Guide to recovering messages from a blocked contact on WhatsApp

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Backup to Google Drive

If you have an Android device, WhatsApp can be restored using the backups made by the application on Google Drive and, therefore, on the Cloud. Using this method you can only restore the most recent backup of the popular instant messaging application, as it usually performs a regular update, which is saved in Google Drive.

To be able to rely on this method, however, we remember that we must make sure that the device we are using, the phone number and the Google account are all associated.

So, if the conversations we wish to recover were only recently deleted, you can proceed as follows:

  • Verify that the Google Drive backup function is enabled, then check the date of the last backup made: "WhatsApp"> "Settings"> "Chat"> "Chat backup"> "Last backup"
  • Uninstall WhatsApp by dragging the application icon to the trash or by choosing "Uninstall" from the menu
  • Reinstall WhatsApp
  • Activate WhatsApp and agree to restore backup

Backups saved locally

If you have an Android device, backing up via local files is another method that can be tried to recover deleted chats from contacts blocked on WhatsApp. This also allows you to restore even older backups. So, to rely on backups saved locally by the application and go digging the memory of your smartphone, you have to:

  • Remove WhatsApp permissions from Google Drive by selecting Remove Access
  • Install a file manager for Android
  • Using the file manager, reach the folder with the whatsapp backups, following the path "Home"> "WhatsApp"> "Database"
  • Rename the backup that you want to use, that is the one that corresponds to the date we want. For example, the msgstore.db.crypt12 file might be renamed to something like: msgstore.db.crypt12.old
  • Save the file in a safe place. It could be self-e-mailed, for example
  • Uninstall and reinstall app
  • Copy the chosen file to the WhatsApp folder, using a file manager to access the folder: "Home"> "WhatsApp"> "Database" and paste the previously saved file here
  • Activate WhatsApp and agree to restore backup

Backup via iCloud

If you have an iPhone, it will only be possible recover the most recent WhatsApp backups. This is because the application automatically saves data to iCloud on a daily basis. To find out how to restore these files you need to:

  • Verify that the backup to Google Drive is turned on, then check the date of the last backup made: "WhatsApp"> "Settings"> "Chat"> "Chat backup"> "Last backup"
  • Uninstall WhatsApp, by making a long tap on the icon and then pressing on "X"
  • Reinstall WhatsApp
  • Activate WhatsApp and agree to restore backup

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How to recover blocked messages from the WhatsApp archive

It is not always necessary to resort to extreme solutions to be able to recover the messages that we think we have lost forever. Sometimes, even unintentionally, the conversations we had with contacts that we then blocked were moved to the "Archive" section of WhatsApp.

Being able to recover them is simple, just follow the steps below, paying attention to the type of operating system you are using:

  • From an Android terminal: “WhatsApp”> “Chat”> “Archived Chats”. If there are conversations in that list that we want to restore, then it must be done prolonged tap on those that we want to extract from the archive and then press the icon of the box that appears at the top right to be able to restore them.
  • From an iPhone terminal: “WhatsApp”> “Chat”> “Archived Chats”. To extract the conversation we want to restore, swipe from right to left on the title and press the button "Extract".
  • From the computer: If you are using Whatsapp from your computer, you need to click on the item "Archived" that appears on the PC screen. To extrapolate the conversations of our interest, click on the arrow "V" that appears when we move the mouse over the chats, and then select the item "Extract chats from archive".

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The use of the WhatsApp application is not as simple and straightforward as it might seem at first glance. Indeed, it can often happen that you have doubts and do not know exactly what to do or what to expect when you want to block a contact. Let's see together what are the most frequent questions that other users ask themselves about it:

When you block a contact on WhatsApp do his messages arrive?

When you make the decision to block a number on WhatsApp it will also block all attempts that this person will make from that moment on to get in touch with us via the instant messaging app. Consequentially, we will no longer be able to receive your messages, voice notes, phone calls, etc..

What happens if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

At first glance, there is no sign that anyone has blocked us on WhatsApp. In fact, if this ever happens, we will not receive any notification and, apparently, there will be no obvious sign of it. prove we've been blocked.

Still, a closer eye will notice that it will be impossible for us to see the profile picture of the person who has banned us, just as we will no longer be able to see the time of their last login. In addition, all messages we try to send will never be delivered, and we will know this because on our page, next to this message, only a gray check will appear, as if the recipient had the phone turned off or did not have access to the internet.

How to see who i blocked on WhatsApp?

Sometimes, it can happen to block more than a few contacts on WhatsApp, for different reasons. To view the numbers that we have included in the blacklist of our account you must: enter the app, click on the three dots or on the symbol , select Settings> Blocked. By doing so, you will be able to access the list of contacts blocked on our account.

What does it mean Report and Block?

If a number turns out to be too insistent or we consider its way of communicating with us inappropriate, WhatsApp offers us the possibility of being able to report it and block it, using the option Report and Block.

In this case, not only will the contact be permanently blocked and we will no longer receive messages, videos and images from the latter, but the number will also be reported to the moderators of the popular application. The task of this team is to ensure that all users of the instant messaging app comply with the chat security terms. Among these, for example, there is the prohibition of sharing illegal, obscene, intimidating and offensive content.

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