App to merge audio

App to merge audio on Android

If you have a device Android and you want to know which one app to merge audio use, I suggest you take a look at the solutions indicated below, which are perfect for completing the operation in question. I anticipate that all the solutions listed below are present on the Play Store. If you have a device without the Google store, you can try to search for valid solutions through alternative stores.

Audio Editor

App to merge audio

The first app I recommend you to try is Audio Editor by AndroTechMania. It is a complete editor for Android that allows you not only to merge audio files, but also to mix them, convert them to multiple formats, split them and much more. Being based on FFMPEG, well-known open source software for processing multimedia files, allows you to combine files of different formats without necessarily having to convert them. The output files, however, are all made in MP3 format. Basically, the app is free but the elimination of advertising requires the purchase of its paid version (10,99 euros).

After installing and starting the app, grant it the necessary permissions to make it work correctly, then press the button Merge Audios and, in the screen that opens, press the button Add audio (lower left). Select, therefore, the song you want to join and repeat the operation just described for the audio files to be included in the union.

Fatto ciò, pigia sul pulsating Go (bottom right) and, using the opened box, write the name of the output file in the text field Filename and, if you want to apply the fade effect between one song and another, put the check mark on the box Fade in / Fade out. When you are ready to do so, start the union of the audio files by pressing the button OK present in the box itself. Then decide whether to overwrite the existing files by replying No o Yes to the message that appeared on the screen, and wait for the process to be completed.

Then, press the button Play to listen to the output file and, if you are satisfied with the result, tap the button Share and choose a save or share option from those available.

MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner

App to merge audio

Another solution I recommend you try is MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner, a free app (with in-app scans to remove ads) that offers the ability to merge audio files in MP3 format. If you have files in a format other than MP3, you will first need to convert them using online services, apps or computer programs suitable for the purpose.

After installing and starting MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner on your Android device, click on the green button (+) Select located in the center of the main screen of the app, grant it permission to access the multimedia files on the device (by pressing on the item Allow in the opened box) and select i audio files you want to merge: to do this, perform a long tap on the first song, then select the rest of the files to be merged and press the button (✓) located at the top right.

Once this is done, click on the green button Go located at the bottom of the opened screen, it indicates the format in which to export the final audio file, by selecting one of the options available under the heading File Type, check the option Join in the section Process Type and his bottone award Continue.

Finally, assign a name to the output file, click on the button Done and wait for the operation to be completed. The final file will be automatically saved locally.

Other apps to merge audio on Android

App to merge audio

If the solution I just told you about was not to your liking, try to see if these other apps to merge audio on android can be for you.

  • MP3 Cutter and merger - app that, as its name suggests, is capable of both dividing an audio track into multiple files and merging multiple tracks into a single file. The app is 100% free, but it only allows you to work on files in MP3 format.
  • Super sound - is a powerful audio editor that offers multiple functions related to editing audio files, including the one that allows you to merge multiple tracks. It is free and has no banner ads.
  • Music editor - if you want to merge multiple songs into one file, this editor designed specifically for music files may be for you. It integrates numerous functions concerning the editing of audio files, including the one that allows you to combine multiple songs. It's free, but features (non-invasive) banner ads.

App to merge audio on iPhone

You would like to know which ones app to merge audio on iPhone use? You can find them listed below: take a look at them and see if you find any suitable for you. Of course, they also work on the iPad.

Hokusai Audio Editor

App to merge audio

One of the best audio editors for Apple devices is Hokusai Audio Editor. It is an app that supports all major audio file formats and allows you to combine them in a rather simple and intuitive way, thanks also to its clean and minimal interface. Basically it is free, even if access to all the functions required by purchasing the paid version, which costs 10,99 euros.

Before describing how Hokusai Audio works, I would like to tell you that the app does not allow you to import DRM protected songs downloaded from Apple Music. In case you want to view only the songs that are not part of Apple Music (or the iCloud library), I remind you that you have to go to the menu Settings> Music of iOS / iPadOS and move on OFF the switches placed next to the words Show Apple Music e ICloud Music Library.

After installing and starting Hokusai Audio Editor, click on the button Continue, then on the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the top right and, in the new screen opened, presses the button Import. Therefore, grant the app permission to access the music library of your "iPhone by" and select the first song of your interest.

Once the upload of the latter is completed, drag theindicator at the end of the song's graph, press the button once again Import and choose the second track to import. Then repeat the steps I just showed you for all the remaining audio files to be merged and, when you are ready to do so, press the icon of the wrench with folded sheet (top right), select the item Share audio present in the opened menu and, finally, select the mode in which to export the output file (eg. Save to Files, to save it in the Files app; Mail, to send it by e-mail, etc.).

Please note that the output file will be in M4A, but you can convert it to MP3 or another format of your interest using any audio converter.

Other apps to merge audio on iPhone

App to merge audio

Of course, the one I told you about a moment ago is not the only solution for merge audio on iPhone. Below, therefore, I list others that could be for you.

  • Handy Audio Editor - this free editor for iOS / iPadOS allows you to act in an important way on audio files, allowing you to make various changes to them, including the merging of multiple tracks in MP3 format.
  • Music Editor - is a simple music editor, characterized by a well-organized and minimal interface, which allows you to make various improvements to MP3 audio files. It also integrates the function of merging multiple tracks into a single output file. Basically it is free, but I would like to point out the possibility of unlocking advanced editing functions and the removal of advertising by making in-app purchases, starting from 1,09 euros.

App to merge audio and video

You need to merge audio and video? If so, the apps I mentioned in the previous lines are not good: you will have to turn to other, more specific solutions, such as those listed below.

Adobe Premiere Rush (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

App to merge audio

One of the best solutions for merging audio and video is Adobe Premiere Rush, available free for Android and iOS / iPadOS. This Adobe app is inspired by Premiere Pro, a famous program from the US software house for desktop video editing. It integrates all the functions needed to merge audio and video files. Its free version offers the possibility to carry out no more than three exports. The removal of this limit requires the subscription of a 10,49 euro / month subscription, which also allows access to multiple advanced functions.

After installing and launching Adobe Premiere Rush, log in with your account Adobe, Apple, Google o Facebookby pressing the appropriate buttons. Once logged in, grant the app all the permissions it needs to function properly and then follow the short introductory tutorial that is proposed to you. Next, hit the button capacitor positive (+) lead at the bottom of the screen, select the item Add media files, presses on the voice Video and tap on the clips to insert in the project. Then write the project name in the appropriate text field and tap the button Crea (bottom right).

At this point, you will find yourself in the presence of the Adobe Premiere Rush editor: if you want to mute the original audio of a clip, tap on it, select the item Audiowhy are you cheating? Turn off audio clips (below) and that's it.

To add an audio track to the project, then, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead (bottom left), select items Media File> Audio, decide whether to withdraw one of the Rush soundtracks or whether to import songs saved on the device in use, by pressing on the appropriate captions, tap on the audio tracks of your interest and, finally, press the button Add.

When you have completed your project, you can export it by clicking on symbol of sharing (top right), select the item Export at 1080p (4K export requires subscription) and wait for video rendering to finish.

KineMaster (Android / iOS)

App to merge audio

One of the best apps you can use to merge audio and video is KineMaster, very popular video editor available for both Android (downloadable from the Play Store and from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS. In its free version it applies a watermark to the output videos, which can be removed by subscribing to one of the subscription plans available (starting from 4,19 euros / month on Android or 5,49 euros / month on iOS / iPadOS), which also give access to extra functions.

That said, let's take action. After installing and starting KineMaster, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead and, after choosing theaspect ratio of the project, choose the clips to import by tapping on thepreview of those of your interest.

When you have finished importing your content, press the button (✓) (top right), select the item Audio in the menu on the right and, through the menu that opens, select the audio track to use from those available.

To browse the audio tracks available on your device (in addition to those included in the app), select one of the items in the menu on the left: Music, to download music from KineMinster (many of which are only available to paying users); SFX, to get sound effects (many of which are paid); Registered, to upload your voice recordings; Tracks, to load music tracks on your device; Folders, to browse through the folders of your device and search for audio files of various kinds, etc.

After pressing on the audio track of your interest, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed in correspondence with the latter, so as to insert it in the timeline of the project you are working on and eventually slide your finger on it after it appears in the timeline of the app, in such a way as to start the sound from the desired point. As before, to save the changes made, press the button (✓) placed on the right.

To preview the final result you have obtained, press the ► button located on the right and, if you are satisfied with it, tap on the symbol of sharing (top right), specify resolution e quality of the output video and press the buttons Export e Salta, to export it.

Other apps to merge audio and video

App to merge audio

I conclude this article by listing you other apps to merge audio and video that you might find useful.

  • Cyberlink PowerDirector (Android) - very popular video editor for Android, which as complicated as it may seem to use, is one of the best on the market. The free version applies a watermark to your works, which you can remove by purchasing the paid version (€ 5,99).
  • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS) - this is Apple's video editing solution designed for those with semi-professional needs. There is also a desktop version available for macOS, should you be interested. Both versions are 100% free. More info here.
App to merge audio

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