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Contact Vodafone by phone

First of all, let's try to understand how to get in touch with Vodafone through the most traditional of systems: by telephone. Below you will find therefore indicated how to proceed both for what concerns the mobile line that for the fixed line.

Mobile line

To contact Vodafone customer service from a mobile line, the first thing you need to do is to grab your mobile phone, open the dialer (the numeric keypad), dial the number 190 and press the button to start the phone call (usually the green one depicting a handset).

When the call has started, listen to the instructions of the voice guide and press the keys corresponding to those in order to get in touch with an operator. At the time of writing the key combination to use is: 1 (support services for mobile telephony), 4 (assistance from a consultant) and again 4 (always to receive assistance from a consultant). Alternatively, you can use the following combination: 1 (support services for mobile telephony) e 5 (for blocking the lost / stolen SIM card). However, considering that telephone operators, including Vodafone, often and willingly have the habit of changing the key combinations to be pressed to talk to the operators, in order to avoid wasting precious time in useless attempts, I always suggest you follow up with the utmost attention to the instructions of the recorded voice.

The number is active 24 hours a day and 24 days a week but the technical assistance staff are available only in the time slot from 7:7 to 8:00. At night it is only possible to forward requests relating to the blocking of lost or stolen SIMs or for charging problems. The call is always free of charge.

Are you trying to call 190 but can't get in touch with Vodafone customer service? Then call the alternate number 800.100.195. If you are abroad, you can contact Vodafone by calling the number area code 349 2000 190. The phone call has the cost of a call to the city based on the tariff plan active on the line in use.

Fixed line

Let's now move on to fixed telephony. Again, the number you need to dial is the 190. So, grab the handset of your home phone, enter the number in question and wait a few moments for the call to be initiated.

Then listen to the short welcome message and press the button 3 which at the time of writing corresponds to the assistance for fixed network customers of the operator.

Again, I would like to point out, the options associated with each operator's customer service key for the fixed line may be subject to change. So if you want to avoid wasting time unnecessarily listen carefully to the instructions of the recorded voice before hitting this or that button on the keypad.

As for the costs and hours of activity, the call is free from the Vodafone line, while you pay as much as an urban call from the lines of other operators. The customer service is active every day but it is possible to speak with an operator only in the time slot that goes from 8:00 to 22:00.

If, for one reason or another, you are unable to get in touch with Vodafone following the instructions I have just given you, try your phone call to the alternative number. 800.100.195.

Contact Vodafone via chat

You can also contact Vodafone via chat (valid for both mobile and fixed lines). To do this, you can access both your own online area DIY on the website of the operator that through theapp My Vodafone available for smartphones and tablets. To find out more, keep reading.

Online area DIY

To speak with Vodafone customer service via chat through the online Do-it-yourself area of ​​the operator's website, the first step you must take is, as you can guess, to connect to the portal home page. and log in to your account by placing the cursor on the green button do-it-yourself present at the top right, by clicking on Log in and then entering the requested data. If you do not yet have an account to access the online area, instead of clicking on Log in cheap with Subscribe and follow the simple wizard that is proposed to you on the screen.

Once logged in, locate the section Need help? present at the bottom left and click on the link Dedicated support che trovi sotto the dicitura SMART service.

Then indicate, using the first drop-down menu attached to the new window that has opened, the reason why you want to contact Vodafone. Use the second drop-down menu to select the topic of your interest and then click on the button Chat with us (if available, it depends on the topic you have chosen) below. Then make sure that the data shown in the form on the screen matches yours and then click on the button Log in to start your chat session with support right away.

My Vodafone App

You can chat with Vodafone also via smartphone and tablet. In this case, however, keep it in mind, it is not a real operator but a bot. How? Simple: just download the official My Vodafone app made available by the operator for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, log in to your account, access the appropriate section and you're done.

More precisely, after downloading, installing and starting the app and after logging in to your account, step on the button with the three lines horizontally che si trova in alto a destra, select the voice Assistance and support from the menu you see appear and then stop on Need help?. Alternatively, if in the main screen of the application you see a cartoon with written on it at the bottom right Need help? you can plug them directly without having to carry out all the steps I have just described to you.

At this point you should see a chat window. Stop on the empty field at the bottom, type your doubts and / or your problems and let the bot help you by providing you with possible answers. Very easy!

Contact Vodafone via social network

Yes, you can get in touch with Vodafone also through social networks and more precisely through Facebook e Twitter. Write to the operator's social care and you will see that in no time you will receive an answer. To find out more, read the explanations below.


Do you want to find out how to contact Vodafone via Facebook? Then the first step you need to take is to connect to the official fan page of the operator and click on the button Send Message located at the top right. Once this is done, you will see the window open through which you can start a private conversation with Vodafone. So write a short message in which you indicate your phone number and expose your doubts and / or your problems that prompted you to contact support.

Within a short time you should receive an answer from an operator who will help you clarify your doubts and / or solve your problem. All for free and also quickly enough.

Keep in mind that you can write to Vodafone customer service on Facebook at any time but that the operators are active at the same times as the telephone customer service, i.e. every day from 8:00 to 22:00. Therefore, you will only receive an answer in the time slot in question.


If you have a Twitter account you can also write to Vodafone from there. How you do it? Nothing could be easier: start composing a new tweet to send to @VodafoneIT (the official Vodafone city account) and briefly express what your doubts and / or problems are. At the end of the message also enter the hashtag # tw190 and post the tweet.

Therefore, be patient for a few minutes and you will see that you will be contacted by an operator who will help you dispel all your doubts and / or solve the problems you encountered. All at no cost, even in this case.

In the tweet to be sent to Vodafone, please, do not enter your phone number or other personal data. A tweet is in fact a public message and as such the information you provide could be read not only by Vodafone but also by many other users. I therefore suggest that you provide the manager with more confidential information via private messages, or DMs. It will be Vodafone itself to propose this if necessary.

The social care service on Twitter operates at the same times as that of Facebook, i.e. every day from 8:00 to 22:00.

Other useful solutions

Telephone and telematic contacts aside, you can try to dispel your doubts and / or deal with your problems also through the section dedicated to FAQ's of the manager's website where you can find a series of quick answers to the already common questions asked by users.

You can also appeal to the website dedicated to official forum of Vodafone city in which, instead of coming into direct contact with the manager, you can receive help from other users regarding offers, services and products of the group.

You belong to the band instead business and do you need to contact Vodafone customer service? In this case, you can take a look at the appropriate web page where all the contact methods available for the category are indicated.

Do you want to contact Vodafone to submit a complaint? Then you can do it all via the appropriate website for complaints. If, on the other hand, you intend to contact the manager because you need support to carry out the Cancellation of the contract then I suggest you read my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

How to contact Vodafone

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