How to change WiFi channel on Fastweb modem (Fastgate)

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Fastweb supplies all new customers with the latest generation modem called Fastgate, capable of making the most of fiber optic lines (both FTTH and FTTC) and ADSL lines.
This modem, however, is profoundly different from those offered in the past by the same operator and by the modems offered by the competition, to the point of displacing novice users.
This is why we have decided to create a guide on one of the most requested questions when it comes to wireless modems: how to change the WiFi channel on the new Fastweb modem?
To avoid interference as much as possible and to get a good speed on WiFi we will see together the menu reserved for the choice of channels, how to choose the best channel and how to avoid incompatibility with devices.
After reading we will be able to make the most of the Fastgate modem for both 2,4GHz wireless and 5GHz wireless.

1) How to access Fastgate WiFi settings
To access the Fastgate settings, open a web browser on a device already connected to the modem network (wireless or cable is the same) and type the following address in the address bar at the top:

If we use a PC, I recommend making changes in the Fastgate control panel with Mozilla Firefox or Edge, since Chrome may not make any changes (due to a bug).
After a few seconds we will see the window appear in which Fastgate asks for the user name (username) and the password to access the configuration panel.

We insert the credentials (created at the first access) and let's go to the menu Connection, where we will find the items to be configured in the rest of the guide.
Alternatively, we can also access the configuration panel from the MyFastweb mobile app, available for Android and iOS from here -> MyFastweb (Android) e MyFastweb (IOS).
The menu Connection is available by opening the side scrolling menu and taking us to the menu FASTGate.

Once the menu is open Connection let's select the submenu WiFi channel to be able to change the channels of wireless networks managed by Fastgate.

We will see a graph with all the available channels, the number of nearby networks present and two buttons (almost invisible) to change the management of the channels between 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz.

By default, Fastgate automatically chooses the best channel based on the interference of other WiFi networks in the area, but this mechanism often does not solve all the problems, based on the little information available.
Therefore, if we want to use a specific WiFi channel and prevent the Fastgate from changing automatically, all we have to do is disable the voice Automatic search
best channel
and choose the chosen wireless channel from the drop-down menu at the bottom.

On 2,4 GHz networks we always recommend making a manual choice of the best channel (so as to significantly improve network performance), while on 5 GHz networks this need is not urgent, we can safely leave the channel management automatically ( except in cases where it is necessary to choose the best channel for maximum performance).
But how to choose the right channels?
In the following section of the guide we will find all the secrets and tricks to choose the best WiFi channel compatible with our home (each house is different from each other, so we will have to personally find the best possible configuration).

2) How to choose the best channel on 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
Now that we know how to change channels to WiFi networks managed by Fastgate, it's time to figure out how to choose the best channel.
If we do not want to use other tools, we can rely on the graph offered by Fastgate on the situation of other nearby networks, with the channels they use.

The best channels for 2,4GHz networks are, 1, 6, and 11, therefore we recommend first of all to check the situation on these channels and to choose one of these three based on the number of networks already present (if for example on channel 6 there are only 2 networks and on the other 3 or more, we will use this channel for our network).
If all 3 main channels are used by 3 networks or more, we will have to choose another channel for our network otherwise we will have interference and performance drops (the WiFi network will go much slower).
We recommend trying how alternative channels 3, 7 and 9, you should be able to improve the interference situation and increase the connection speed without any problems.
We do not recommend using channels above 11 (i.e. 12 and 13), because some devices do not see this network, which will therefore be invisible (always keep between channels 1 and 11 for maximum compatibility.
If instead we want to configure the 5 GHz network the best channels are 36, 44, 52 and 100, the only ones that are always compatible with all devices capable of exploiting this type of network.
The Fastgate will always try to use channel 52 automatically, but if we notice some interference or drop in performance we can use one of the other channels that are always compatible.

3) App to choose the best WiFi channel
If we don't trust the network chart offered by Fastgate or we don't know which channel to assign to our network, we can get help from some free apps designed for the purpose.

The best Android app is WiFi Analyzer, available here -> WiFi analyzer (Android).

With this app we will be able to see all the networks present in the vicinity (with the relative graphs where to check the interference) and choose, through a star rating system, the best channel where to place our network.
We avoid using channels higher than 11 as already mentioned in the previous paragraph of the guide.
The app is compatible with both 2,4GHz and 5GHz networks.

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