How to contact UPS courier

How to contact the UPS courier by phone

If you want contact the UPS courier, the first solution that I invite you to consider is to rely onhelpline of the well-known courier. UPS, in fact, offers its customers special numbers thanks to which it is possible to obtain the necessary support to receive all the information they need.

The numbers to be taken into consideration differ according to the type of assistance required. To be precise, if you need to contact UPS to get information of various kinds and about the billing and/o there payments, you can call the number 02.30303039, while if you need to technical assistance on installation, updating and / or use of the various technological tools made available to the company, you can contact the number prefix 0248270032. Both numbers are paid and are charged as national telephone numbers based on the plan active on your line.

To call one or the other number, all you have to do is take your mobile or landline phone handset, dial the reference number, press the key to start the call (on smartphones, in general, it is the green one with the handset up) and follow the directions of registered voice to obtain the necessary information and / or to get in touch with an operator, pronouncing the proposed sentences depending on what your needs are, bearing in mind the fact that they can be subject to change over time.

How to contact the UPS courier by email

If you don't like the idea of ​​contacting UPS by phone, you can consider doing it through e-mail. UPS, in fact, provides all users with a practical online form to be filled in for assistance via the Internet. The answer is usually provided within one day.

So, if you are interested in this, visit the page of the UPS website dedicated to contact via email, type your name and your email address in the fields Your name e E-mail address, use the drop-down menus located at the bottom to indicate the service category,topic and qualification (if required) and click on the button NEXT you see appear below.

Then fill in the additional fields that are proposed to you by inserting yours telephone number, Country reference and the any other information requests (e.g. the customer code number, the type of shipment), depending on what was selected in the menus above.

Finally, write your question or doubt in the field below the wording Question or comment (at the bottom of the page), being careful not to exceed the 500 character limit, and click the button Send email to send your email.

How to contact the UPS courier through social networks

As anticipated at the beginning of the guide, you can also contact UPS via social networks, to be precise through Facebook e Twitter. They are not channels officially advertised by the company to receive assistance but they can still be useful for obtaining information of various kinds. Below you will find explained how to proceed in both cases.

  • Facebook - log in to your account and go to the city page of UPS (this, however, is the international page), press on the button to send a message, type your support request in the text field in the chat window and send it. Wait, therefore, for the response from the courier - which should not be long in arriving - and continue the conversation by providing further explanations regarding the reason that is prompting you to contact UPS, providing any information that is requested of you. If you need more information about how Facebook works, refer to my article on how to use Facebook.
  • Twitter - log in to your profile and start composing a new tweet to be addressed to @UPSHelp_IT, the city Twitter account of UPS (this, however, is the international account). In the body of the tweet, explain your reasons without providing personal data (as the message is public and other users could read the content). Then wait for an answer from the UPS customer service and, if you are asked to continue the conversation in private, go DM, you agree to it. At that point, you can provide any confidential information (e.g. your phone number) as the conversation will no longer be public. If you think you need more information about how Twitter works, you can read my guide dedicated to the subject.

It should be noted that, both in the case of Facebook and in the case of Twitter, customer care city of UPS via social network is operational Monday to Friday, from the 08.00 18.30, while the social assistance service international is active 7 days a week, 7 hours a day.

In the case of city assistance, you can still contact the courier at any time, but you will receive a reply from the latter only on the days and at the scheduled times. Take that into account.

How to contact the UPS courier by post

You prefer traditional means of contact, so to speak, and would like to know if it is possible to contact the UPS via paper mail? The answer is yes, and I'll tell you how to proceed.

All you have to do is send your message or documents, via traditional mail or by means of registered mail, at the address of city office of UPS, which is: Via Fantoli 15/2 - 20138 Milan - city.

If, on the other hand, you wish to contact the European headquarters UPS, the address you need to refer to is: Avenue Ariane 5 - 1200 Brussels - Belgium.

How to contact the UPS courier for a pickup

You are interested in understanding how to contact UPS for the withdrawal of a package you want to send? Don't worry, I can help you with that too. If you simply need to ask for information, you can get in touch with the courier by phone, email, social network or by post, as I explained to you in the previous steps. The procedure to start is practically the same.

As regards, however, the possibility of program a collection, simply fill in the appropriate form on the UPS website. You will then have to answer the questions related to shipping labels, provide information relating to the resort of the withdrawal, indicate the requested details regarding i parcel services, to specify date and time pickup, choose whether or not to enable the notifications to click the button NEXT

Once your package has been picked up, you can check the status of your request by clicking on the link Requested withdrawal status that you find on the right side of the page containing the form, by typing the PRN, i.e. the withdrawal request number, in the appropriate field and then clicking on the button Submit

Further solutions

Although this is not really about contacting UPS, another thing you can do if you have any doubts or problems regarding the services offered by the courier is to take a look at the UPS Online Support Center: from here you can access the list of those that are the frequently asked questions and read the related answers ready, or you can make one keyword search (by typing the latter in the appropriate bar at the top, by clicking on the button Research on the right and then selecting the relevant question from those proposed to you). Alternatively, you can explore the FAQs available for section, selecting the one you are interested in from the menu on the right.

You want to get in touch with UPS because you want to submit a complaint? In this case, I inform you that you can refer to the web page dedicated to complaints support, always available on the courier's website: all the information and indications of the case are available there, as well as the appropriate tools to start a complaint.

If, on the other hand, your need is to get in touch with UPS because you want draw a pack, in order to find out at what point your shipment is, I invite you to refer to the information contained in my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to track the UPS package. It's very simple, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

How to contact UPS courier

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