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Vodafone telephone assistance

If you want contact Vodafone operator by phone, contact the 190. The number is active 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, however the technical support agents are only available from 7 to 7. At other times - i.e. at night - it is only possible to forward requests relating to the blocking of lost or stolen SIMs or for charging problems. The call is always free.

And now let's get to the point: what combination of numbers do you need to dial to speak to a real person? At the time of writing it is 1-4-4 if you want to request technical assistance or 1-5  if you have to block a lost / stolen SIM, but it could change at any moment. The real secret - it will seem trivial to say - is to listen carefully to the indications of the recorded voice.

Basically, you have to choose the option to access the assistance services for mobile telephony (currently linked to number 1) and you have to choose whether to request assistance from a consultant (by pressing the corresponding key, which is currently 4, twice in a row) or if block the SIM of a stolen or lost phone (by pressing the key currently corresponding to number 5 and typing the number of the lost SIM).

If you have a fixed Vodafone line, you can request assistance for the latter by pressing on 2 (instead of 1) and typing your phone number followed by the pound symbol (#).

Contact Vodafone from a landline

Vodafone operators can also be contacted from a landline. The number to dial is always the 190, which is active 24/24 (even if operators respond to technical or commercial problems only from 08:00 to 22:00). The call is free from the Vodafone line and costs the same as an urban call from the lines of other operators.

To use the Vodafone assistance service for the fixed line, listen to the welcome message and choose whether request information on the rates available to switch to Vodafone (option currently corresponding to key 1), if accessing the services of assistance for Vodafone mobile network customers (option currently corresponding to key 2) access the services of assistance for Vodafone fixed network customers (option currently corresponding to key 3).

Then type the Vodafone number for which you need assistance and choose if block a SIM following theft or loss (option currently associated with key 3) or whether to receive assistance from a Vodafone consultant (by pressing the button corresponding to the option, which is currently 4).

Alternative Vodafone numbers

If you are unable to get in touch with a Vodafone operator via 190, you can call800.100.195 which is accessible from mobile and landline phone. The key combinations to press are the same as in 190.

If you are abroad, however, you can contact Vodafone by calling the number area code 349 2000 190. The call has the cost of a call to the city according to the tariff plan active on the line in use.

Vodafone online assistance

If you are unable to contact the 190 operators, you can contact Vodafone online assistance using one of the company's social channels.


On Facebook - by connecting to the official page of the operator and clicking on the button Send Message which is located at the top right you can write a short message in which to indicate your phone number and the problem for which you need support. Within a few minutes you should receive an answer from a Vodafone operator, who will help you solve the problem (or clarify your doubts about any questions you asked in the message). All free.


On Twitter - if you are registered on Twitter, you can contact Vodafone assistance by sending a tweet describing your problem to @VodafoneIT (i.e. the official Vodafone city account). Enter the hashtag at the end of the message # tw190 and within a few minutes you will be contacted by an operator who will help you to spread the matter through private messages. All free in this case too.

Please do not enter your mobile number or other personal data in the tweet to send to Vodafone. It is a public message visible to all. Wait for the operator to contact you via DM, then via private message, to provide the latter with all the requested data.

Please note: you can contact Vodafone support on Twitter and Facebook on any day and at any time, however, it should be noted that the operators will only reply at the times provided by the telephone support.

App MyVodafone

The official app MyVodafone allows you to receive assistance from a Vodafone operator via chat. At the time of writing, this possibility is offered exclusively to customers of Vodafone's SMART plans, but in the future, things could also change.

To talk to a Vodafone operator via the MyVodafone app, download it from the iOS, Android or Windows Phone store (depending on the type of smartphone you use), start it and log in with your account data. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one for free right from the app.

Once logged in, press the button  located at the top, select the items Assistance and support> Need helpfrom the bar that appears on the side and choose thetopic for which you need assistance. Then he presses the buttons NoChat with an expert, fill out the form that is proposed to you and entra in chat selecting the appropriate option of the app. For more details on the whole procedure, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to chat with Vodafone.

Vodafone website

Remaining in the "Internet" context, I would also like to recommend the official forum of Vodafone city where users help each other to clarify doubts regarding offers, services and products offered by the company. In an emergency, try to post your problem there and you will surely receive satisfactory answers.

Also do not forget to take a “jump” on the Internet site of Vodafone city which, through its section FAQ's, proposes a series of quick answers to common problems encountered by users. The solution to your problem may also lie there.

How to contact Vodafone operator

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