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Install TIMvision on your Smart TV

THEinstallation of TIMvision on the Smart TV that you intend to use to watch the on-demand content of the TIM service is an indispensable operation, without which watching TV series and films is impossible. Not all Smart TVs are compatible with TIMvision. So, if you haven't activated your monthly subscription yet, make sure you have one at home Samsung Smart TV (2012-2017 model), a LG Smart TV (2012-2017 models) or one Smart TV Android.

To install TIMvision on your Smart TV, turn on the TV and check that it is connected to the home Wi-Fi network. Now, connect to the store of apps, search for the TIMvision application by typing the word "timvision ” in the search bar and, after finding the app, presses the button Install relating to the latter. When the download is complete, you should see the button apri (the name may vary according to the Smart TV used) which, once pressed, should start loading the application.

Let's take a practical example: if you have one at home Samsung Smart TV and you intend to install the TIMvision application on it, turn on the TV and make sure you are connected to the Internet. You can verify that you are connected to the Internet by logging in to the section Network present in the main menu of the TV: then press the button Menu on the remote control, move with the key down arrow on the item Network e premium pulsating OK. In the screen that opens, select the option Network status and wait for the confirmation message (Internet connection established). Then select the command Close and proceed to the second step, that is, installing the application.

To proceed with the installation of the TIMvision app, press the button Smart Hub on the remote control, move with the key left arrow on the box Featured and presses the button OK twice in a row. In the new screen that appears, move with the keys right arrow e up arrow to select theicona della lens d'ingrandimento (top right). Using the virtual keyboard displayed on the TV, compose the name TIMvision and start the search by selecting the command Done.

In the new screen displayed, presses the button Download to start downloading the app. Now wait for the download to complete, then select the item apri to enter the main page of the app and enjoy the show!

If you have a recent Smart TV, you should find the TIMvision application pre-installed in the Smart Hub package (Tizen for the latest models of Samsung Smart TVs). If, on the other hand, your Smart TV does not support the TIMvision application, you can access the service by purchasing a Samsung Blu-Ray player between those that support the Internet connection and the TIMvision app or a chromecast.

Attivare TIMvision on Smart TV

Once the installation is complete, it's time to activate the TIMvision application on your Smart TV. I assure you that this is a trivial operation, which takes no more than a couple of minutes. If you have not yet registered a TIMvision account, you can do so by connecting to the official website of the service or through the TIMvision app for smartphones and tablets (available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile).

If you decide to register via PC, connect to the official TIMvision page and click on the button Subscribe. In the new screen that appears, fill in the fields Email, Password e Confirm password, metti il ​​segno di spunta accanto alle voci I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy, Suggest the most suitable content for me e Keep me updated on promos and news (the first two items are not mandatory, you can put the check mark below next to the No option). When you are done, select the button Subscribe to the bottom of the page.

Once registration is complete, you will receive an activation confirmation email to the email address you chose when you registered: you will need to open it and click on link that you find in it, in order to complete the registration of the account. If you have previously activated the subscription from the MyTIM app, you must associate the newly registered account with your mobile line.

On the home page of the TIMvision website, select the item Profile (top right) and, in the menu that opens, click on the option Profile management. In the new screen that appears, scroll down until you find the section Mobile line. Now, press the button Associate and, in the new field that appears at the bottom, type the number of yours YES TIM with which you previously activated your subscription.

Complete the operation by pressing the button Associate and, after a few seconds, you should receive an SMS containing the code PIN to type in the section Mobile line of the TIMvision website to definitively complete the association. If you have a TIM Smart subscription on a fixed line, you do not have to do anything as the association with the telephone line will be automatic.

At this point, you can log in to the TIMvision app also on your Smart TV. So press on the button Smart Hub, move with the key left arrow on the box Personal app and premium tasto OK of the remote control twice consecutively. In the new screen that appears, move with the keys right arrow, down arrow, up arrow, left arrow until you reach the application pane TIMvision e pulsing sul pulsating OK.

Automatically, the app will show the screen Log in to TIMvision: fill in the fields Enter the TIMvision account email e Enter password, then select the item NEXT and, in the screen that opens, enter a PIN of 4 digits with which to subsequently complete any purchases with the application. Fill in the field as well Confirm PIN and select the item Confirmation pressing the button OK remote control.

The function will appear on the next screen parental Control: here you can decide which Parental Control level to assign to the TIMvision app by moving with the buttons right arrow e left arrow and filling in the fields Enter PIN e Confirm PIN with the code to use for content blocking. Finally, save the settings via the button Confirmation.

Finally, select the items NEXT e OK, wait for the application home page to load and enjoy the contents of TIMvision by following the instructions below.

See TIMvision on Smart TV

Now that you've completed installing and activating the app, you're ready to go see TIMvision on Smart TV. If you intend to see a movie, move with the button down arrow and select the item Cinema (to the left).

The new screen displayed will give you access to the entire TIMvision film catalog, which is divided into various sections: Cinema latest arrivals, Genres, Most viewed Cinema e Oscar film. Then move with the keys right arrow, left arrow, down arrow e up arrow to select the title you want, press the button OK on the remote control and, in the new screen that appears, select the item Guarda to start watching the film.

While you are watching a TIMvision content, you can stop playback by pressing the button ❚❚ remote control. Instead, to resume viewing, you can press the button ▶ ︎. If you have to exit and you have not finished watching the film, you can turn off the Smart TV or go back by pressing the button Return. When you come back and turn the TV back on, you can resume watching the content by selecting the movie box under the heading Continue to keep.

Viewing the other contents in the TIMvision catalog requires the same procedure just described for the Cinema section. To learn more, I recommend reading my guide on how to see TIMvision.

If you are undecided on which film to watch among those in the catalog, before proceeding with the vision of one of them in the dark, you can see a small preview by selecting the button Trailer. Pressing, instead, on the option favorite, you will add the content to your list of Add to Wishlist, in order to find it more easily and always have it within reach of the remote control.

The useful function is available on the main screen of the TIMvision app Search, with which you can manually search for the desired contents. To search for a movie, series or any other content, move with the key up arrow and select the command Search. In the new screen that opens, fill in the field Search title, actor, director with the title of the content or with the name of an actor / director and start the search by pressing on the item OK.

If you want to manage the settings related to your profile, press the button down arrow and select the item Profile from the TIMvision home. In the new screen that appears, you can choose an option from: Personal details, Terms of Payment, Credit card, Purchase PIN, Parental Control Level e Password to change the related data.

For example, if you want to change the payment method for the service, move with the key right arrow e seleziona l'opzione Terms of Payment. In the new screen that opens, choose from the items Credit card o Fixed line invoice moving with the key down arrow e up arrow. To confirm your choice, press the button Confirmation.

In addition to the contents included in the subscription, the TIMvision app allows you to rent movies paying figures between 0,99 and 3,99 euros e buy them to figures that usually are around 12 euros. If you are interested in renting or buying a movie, on the main screen of the application select the item For rent (to the left). Then move with the keys up arrow, down arrow, left arrow right arrow to choose the film of your preference and complete your selection by pressing the button OK remote control.

Now, select the item Rental from xx euros and, in the menu that opens, select the item Rent for xx euros o Buy for xx euros (if you choose HD viewing, the rental and purchase have a higher price of 1 and 2 euros respectively). If you decide to rent the film, you can watch it for a limited time (48 hours). If, on the other hand, you choose to buy it, you can see it without time limits.

Note: for my tutorial I used a Samsung Smart TV (with inside Smart Hub), the items may be slightly different than other Smart TVs compatible with the TIMvision app.


Like the other on-demand services on the network, TIMvision is not without its problems. For example, if your Smart TV app does not open, it could be a temporary problem related to the Internet connection or the TV software. You can solve the problem by reinstalling the application or by updating the Smart TV software.

uninstall the app, access the TV store, then open the Settings (gear icon) and select the item Delete app. In the new screen that opens, select theapp TIMvision and presses the button Delete. In some Smart TVs, the TIMvision app is pre-installed and cannot be uninstalled. If this is your case, try update the software of your TV. Then press the button Menu on the remote control, select the item Support and, in the screen that opens, first presses on the item Software update and then Update now.

If even so you are unable to solve the TIMvision app problems, check that your subscription has not expired without having first renewed it. To do this, connected to the official TIMvision page, select the item Log in, then fill in the fields Email e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in. Once logged in, navigate to the entry Profile and, in the drop-down menu that opens, click on the option Profile management. In the section Subscriptions, check that the voice is there Active next to the option State. If not, reactivate your subscription from the section Subscriptions of the official TIMvision website.

How do you say? Didn't you solve the problem even so? As a last resort, you can contact a TIM operator to the number 187 (from landline) or 119 (from mobile line). If you prefer, you can also use the service of chat offered by the operator or one of its social channels. To learn more about this last aspect, read my tutorial on how to chat with TIM operator.

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to solve your problems with TIMvision or you are not satisfied with the contents of the service, you can find out how to disable TIMvision in my guide dedicated to the topic.

How TIMvision works on Smart TV

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