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Even if they are less and less used, optical discs still remain an important medium for saving data for a backup, music, films, files and software.
All computers have a burner in the DVD player which is now a standard feature of desktop PCs and laptops, it is no longer an option.
On Windows However, to burn data, video or music to CD, DVD or Blu-ray or to create an operating system boot disk by burning an ISO file on a blank disc, a external program.
For a long time, in the past, this program was called Nero but today it cannot really be considered the best program (today you can still download Nero for free).
Program number one today to burn optical discs and ISOs on Windows is free  And his name is CDBurnerXP that works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 8.

After downloading (the download link at the end of the article) and installing CDBurnerXP (choose your language and exclude the sponsor), you can select a project from the home screen.
If in doubt or if you want to start a new project from scratch to try the program, just choose data disk.
When you want to burn a data or audio disc, the next screen is similar to that of a Windows folder, with the files on your computer at the top and the files to be burned at the bottom.
Using the mouse it is therefore very easy to drag files and folders from top to bottom onto the disk.
A bar indicates the amount of space left free on the CD or DVD that must be previously inserted into the player (obviously it must be a new and blank CD because optical discs can only be written once).
After choosing the files, you can press the "Burn" button, which means "copy the files to disk".
Before a disc is burned, you can choose some burning options, such as the file copy speed, the number of copies and what should happen after the burn is complete.

Depending on the type of file you want to burn, you can set up different projects on the CD or DVD.
From the main interface, press the red X and return to the choosing the type of disc to create selecting the one you need.
If you do not want to delete an already made selection, you can save a project and reopen it later.
It `s important to note that:
- the "Audio Disc"is the classic music CD (not MP3) with cda tracks.

- The DVD Video is to be used to burn a movie to play in the normal (non-Divx) DVD player.
To burn a DVD video to watch with DVD players, in the burning options you need to set the disc name and the path of the VIDEO_TS folder, ie the .vob, .ifo or .bup file.
You can select the number of copies you need to burn and other options you need to pay attention to.
Finally you can save the DVD as an ISO image or burn the video to disc.

- Data Disc it is to be used for everything else, to burn MP3, Divx, AVI or common files.

- ISO disc is the procedure to burn an ISO image downloaded from the internet (remember that it is not necessary to use a real disc for the ISO and that you can always mount an ISO on a virtual CD.

- Disc Copy is the option to use to copy a CD or DVD to another CD or DVD.
Copying a disk can also be done on the hard disk (the computer hard disk), creating an ISO file that can then be opened and used by Windows.

- Erase Disc instead it is used to erase all data from a rewritable CD or DVD.

From the CDBurnerXP main interface you can click on the File menu to find the function for print covers to be placed in the CD or DVD or Blu-Ray optical disc cases, with different image formats available depending on the media used (in another article the guide and programs for printing labels on DVD and CD discs with the burner).
In the Disk menu, you can create a boot disk.
Instead, by pressing the wheel in the button bar you enter the options menu from which you can also select a custom folder for temporary data as well as choose some settings for data discs and audio discs.

CDBurnerXP is universally recognized as the best and free program for burning discs on Windows because it is easy to use, light and complete with all the required functions.
It is also accurate in copying data to CDs and DVDs, it almost never fails and it does not burn discs making them unusable.
The advice therefore is to scaricare CDBurnerXP in your language and for free.
However, there are equally valid alternatives, listed in another article with the best programs for burning and copying CDs, DVDs and BRs

Best program to use the burner on a PC: CDBurnerXP

Audio Video Best program to use the burner on a PC: CDBurnerXP
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