Best reflex games in which to be very fast with the mouse

    Anyone who plays real-time strategy or FPS video games knows how important alertness is to win and score more points.
    Practice helps, but even more important is improving your mouse and keyboard skills and the readiness to comment to press a button at the right time, quickly.
    In this article we look at some very simple online games for how they are structured, where it matters test your reflexes and see how fast it is to press a key on the keyboard or move the mouse.

    1) OSU web is the online version of one of the most played music games in the world, where the aim is to click the screen in the right places in time to the music.

    2) AimBooster is a very similar game to Cursor Invisible, only easier.
    In AimBooster you can choose between real challenge and slack.
    It is played by shooting the objectives that appear on the screen quickly, which appear, zoom in and then zoom out until they disappear.
    The moment one of the centers disappears, the game is over.
    AimBooster is a great way to test mouse accuracy and reaction time.

    3) Reflex Ball is a game of reflections where you have to turn a shape of balls so that those of the same color meet. Obviously it's very fast and aiming to make the highest score possible.

    4) Reaction Test is a game where you can test the reflexes while driving a car, to see the response time we have, when we meet a Stop, to stop the car. At the end the age we demonstrate is also communicated based on our reflection (with nasty surprises coming).

    5) Reflex Test it's a very simple game, with a grid of squares that need to be clicked quickly when they light up green, just for a moment.

    6) Air Force test game it's a difficult reflex test in which, using the mouse, you have to dodge the objects that hit the dart. You have to hold down on the red square and move it to prevent it from being touched by the other squares, resisting as long as possible. Apparently this game was used by the US Air Force as a test for pilots and the goal is to last at least 18 seconds.

    7) Reaction Time Test it is a real test of the reactivity of one's reflexes. You have to click the mouse when the red dot turns yellow.

    8) GunBlood is the classic cowboy duel game, very nice also graphically, where the first shooter at 3 wins.

    9) Super hot is a shooter of those that test reflexes. In this online version you have to shoot before being hit by the opponents, remembering that there is a rule: time passes only if we move, otherwise it stays still.

    Best reflex games in which to be very fast with the mouse

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