information on the composition of your credit.

I also want to give you another tip, which might come in handy: come on Androidin fact, the WINDTRE app allows you to add a widget on the Home Screen, thanks to which you can always keep an eye on the status of your offer. To activate it, press and hold an empty area of ​​any main screen of your smartphone, then select the item widget from the context menu that is proposed to you.

Now scroll through the available widgets and locate the one WINDTRE: press and hold the graphic option among those proposed that best suits you, then, in the next step, tap the button Apply.

Su iPhone, at the time of writing, the WINDTRE app allows you to add its widget only on the screen provided and not on the Home Screen. To do this, make one swipe left to right on the first screen of the Home Screen, press the button Modification at the bottom of the widget screen and select the widget WINDTRE give the menu check if you press.


One of the most practical ways to get to know the residual credit WINDTRE it is certainly the one made available by the operator in question through the number of phone dedicated to voice assistance, namely the 4242. Tap, therefore, on the icon of phone on your smartphone and press on the symbol of keypad. Enter the above number and press the bottom phone again to initiate the call.

A guide will show you the various services available through this mode, including that for the remaining credit, which you can easily select by typing the corresponding number on the keypad of your phone (2, at the time of writing). If you do not see this last element, press the relative symbol on the active call screen, to then proceed to enter the number indicated by the voice assistant and wait for the recorded voice to answer.

Another effective way to obtain the remaining credit information is to enter the USSD code * 123 #. This mode can always be activated via the mobile phone keypad: once the above number has been dialed, press the button with the telephone symbol to send the request to the manager.

This is not a traditional call, therefore, but an additional function available on Android smartphones that activates a communication protocol capable of putting the user in contact with the telephone operator's servers to access certain functions. This simple operation, therefore, will produce one in seconds notifies on the display containing the desired information.

One last option, available only for certain types of contracts such as All Inclusive, Call Your Country, Wind Smart o We all, to cite a few examples, is to send a SMS to the number 4155. Tap, therefore, on the icon ofmessaging app present on your smartphone, for example Messages (i.e. the default on Android devices).

Press the button Start chat, bottom right, and enter the number 4155 in the field A, confirming the number just entered. In the following screen write the words Sale in the field Text message, at the bottom, and press on the arrow on the side, to send it. After a few seconds you will find the reply SMS received.

How to know the WINDTRE residual credit from a PC

You prefer to keep everything under control from your computer and consequently would like to access the related instructions on how to know the residual credit of WINDTRE from a PC? Perfect, follow the steps indicated in the next paragraphs and you will see that the operation will be easier than expected.

First, open your favorite browser and connect to the main page of the operator, then click on the button Login located at the top right. If you have not registered yet, enter yours in the screen that is proposed to you telephone number in the left pane and press the button Continue: you will receive a SMS containing a code on your smartphone, which you simply have to type in the new browser window, pressing the button once again Continue to proceed to the next step.

Inserisci email address e Password, then press the button Continue to access the main screen: remember that you will also receive an e-mail message containing a confirmation link which you will need to visit to validate your registration request and access the various services offered by the WINDTRE customer area.

If you are already registered, on the first screen you will also find the button Log in: clicking on it will display the fields email address e Password: enter the respective information, then press the button Log in. On the home screen, under the heading Your offer, you will already find the box containing the information on the remaining credit. Below you will see a schematic view of the consumption, while through the voice Show details you can enter the specifics of your offer.

How to know the WIND TRE credit

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