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Take great pictures

The first, although apparently a bit trivial, fundamental rule to be able to have many likes on Instagram is without a shadow of a doubt that of take nice pictures. A well-made shot, able to perfectly highlight the subject of the same or in any case able to attract the observer's attention, represents an extremely important prerogative to be able to increase the number of "likes" for the contents shared on Instagram.

So when you take a photo to share with Instagram I suggest you focus on choosing the right subjects and the most suitable angles. Also strive to ensure that what you photograph is clearly visible or that at least is able to channel the gaze of others. Also keep in mind that it's usually all a matter of eye and intuition and that you don't need to be a professional photographer to get good results. In any case, if you need some useful "tips" about it, you can consult my guide on how to take beautiful photos.

Then I suggest you set aside the special function attached to Instagram to take pictures and make your shots using the app to take pictures available "standard" on your smartphone and all the advanced features related to it. Alternatively, you could also use a real camera (in which case you will then have to transfer the photos you want to share on your mobile). If you don't have a camera phone or a good camera, I suggest you take a look at the buying guides that I linked to to find the device that's right for you.

Get inspired

In addition to taking beautiful photos, another great way to get lots of likes on Instagram is certainly to be inspired by the shots of others, both in terms of the type of photos to be taken and in terms of the filters to use.

To find the right inspiration, just click on the icon of magnifying glass located at the bottom left (in the Instagram app) or by clicking on the symbol compass at the top right (in the, then browse the list of the most viewed photos. You will certainly find valid ideas on how to make seemingly trivial photos suggestive.

Eventually you can also view the list of the most popular photos on Instagram via the website Iconsquare which allows you to access shared content through the famous computer app, after authenticating with your account. The service can be used free of charge for 14 days, then costs 29 euros / month.

Use the appropriate filters

If your desire is to be able to have many likes on Instagram then you cannot ignore theuse of suitable filters. Try to carefully and accurately choose the filters to apply to your photos, making sure that they make your shots even more inviting and captivating, selecting those most appreciated by other users. Using a filter that can enhance your shot in the eyes of others can contribute, and not a little, to increase the number of potential users who are interested in your profile, keep this in mind.

So I suggest you choose the filters to apply to your shots based on common sense and what your personal taste is. If there is a filter that you prefer more than the others it could also become one of your distinctive signs and your "workhorse". So, use one filter rather than another (or even none) is a purely personal matter. In any case, the final effect is almost always pleasant.

Use suitable hashtags

Another great tip to get lots of likes on Instagram is to use theuse of suitable hashtags to their shots, that is, related to the subjects of the photos and which at the same time are popular among users.

To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment you can use the website All hashtag which allows you to generate the "labels" on the basis of a certain starting term. The service is free and it is not necessary to register in any way to use it. Alternatively, you can contact Top Hashtag, a website that shows the most used hashtags at the moment.

Considering the fact that most of the hashtags are in English, to be able to get many likes on Instagram I suggest you not only carefully select the terms with which to mark your shots but also to include those in a foreign language.

Another recommendation I make is to not use "too many" hashtags for each photo. Limit yourself to inserting a maximum of ten, they should be more than enough!

Collega i profili social

If you haven't already, know that connect social accounts you use the Instagram app is another good way to get lots of likes, trust me. In fact, by going to publish Instagram photos also on other social networks, Facebook and Twitter in the first place, your content will reach a much wider audience than usual and, consequently, you will be more likely to attract the attention of new users and get more likes.

To connect your Instagram account with other supported social networking services, press the icon of thelittle man which is located at the bottom right of the main menu of the Instagram app. Next, tap the button (≡) at the top right, select the item Settings in the menu that opens and press on the items Accounts> Linked Accounts. Then select the service you want to associate with your account (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), tap on the item Continue / Sign in and follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the procedure.

After providing the authorization for the publication of the photos on the other social Instagram, it will automatically post your content on the latter as well. All you have to do is take your photos normally and select the buttons referring to the social networks of interest at the time of publication. Nothing simpler, right?

Interact with others

Before leaving you free to continue taking photos to share via Instagram, there is one last fundamental tip that I want to give you to allow you to have many likes on Instagram: interact with others!

Instagram, in fact, is first of all a social tool and as such, to be able to get noticed and, consequently, to increase the number of likes, it is necessary to interact. I therefore suggest you to to comment the photos of other users calling into question the subject of the shot, the author of the same and maybe even other commentators (if you don't know how to do it, you can follow the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to mention on Instagram).

Doing so it is certainly not to be excluded the hypothesis that with the passage of time you will be able to establish some friendship with other users of the famous app having the same interests as you (for example the love for a certain country, the passion for the kitchen or the one for movies) and with which to make guest posts, or exclusive photos on your account, returning the favor if necessary.

How to get lots of likes on Instagram

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