Express Scribe: how it works

What is Express Scribe

Prima di entrare nel vivo di questo tutorial and spiegarti nel dettaglio how Express Scribe works, let me briefly explain what this program allows you to do and what its main features are.

First of all, you should know that Express Scribe is a software compatible with Windows and macOS that allows you to transcribe audio recordings, offering an interface that allows you to type text manually. In fact, unlike what many think when they download a program of this kind, it does not allow the automatic unwinding of an audio or video file.

However, it has some tools that make it easier to transcribe. For example, Express Scribe can be paired with a external pedal board which allows you to stop and resume playback easily, so as to leave your hands free and facilitate transcription.

In addition, the software in question can be used with a speech synthesis program and, via the function From speech to text, allows you to automatically create a draft transcript when it receives a dictation.

Express Scribe pricing

As regards the Express Scribe pricing, you will be pleased to know that you can download the software in question without spending a dime.

La free version of Express Scribe allows manual transcription of audio files in MP3, WAV, WMA, AIFF, MP2, VOX format. In addition, it supports encrypted dictation (DCT) and allows the connection of an external footswitch to stop and resume playback with ease. However, it is only compatible with pedals manufactured by AltoEdge.

La Pro versionon the other hand, it also allows you to play video files (AVI, MOV, WMV and other formats are supported) and to use recording files in the formats of Sony, Philips, Grundig and Olympus recorders. Additionally, on Windows PCs, there is also support for DSS (Digital Speech Standard), a digital voice recording standard developed by the joint effort of Olympus, Grundig and Philips.

In addition to that, there is also compatibility with external pedalboards produced by AltoEdge, VEC, Vpedali and other companies in the sector. By purchasing an Express Scribe license it is then possible to activate the assistance service by choosing one of the available options among 1 month of support ($ 9,95) e 1 year of assistance (57,95 dollars).

At the time of writing this guide, the cost of a single Express Scribe license is dollars 34,99, while the unlimited license that allows you to install the program in question on multiple computers is priced at dollars 39,95.

How to download Express Scribe

download Express Scribe for free, connected to the official website of the software and click on the button Download Now / Download Mac, depending on the operating system installed on your computer.

Download completed, if you have a PC Windows, double-click the file essetup.exe obtained, press the button Yes, to allow the program to make changes to your computer, and click on the item Introduction, to accept the license agreement and start the installation. Then wait for the progress bar to reach 100% for Express Scribe to be installed and started automatically.

If you have one MacInstead, open the zip package just downloaded and double-click the package .dmg contained within it. Now, press the button Agree, move Express Scribe in the folder Applications macOS and open the path in question. At this point, right click on the program icon and select the item apri twice in a row, to bypass macOS restrictions on applications from non-certified developers (this is only necessary at the first start).

If you want to purchase the paid version of Express Scribe, start the software in question, click on the button Buy online / Buy Online and, in the new page opened, select the license you want to buy between Express Scribe Professional e Express Scribe Basic. Then click on the button Proceed to checkout with PayPal, to pay via PayPal, or select the option Continue to secure payment, to pay by credit / debit card.

Once the payment is completed, you will receive a 12-13 digit serial code that you will need to use to activate the Pro version of the program. To do this, connected to the Software Activation page of the Express Scribe official website, enter the Serial Code in your possession in the appropriate field, enter the data requested in the sections Personal details e Registration details and click on the button Activate and get the registration code, to receive an alphanumeric code at the email address indicated above.

At this point, start Express Scribe, click on the options Fillet e Registra Express Scribe (on Mac click on the items Express Scribe e Register Express Scribe), enter the registration code in your possession in the appropriate field and click on the button Registra/Register, to activate the Express Scribe license.

How to use Express Scribe

After you have downloaded Express Scribe on your computer, you are ready to start transcribing the recordings of your interest. All you have to do is import the audio file (or video file if you have activated the Pro version of the program) to be transcribed, start playing it and start typing the text in the appropriate field.

To proceed, click on the option Load / Load, at the top left, select the file to write and press on the item Charge, to import it into Express Scribe. If, on the other hand, you have connected a portable recorder to your computer using the appropriate cable, click on the button Enter / Dock.

At this point, press the ▶ ︎ button to start playing the audio file and start transcription, writing in the field Enter the notes for the currently selected dictation here. At any time, using the common pause, stop and advance commands visible in the multimedia player at the bottom, you can stop playback, return to its beginning or fast forward.

Instead, by moving the cursor visible near the item Speed ​​/ Speed, you can increase or decrease the playback speed, while acting on the slider visible under the item Volume you can reduce or increase the volume of the recording you are transcribing. By pressing, instead, on the icon of floppy disk you can save the transcript and resume it later.

While playing a recording, you can also set bookmarks to “tag” specific passages of the audio / video file: by doing so, you can quickly “navigate” between the various sections of the recording without using the forward buttons.

To set a bookmark, go to the registration part of your interest and click on the options Bookmark / Bookmark e Set bookmark / Set bookmark. After setting all the bookmarks of your interest, press again on the item Bookmark / Bookmark e seleziona l'opzione Previous Bookmark / Next Bookmark (your Mac Previous Bookmark e Next Bookmark) to switch between bookmarks.

As I mentioned in the previous lines of this guide, Express Scribe allows you to connect a pedal board and use it to manage the playback of audio / video files with ease. If you haven't purchased a pedal board, you can use keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly stop or resume playback.

To view and customize the quick commands, click on the item Options / Preferences and select the scheda Shortcut Keys / Hot Keys. At this point, select the command of your interest and press the button Cambia / Change, to change the key to press to execute that specific command. To add new shortcuts, instead, press the button Add / Add, select the command to add from the drop-down menu Command / Commandclick sulla voce Edit / Change and press the key to associate with that command.

From section options Express Scribe, you can also manage other program settings. For example, by selecting the tab Play, you can set the standard volume level, the default playback speed and activate the function that allows you to play an audible alert when the dictation ends.

Once the transcript is finished, if you wish to email it, click on the option Send / Dispatch, enter the recipient's email address in the field A and click on the button Send. If, on the other hand, you want to simply save it on your computer, click on the item Fillet e seleziona l'opzione Export notes / Export notes, to export the transcript in TXT format.

Finally, click on the entry Done, to mark the audio track as transcribed and remove it from the list of audio / video files you previously imported into Express Scribe.

For more information

If you have followed the instructions I have given you in the previous paragraphs in detail but you still have some doubts regarding the functioning of Express Scribe, you can try to find the answers you are looking for through the online resources made available by the software developers.

If you have already downloaded Express Scribe on your computer, launch the program in question and click on the option Help / Helpat the top right to open the Express Scribe User Guide.

If, on the other hand, you are experiencing problems with the installation of the program or would like more information on the procedure for purchasing and activating a paid license, connected to the official website of Express Scribe and click on the item Quick located in the top menu.

Express Scribe: how it works

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