How to be called by Amazon

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Have Amazon call you for product assistance

Amazon customers who have purchased a product sold directly from Jeff Bezos' giant are entitled to a free service period, as well as a two-year warranty in case of breakdowns. By logging into your account and selecting the product on which you need assistance, you can, therefore, be called by Amazon.

If you have purchased a product and need to speak to an Amazon employee, connected to the main page of the site, linger with the mouse pointer on the item Account e list and, from the menu that appears, click on the button Log in. On the newly opened page, enter your details in the fields Email address or mobile number e Password and push button on the pulsating Log in to connect to your account.

Now, click on the option Returns and orders present at the top right, locate the order of your interest and press the yellow button Receive product assistance. If your order included more than one item, select the one you are interested in: if the product is still entitled to receive assistance, you can view the message Product support available until [date], otherwise the message appears This item is not eligible for product support.

If the product you are interested in is eligible for support, click on the button Call me, so as to be contacted as soon as possible. The telephone service is active every day from 06:00 to 24:00.

You should know that you can request a call from Amazon also through your mobile device, by downloading the Amazon application for Android / iOS / iPadOS devices. After installing and running it on your device and logging into your Amazon account, press the button (≡) present at the top left, select the item my orders and select the article of your interest. Then press the button Receive product assistance (if available) and press the yellow button Call me to be contacted by Amazon customer care.

Get a call from Amazon for other issues

Customers who need to be called by Amazon for other issues, such as a disservice on an order placed or malfunctions of Amazon devices and services, may require a phone call from an operator through the section Contact us.

After logging into your account, click on the entry Hello [your name], Accounts and lists (top right), select the wording My Account and, in the new page that opened, click on the options Help e Contact us. You can request support for the following services by clicking on one of the available tabs.

  • An order placed: for problems or questions related to an order placed on Amazon. Through this section, customers can be called by an employee to have clarifications on the status of their order, on returns and refunds, on changing an order, on payments and to receive assistance on problems relating to malfunctions of offers and coupons.
  • Amazon devices: To get useful information before buying a Kindle device. Through this section, you can get advice on the device that best suits your needs, with the possibility of placing the telephone order (if the customer is abroad or intends to buy 5 or more Kindles). Additionally, you can request assistance on Amazon devices such as Fire Stick TV and Dash Button.
  • Digital content- Get information and help with issues related to Amazon's digital services, such as Prime Video, Amazon Drive, Twitch, Kindle eBooks, Amazon Music, and more.
  • Prime and more: the section relating to the Amazon Prime service. Users interested in subscribing can talk to an Amazon employee and receive information about the service, while existing Prime customers can get assistance related to various issues.

After selecting the category of your interest, using the drop-down menu Choose an option present under the heading Please provide more information about your question, indicate the topic for which you want to receive telephone assistance and, if requested, provide further details using the drop-down menus next to the items Select details /Select more details.

To book the call from an Amazon representative, click the button Telephone present under the heading How would you like to contact us? and, in the newly opened page, enter your phone number in the field Your numberDopodiché by clicking on the button call me now to receive the call from Amazon in less than a minute.

Also in this case, you can request a call from an Amazon employee also from smartphones and tablets using the official application of the service for Android / iOS / iPadOS. After launching it and logging into your account, tap the button (≡) and presses on the voice Our Services.

Adesso, fai tap sull'opzione Contact us, presses on the voice Call Customer Service and select the category of your interest and, if the telephone recontact option is available, press the button call me now. Within a short time you will be contacted by Amazon customer support.

How to call Amazon customer service

Do you prefer to call Amazon directly? I'm sorry, but at the time of writing this guide this possibility is no longer available. Trying to contact the toll-free number 800 145 851 or the toll-free number 800 798 277in fact, you will hear a recorded message inviting you to take advantage of the assistance methods I mentioned in the guide.

If things change in the future, I will promptly update the article.

How to be called by Amazon

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