How Instagram Stories work

How to activate Instagram Stories

The Stories of Instagram they are a function present natively within the social network application. You can find this feature already active within the famous photographic social network if, on your Android or iOS device, you have updated the application of Instagram to the latest version available.

In case you encounter any problems using this feature or if this is not present within the application, it is possible that the problem is due to the lack of an update.

To carry out this verification, bearing in the Play Store of Android orApp Store of iOS; in the first case, tap on the icon with the colorful play symbol present on the home screen, then presses the button with the menu symbol (is the one with the hamburger icon) and finally presses on the wording Le mie app ei miei giochi. Now, you need to check if, in the screenshot Install o Updates, there is the application icon of Instagram and the wording Update: If it is in this specific section of the Play Store it means that an update is available.

Usually, Android applications are able to update automatically but, in case you have not activated the automatic update feature, as I explained to you in my dedicated tutorial, press the button Update you see on the screen. At the end of the download, start the application: press the button apri or tap on its icon located on the main screen of your device.

To check for an update for the Instagram su iOS, avvia l 'App Store (the light blue icon with the symbol of a stylized "A") and presses the button Updates (the down arrow symbol), located in the bottom bar.

In correspondence with this section there is the app icon of Instagram? If the answer is yes, it probably means that you haven't turned on automatic app updates. In this specific case, you have to manually update Instagram: press the button Update and, at the end, start the app by pressing the button apri from the App Store or by tapping on its icon located on the main screen of your device.

When the update is finished, log in to Instagram (from now on the procedure to be carried out is the same for Android e iOS), indicating your account details. If you are not yet registered a Instagram or you don't know how to log in, read my tutorial on how to register on Instagram or the one in which I explain how to log in.

Once logged in, press the button with the symbol of a little man to view your profile section and then tap onyour profile picture. If you see a warning about permissions, first press the button Open the camera and then grant the app to use the camera and microphone by pressing the confirmation items that appear on the screen and refer to the relative permissions.

How to make Instagram Stories

The Stories of Instagram they are a great tool to share photos and videos about different times of the day: using them is very simple. As I just indicated, through the section of your profile (the one with the symbol of a little man) you just need to tap on your photo at any time to start the camera and the tool for creating Instagram Stories.

Now you need to adjust some settings: press the button with the symbol of a gear located at the top left to view the menu options relative all Story. In this way, you can for example choose whether to hide the content you publish from some people (Hide the story a); using the menu items present in correspondence with the wording Allow replies to messagesinstead, you can choose to activate or deactivate the replies to the Stories; activating or deactivating the items Allow sharing, Save to Camera Roll (iOS)/ Save to Gallery (Android) is Save to archive, you can make sure that your followers are able to share the Stories you make and automatically save them in the media gallery of your device. At the end of the customization, press the button end (on iOS) to confirm your choices. Up Androidinstead, the changes are saved automatically.

As for the actual realization of the Stories, you can find different tools in correspondence with the items below: the wording Text allows you to write a Story in the form of textual content; the button Live allows you to start a live stream; the button Normal allows you to take a photo or record a video of up to 15 seconds while the wording Boomerang allows you to make a looped movie. Finally, the buttons Super zoom e Rewind offer you the possibility to make videos with special effects (respectively the zoom effect and the rewind effect).

Then there is the button Without holding down, which is used to make a 15-second video without having to hold down the button with the circle symbol; the button with the smiley face symbol, which opens the filter and effects menu and the button with the symbol of two arrows, which is used to switch between the rear and front cameras. If, on the other hand, you need to adjust the flash, press the button with the lightning bolt symbol.

Do you want to share in the Stories of Instagram a photo or video made previously? Tap the button with the picture symbol and, when requested, enable access to the multimedia gallery of your device, by pressing the confirmation item you see on the screen.

Take, record or import a photo or video, as explained, to see the other tools related to editing Stories: the symbol of a sticker, symbol of a highlighter and the button with the simbolo Aa. The first button mentioned opens the sticker menu and allows you to add one mention, to insert a hashtag, for an place or a date, a GIF or even a survey.

Using the button with the highlighter symbol, you can instead draw on the photo, using the brushes visible on the screen. Finally, using the button with the simbolo Aa, you can write a custom overlay message. In the latter case, the font is customizable: change it by pressing the button Classic, its Modern, its Typewriter or on Bold and then, to confirm the text entered, press on end.

To publish a Story, press the button The tua storia: the multimedia content remains visible to all users of the platform for 24 hours. Don't want to share the Story online, just save it on your device? Press the button Save. Alternatively, tap on Send to send the Story on Instagram only to one or more people of your choice.

Have you published a Story but would like to delete it before its automatic expiration? Don't worry, it's very simple. Press on yours profile picture to view the Story made, then tap the button with the symbol (…) and finally on Delete.

How to see who views Instagram Stories

After making a Story, you can see who interacts with it. Through the section relating to your profile (the symbol of a little man) tap on your profile picture to see the story made. The information relating to it is visible with a swipe from the bottom to the other: you can in fact see on the screen the names of the people who have viewed your history of Instagram and interacted with it.

To see who views the Stories made, it is possible to act in an almost identical way by acting from the official Instagram website or by using the application of Instagram for Windows 10 (downloadable for free from the Microsoft Store). In this regard, if you want to know more, and also want to deepen the topic related to the analysis of statistics, I refer you to reading my guide in which I explained in detail how to see who views the Stories on Instagram.

How to see Instagram Stories

If the creation of the Stories is a prerogative reserved for mobile devices Android o iOS (the only exception is the Instagram to Windows 10, which does not present substantial differences in terms of operation), the viewing of the Stories can also be made through the official website of the multimedia social network.

To view the Stories of Instagram the procedure is in any case the same for all the platforms mentioned: press the button with the magnifying glass symbol and search, through the internal search engine, the profile of the person for whom you want to view the Stories.

Then, press on his name and, from his profile section, tap on the image to view the shared Stories. Via the app for Windows 10 however, it is not possible to view the Featured content, Stories not subject to the expiration of 24 hours, located under the profile picture.

If, on the other hand, you want to start the automatic playback of the Stories of Instagram, realize the people you follow, go back to the home page of Instagram (is the one characterized by symbol of a small house su Android, iOS e Windows 10) and the first button See everything.

If you want to learn more about the possibility of seeing the Stories on Instagram and, in particular, you want to know how to interact with them, read my tutorial on how to see Stories on Instagram or the one entitled How to see Stories on Instagram without being seen. In the latter I told you about some solutions (browser extensions and free applications) that allow you to secretly see the Stories made by other users.

How to review Instagram Stories

Stories shared on Instagram they are only visible for 24 hours, after which they are hidden from platform users and can only be viewed by you. To review the Stories of Instagram, and possibly share them again, go to the section of your profile through the application for Android o iOS (the one presenting the symbol of a little man) and then press the button with the symbol of a clock.

You can thus see the section archive, which contains all the Stories you have made. Then tap on one of them and then press the button Share, if you want to share it again as an Instagram Story. To add it to the Featured content, pigia sul pulsating Highlight (and the symbol of a little heart). If, on the other hand, you want to share the Story created as a post in your profile, press the button with the symbol (...) and then press on the item Share as a post.

How to share Instagram Stories

If the person who made a history of Instagram made it possible to share the content created, you can share it with another user. To do this, press the button with the airplane symbol, corresponding to the Story you are viewing.

You can then see the named menu on the screen Share: then presses on the name of the person with whom you want to share the Story and then on the button Send. If you want to share the Story with a personalized message, before pressing the button Send, type it in the text field write a message.

Your intent is to save the content in the Stories of Instagram others, to publish them on other platforms? In this case, you must first keep in mind that the Stories may contain personal information. Consequently, before spreading third party content on the web, you must obtain their consent, otherwise you would violate the conditions of use of Instagram.

Have you obtained consent to republish a Story and now want to know how to save the shared video or photo? You can take a screenshot, for example, or you can use a third-party application, extension or tool that is used to download the videos of the stories of others, such as the ones I told you about in my tutorial on the topic, which I advise you to make specific reference.

How Instagram Stories work

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