Buddybank: what it is and how it works

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Buddybank prices

Opening an account buddybank and the issuance of the MasterCard debit card are completely free. Furthermore, they do not include any monthly costs or commissions on ATM withdrawals, ordinary SEPA transfers or telephone top-ups.

Anyone who wants more can open an account buddybank Love which, for 9,90 euros / month (in promo until 31/12/2018 instead of 14,90 euros / month), offers exclusive benefits, such as the possibility of requesting the MasterCard World Elite credit card with first issue and free annual fee. Here are the features of both accounts in detail.

Basic buddybank account (0 euro / month)

  • International debit card by MasterCard that can be used both for online purchases and on physical POS. The card usually arrives within 48 hours after opening the account.
  • Regular SEPA transfers without commissions.
  • Withdrawal without commissions from all UniCredit ATMs in the city and abroad (from other ATMs it costs 2 euros).
  • Cash payment on advanced UniCredit ATMs without commissions.
  • 24-hour access to the Banking Concierge service (for banking assistance and the buddybank service).

Buddybank Love account (9,90 euros / month, in promo until 31/12/2018 instead of 14,90 euros / month)

  • All the advantages of the basic buddybank account.
  • Possibility to request the MasterCard World Elite credit card with first issue and free annual fee, access to over 1.000 airport lounges around the world and payment in installments directly from the app.
  • Money transfer with instant wire transfers without commissions (instead of € 2,50).
  • Periodic transfers without charges.
  • SEPA Direct Debit payment for Telepass invoice.
  • 24-hour access to Lifestyle Concierge by Quintessentially services, always available via chat, even on holidays (an assistant to book restaurants, travel, hotels, buy tickets for shows, concerts, ask for advice on gifts to buy and facilitate other purchase operations in the daily life).
  • Ability to return to the basic buddybank account at any time.

Both accounts provide for the use of cards with Apple Pay and the ability to block cards from the app. Furthermore, they allow you to carry out operations such as instant bank transfers, SEPA transfers, international transfers, bank transfers with tax benefits, the payment of pre-marked or blank bulletins, the top-up of mobile phones, MAV / RAV / REP payments and the domiciliation of bills.

How to use buddybank

Now that you know all the main features and prices of buddybank, the time has come to take action and see, together, how to open a buddybank account and make the most of it.

How to open a buddybank account

The first step you need to take for open a buddybank account is to download the official app of the service on your iPhone (knowing that the app is only compatible with phones equipped with iOS 10 or higher). Open, therefore, theApp Store (the icon of the letter "A" on a blue background located on the home screen), select the card Search located at the bottom right and search Buddybank in the search field.

At this point, select the icon of buddybank from the search results, presses the button Get and confirm the download of the application by authenticating via the touch ID, Face ID (if you're using iPhone X) or entering your password Apple ID. If you are reading this post directly from your iPhone, you can visit the App Store page dedicated to buddybank and install the application by tapping here.

Once the installation is complete, start the buddybank app and allow it to send you some notifications by responding affirmatively to the warning that appears on the screen. Then he presses the button Become a buddy, make sure you have all the documentation required for opening an account at hand (a document of your choice between fiscal Code e health insurance card, plus a document of your choice between identity card, license e passport) and press the buttons Discover the offer e I accept and continue!.

Now, fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering, in the appropriate text fields, name, last name e fiscal Code; tap the button Continue, check that all the information entered is correct and press the button The data is correct to move forward.

Provide yours accordingly telephone number and yours email address, award-winning Accept and continue and also in this case check that the data entered is correct: in case of positive result, tap on The data is correct and verify the email address and telephone number by typing i verification codes that will be delivered to you via e-mail and SMS.

Now you have to enter the information relating to citizenship and residence: select, then, the country of your citizenship (presumably city) from the appropriate menu; presses the button The data is correct and fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering your residential address, then POSTAL CODE, Common, Province e Address No civic.

Then tap on the button Continue, indicate if the address at which you intend to receive the buddybank card coincides with your residence o DOES NOT coincide with your residence (by ticking one of the two available options) and press again on Continue.

After this step too, indicate yours Country of tax residence through the appropriate menu, click on Continue e The data is correct and be prepared to photograph your identity documents: they will serve as validation for opening an account.

As just mentioned, now you have to photograph yours identity documents with the iPhone camera. Press, therefore, on the button Open the camera, allow the app to access the phone's camera and take a photo of the front part of the tax code or health card: if the shot is clear and the information on the document legible, confirm by pressing the button Accept photos, also photographs the back side of the document and confirm by pressing on first Accept photos and then Continue. If, however, the photos do not satisfy you, select the item I don't like it, try again and do it again.

Now you have to choose the second document to photograph between paper identity card, electronic identity card, license e passport: once this is done, repeat the procedure described above for the tax code (or health card), photographing the first frontal and then the rear of the document and, once both shots have been taken, tap the button Accept photos.

At this point, fill out the form that is proposed to you with all the data of the identity document you have just photographed (Identification Card No, issuing authority, Municipality of issue, release date e Expiration date in the case of an identity card), press the button Continue, check the correctness of the information entered and tap the button The data is correct.

As a last step (in relation to this phase of the procedure), choose whether to verify your identity by clicking on one face photo + document (thus taking a selfie while holding your ID) or requesting a verification code by bank transfer. In the first case, take the selfie following the guidelines on the screen and press the button Accept photos. In the second, however, provide the bank details to receive the transfer. Then type the answer to Security Question that is sent to you (e.g. the surname of your maiden mother) and press on Continue.

Once you have completed the procedure for sending identity documents, you must move on to the one relating to privacy consents. Press the button Privacy and choose whether to consent to the processing of data for marketing purposes through the various channels available (SMS, MMS and WhatsApp, Email and mail etc.) by placing the check mark next to the item I agree or that I do not agree. Then check the box at the bottom of the screen (I declare that I use the contact details provided with full and exclusive availability [...]) and press on Continue.

Once this is done, indicate which one is yours profession between entrepreneur, self employed, employee, freelance, not busy o pensioner, specify a job sector (Eg. communication services) it's a'working activity (Eg.other activity) in the appropriate drop-down menus and fill in the anti-money laundering questionnaire specifying the province of your employment country of your employment and l 'origin of your funds (Eg. salary).

Now click on Continue, indicates se you are a politically exposed person and yes play a sensitive role, tap the button Continue, check the correctness of the data entered and press the button The data is correct.

Finally, press the buttons Continue e Not now (if you don't want to switch to the account right away buddybank love, otherwise press on Active buddybank love) and close the app. Now you have to wait for a video call from the buddybank staff to complete the account opening procedure.

When buddybank staff is ready to make the video call, you will receive a notification SMS in this regard. Once the SMS is received, open the buddybank app again, press the button close (to close the message that warns you that you must keep your documents at hand), put the check mark next to all the items displayed on the screen (reading the documents that are proposed to you) and press the button Make the video call to start the video call.

During the video call (which will be recorded), the buddybank operator will guide you through the process of verifying your identity by asking you to confirm acceptance of the terms of use of the service and inviting you to show your identity documents.

At the end of the video call, you will receive two codes: one via SMS and one via email. To complete the account activation procedure, open the e-mail message you received from buddybank, tap on the item click here and agree to open the buddybank.

At this point, type the membership code you received via email in the buddybank app, press the button Continue, type the temporary password that you received via SMS and still presses on Continue.

After this step, create a access password to buddybank by typing it twice in a row, accept the InfoCert documentation putting the check mark next to the appropriate item and pressing the button Request the certificate e dai confirms.

Finally, put the check mark next to all the items related to contracts to accept, press the button Continue, type il 8-digit confirmation code received via SMS, create a operative password consisting of 6-10 characters and press on Continue ed Enter the app to log into your buddybank account.

How to manage a buddybank account

Once the account has been activated, start the buddybank app and log in to it by entering your own Password in the appropriate text field and pressing the button Log in.

Once logged in, choose whether to enable authentication via Face ID o touch ID by answering affirmatively or negatively to the warning that appears on the screen. If so, you will be able to log into the app using your iPhone's Touch ID or Face ID without having to type your password each time.

At this point, you should be in front of the buddybank main screen with yours at the top current balance (by default the figure is darkened, to display it in clear text you have to touch it with your finger) and, in the center, the list of all your movements (if you have not yet made any movement, instead, there will be theIBAN account).

To filter the list of movements and quickly find those of your interest, use the search function integrated in the app by tapping on the icon magnifying glass located at the top right. Otherwise, tap the button filters and, in the screen that opens, set filters to choose the types of movements to be displayed.

Place, then, the check mark next to a voice between Account balance e Available balance to choose whether to display the account balance or the available balance; activate or deactivate the levers located next to the items revenue e Outputs to choose whether to display both income and expenses or just one type of movement; use the adjustment bar relative to theamount range to choose the range of amounts to be displayed; choose the time period to display between last month, last 3 months e single date range and finally, use the levers located at the bottom of the screen to choose the type of activity to show (ex. utilities for bills, food&restaurant for restaurants and clubs, travel for travel and so on).

To make the changes effective and apply the filters, press the button Apply filters. To deactivate the previously selected filters and return to the default view of buddybank, instead, presses on the item Reset located at the top right. If you want to know the details of each operation, tap on it.

As far as the 'adding funds to buddybank, being a real current account, you can perform this operation simply by making a transfer to the IBAN of your buddybank account. You can find the IBAN of the account by selecting the tab Profile which is located at the bottom right.

Equally simple is the switch to the account buddybank Love, which offers all the advantages I told you about in the chapter dedicated to buddybank prices. If you want to switch to a buddybank Love account and get all the benefits offered by it, select the tab Profile in the buddybank app and first presses the button Pass the buddybank Love e poi quello Activate the offer.

In case of second thoughts, you can retrace your steps and reactivate the basic buddybank plan via the card Profile of the app. Within the same screen, at the bottom, there is also the button Close your buddybank account, which allows you to close your buddybank account in just a few taps and at no cost.

Please note: if necessary, you can view all the documents relating to your buddybank account by accessing the section Profile app and selecting the item Documents from the latter.

How to associate a card with buddybank

After opening the buddybank account, one is automatically sent international debit card by MasterCard. The card is delivered within 48 working hours from the day following the opening of the account and, once arrived, activated within the app.

To activate your card in the buddybank application, start it, select the card Banking (bottom left), then the card Map (top right), tap the button Activate card, type il CVV card (the 3-digit code printed on the back of the card), press the button Continue and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

Once the card has been associated with the account, you can manage it comfortably from the app, block it, view its PIN, etc. Also, you can add it to Apple Pay (by pressing the appropriate button) and use it to make payments through yours iPhone and / or yours Apple Watch as I explained to you in my tutorial on how Apple Pay works.

If you want to apply for the MasterCard World Elite credit card (which with the buddybank Love account has first issue and monthly fee zeroed), go to the card Banking> Card buddybank app, presses the button Apply for a credit card And his schermo followed him.

How to make payments with buddybank

With your buddybank account you can carry out all the most common payment transactions, such as SEPA transfers, international and instant transfers, pre-stamped and blank bulletins, MAV / RAV / REP payments and telephone top-ups. Most transactions are free of commissions (including withdrawals from UniCredit ATMs, both in the city and abroad).

To make a payment from your buddybank account, open the buddybank, select the scheda Payments which is located at the bottom left and presses the button corresponding to the operation you want to perform: Instant transfer, SEPA transfer, International Transfer, Credit transfer tax, Pre-marked bulletin, White Bulletin, Phone top-up o MAV / RAV / REP. At this point, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen.

For example, if you have chosen to make a wire transfer, you must indicate the name of the beneficiary (or select it from address book), then theIBAN of the latter (if the beneficiary is not present in the address book, you will be asked if you want to add it), theamount of the bank transfer and the causal. After that, if you are ordering a SEPA transfer, you need to indicate whether to make a payment single o newspaper (indicating, consequently, the date of execution of the single transfer or the frequency of the periodic transfer). Finally, you must verify the correctness of the data entered and, if successful, confirm the payment pressing the appropriate button.

In the case of newsletters, instead, you have to choose whether take a picture and scan a bulletin using your iPhone's camera (by pressing the button Take) o se enter the data manuallyby selecting the appropriate item at the bottom. In case of manual compilation, you will have to enter your data (data of the payer), then the unique code or postal bulletin, beneficiary's current account,amount of the bulletin and indicate the type of code of the bulletin.

As regards the telephone top-up, all you have to do is type the number to top up, select the operator to which the latter belongs (TIM, Vodafone, wind, 3, Coop Voice, Tiscali o Fastweb), indicate the top-up amount (from 15 a 200 euro) and confirm by pressing the button Confirm reload.

In short: as you have surely understood, everything is extremely intuitive. Just follow the instructions on the screen and any operation is completed in a few taps. I also point out that by pressing the button Payment status present in the card Payments of buddybank you can view the payment status and view the list of all your payments included, suspended e canceled.

By pressing the button instead Genera token and by typing your device password you can generate a one-time password (OTP) to be used for authorizing various operations.

How to use the buddybank Concierge service

As widely pointed out in the previous chapters of the post, buddybank offers a service of Banking Concierge which allows you to receive chat assistance 7 days a week and 7 hours a day on all issues related to the account and the app. In addition, for holders of buddybank Love accounts, the service of Concierge by Quintessentially which, on the other hand, allows you to receive help on all lifestyle activities: booking restaurants, hotels, travel, theater performances, concerts, etc.

To access the Concierge services offered by buddybank, all you have to do is start the official app of the service, press the central button with the buddybank logo (the "B" stylized on a blue background) and expose your doubts and / or your problems via chat. A buddybank operator will get back to you within seconds.

Subsequently, by pressing the button (...) located at the top right of the chat screen you can decide whether to mark your request as urgent (in order to solicit the intervention of buddybank operators), if you mark the request as completed (if your issue has been resolved) or if clear the history of the conversation.

How to find UniCredit ATMs

The buddybank application also offers a function for find ATMs closer to your current location. To take advantage of this useful feature, select the tab Find ATM which is located at the bottom right of the buddybank app, answer in the affirmative to the request of location access from the application and, within a few seconds, you will be shown a map with the list of nearby ATMs.

By selecting an ATM from the map and then tapping on box that appears below, you can also receive indicazioni on how to reach it, while tapping on the icon magnifying glass located at the top right you can search for ATMs around a manually entered address.

How to add contacts to the buddybank address book

If you need to make recurring payments, you can add the names and bank details of the recipients to the buddybank address book, so you don't have to type all their details every time you perform an operation.

To add a name to the buddybank address book, go to the card Profile app (bottom right), select the item Address book from the screen that opens and tap the button Add located at the top right.

At this point, type the name of the contact you want to add to the address book, indicate the nationality of your account, type yours IBAN, Its telephone number (if available) and confirm the addition by pressing the button Confirmation and typing your device password.

From this moment on, you can select the contact from the address book and set it as the recipient of a payment simply by starting the operation of your interest (e.g. a bank transfer) and pressing the button Open address book of the buddybank app.

How to change buddybank settings

Do you want to change the login password of your buddybank account? Do you want to activate or deactivate access to the app via Touch ID or Face ID? Nothing easier. Go to the tab Profile buddybank app (bottom right) and presses onicona dell'ingranaggio located at the top right.

In the screen that opens, tap on the item Face ID or your voice touch ID (depending on your iPhone model) to activate or deactivate biometric recognition for accesso and / or dispositive operations, on the item Change your login password to change the password for accessing your account or entry Change the operative password to change the slide password. For both password changes you will first need to enter your current password.

Other interesting items that you can find inside the card Profile of the buddybank app are those Status requests, which allows you to see the status of your requests (approved, suspended o canceled); Manage charge, to authorize the direct debit on account of the interest expense; Link to information sheets and guides, to view the information sheets and guides on the buddybank website e Notifications, to view the latest notifications sent by the app (e.g. the one relating to the shipment of the card).

to know more

If you want more information about buddybank, the available accounts and the cards that can be associated with the latter, consult the official buddybank website and click on the button Find out more relating to the product you wish to learn more about: you will thus have the opportunity to discover all the details, costs and characteristics of buddybank products.

If you need help before opening a buddybank account, connect to the official buddybank website, click on the icon comic located at the top right and fill out the form that is proposed to you to receive assistance via chat. Alternatively, click on the button Contact us and send an email to buddybank support: you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Article produced in collaboration with buddybank.

Buddybank: what it is and how it works

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