How to call featured stories on Instagram

How to add featured stories on Instagram

Before explaining to you how to call featured stories on instagram, it seems appropriate to give you some preliminary information on how to create stories on Instagram and add them to the section Recommended of the photographic social network (if you need it).

To do this, launch the Instagram app on your device and log into your account if necessary. I remind you, in fact, that Instagram stories can only be created through the app for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices without Play Store) and iOS of the well-known photographic social network. Once this is done, on the main screen, swipe to the left, in order to open the fotocamera on Instagram.

Then, record a video or take a photo, using the pulsating dell'otturatore, so you can create an Instagram story like you usually do. Now, after publishing it, via the button The tua storia, award-winning Highlight which is located in the lower right corner of the story.

Finally, type the title of the highlighted story and press the button Add, to add it to this section of Instagram visible on your profile (even from a computer).

How to call your featured stories on Instagram

Stories featured on Instagram can be renamed even at a later time. Therefore, if you have added a featured story on Instagram without giving the album a title, or if you want to change it following an afterthought, you can use the Instagram app for smartphones at any time.

To do this, on the main screen of the social network, press on old miniature, to go to your profile screen. After that, click on the icon story in evidence, to view it. Once this is done, press the icon (...) and, in the menu that is shown to you, tap on the wording Edit the featured story.

At this point, in the next screen, refer to the text field located next to the wording Title to write the name you want to give to the album of your featured stories on Instagram. Finally, confirm the operation by pressing the button end. Facile, see?

Tips on how to name featured stories on Instagram

After explaining the steps to create your featured stories and rename them, it's time to give you some general hints on how to name them.

Featured Stories are used to highlight some of the content you have created and published in Instagram Stories. Therefore, you must make sure that their titles are representative of the content, in an engaging way and able to summarize, in a few words, what is important to highlight on your profile.

For example, if you use Instagram for work and deal with travel, you can rename the featured stories with the names of the places you have visited. If, on the other hand, you deal with multiple topics on your profile, such as the fashion and kitchen, I suggest you name the featured stories by grouping them right with i thematic names treated by you.

In case, however, you were wondering how to call featured stories on instagram with friends, I imagine that you make a purely personal use of the social network and for pleasure; therefore, you could just give a fancy name to the featured stories that group your outings with friends. For example, you can use words like Friends o Best Friends or, again, use any nicknames you give to your group or a description of a pleasant evening or event you attended together.

How to call featured stories on Instagram

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