Hogwarts Legacy: How to make the best wand and which one to choose. And the Elder Wand?

The magic wand is of vital importance in the magical world, every wizard or witch has one (even more than one in some cases). In Hogwarts Legacy you will be able to choose your own wand; But how do you create the perfect wand? Can you also get the Elder Wand?

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to make decisions through questions that will be answered during character creation. Once you visit Hogsmeade, necessity will drive you to create your own wand. By visiting Ollivander's Shop, you can customize your wand and decide what type of wood to use, the core, length, stiffness, and more.

There will be various customization options, but what you choose or decide won't matter within the game itself. Therefore, freely choosing the characteristics of your wand will not imply anything more than aesthetic sense or personal choice.

However, the numerous requests received by the editorial team led us to specify something about the elder wand that could "potentially" be acquired in-game. To do this, you'll need to complete a Wizarding World quiz and make sure to link your Wizarding World account to the game.

Unfortunately, if you're trying to get the movie/book version of the elder wand, it's currently impossible to get. You can only get to have a wand made of elderberry with one of three cores; Unicorn hair, phoenix feather or dragon heartstring. But, by linking the game account to the Wizarding World account, you will have many additional items. Be careful, if you have already created your account after taking the quiz on the official site, you will need to create an additional account as the created account cannot be changed.

You have to answer the wand quiz questions with specific answers to get your hands on an elder wand. The following answers are required:

  1. First of all, would you describe yourself as… - Any answer will do for the wand.
  2. And your eyes… - You have to answer blue.
  3. It was the day you were born... Any answer will do for the wand.
  4. Are you most proud of your... You have to respond to intelligence.
  5. Driving alone on a deserted road, you come to a fork in the road. Continue… Reply with "towards the castle"
  6. Are you more afraid... Return fire for the Unicorn Core, darkness for the Phoenix Core, or heights for the Dragon Core.
  7. In a trove of magical artifacts, which one would you choose? Answer Brilliant Jewel for Unicorn Core, Bound Scroll for Phoenix Core, or Silver Dagger for Dragon Core.

If you answer the questions correctly, you will receive one of the elder wands. Once all of your accounts are linked, you will be able to have the wand in-game.

The important thing to remember is that your character will automatically put away the wand when you have finished using it for a certain amount of time.

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