How to open PPTX

Programs to open PPTX files

Whether you have a Windows PC, a Mac or a Linux-equipped computer, you are sure to find a program to open PPTX files. Below are some of the best: choose the one that seems best suited to your needs and use it following the instructions below.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows/Mac)

A guide on how to open PPTX can only begin with Microsoft PowerPoint, the presentation software included with Microsoft Office. As you surely know, Office is a paid product and therefore requires the purchase of a license, but Microsoft allows you to try it for free for 1 month.

To be more specific, the only way to try Office free for 1 month is to activate a subscription to the service Office 365 Home that for 10 euro / month (after the free trial) allows you to use all the applications of the Office package on 5 computers, 5 tablets and 5 smartphones. It also offers 1TB of space on OneDrive (usable by a maximum number of 5 users) and 1 hour of free Skype conversations (always usable by a maximum number of 5 users).

Activating your Office 365 subscription is free, which means you can download and use Office at no cost, but if not turn off automatic subscription renewal, on the 30th day of subscription you will be charged 10 euros for the following subscription month (during registration, in fact, you will be asked to provide a valid payment method between credit card, PayPal or bank account).

There is also a "lighter" version of Office 365, 365 Office Staff, which costs 7 euros / month and limits the use of the apps and services included in the subscription to a single user and a single device, just as the traditional version of Office still exists, which is paid one-time (149 euros), but sadly neither of them offers a free trial period.

Without these necessary premises, if you intend to try the free version of PowerPoint, connect to the Microsoft website and click on the button first try free e poi quello Try free for 1 month.

At this point, log in with your Microsoft account (if you don't have one yet, find out how to create a Microsoft account in my tutorial dedicated to the topic) and click on the item Add a payment method located in the left sidebar to associate a payment method to your account. As already mentioned, you can choose between credit / debit cardPayPal e SEPA direct debit and before the Office trial expires (or rather, before the 30th day from the activation of your Office 365 plan) you will not be charged.

When the operation is completed, check the correctness of the data you entered in the Office 365 registration form and click in sequence on the buttons SaveNEXTBuy Now e Continue.

After this step too, you should be in the management page of your Office 365 account. To download Office, click on the button Installtwice in a row (the version of the suite that best suits your PC or Mac will be downloaded automatically) and wait for the download to finish.

To disable the automatic renewal of Office 365, instead, click on the button Manage accounts, select the voice Turn off automatic renewal from the page that opens, type the password of your Microsoft account and press the button Confirm cancellation but I will complete the operation.

Now you just have to install Office (and therefore PowerPoint) on your computer. If you are using a Windows PC, then open the file that you downloaded from the Microsoft website and wait patiently for all the components of the suite to be downloaded and then installed on your PC.

If you are using a Mac, instead, open the file Microsoft_Office_2016_1xx_Installer.pkg and, in the window that appears, click on the button first Continue per due volte di segito e poi su Accept e Install. Then type the password of your user account on macOS and complete the Office installation process by pressing first on Install software and then Close.

Mission accomplished! Now you can open PowerPoint and use it to view, edit and create PPTX format files. At the first launch of the suite you will be asked to log in with your Microsoft account to validate the 30 day trial.

PowerPoint 2003

Are you using a version of Office earlier than 2007? If it comes to Office 2003, know that thanks to the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack add-on you can make this version of the suite compatible with all the file formats introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007.

Therefore, if you are unable to view / edit PPTX documents because the 2003 version of Office is installed on your computer, solve the problem by connecting to the Microsoft site and downloading the Compatibility Pack above: just click on the button Download.

Once the download is complete, you can install the add-in for Office 2003 by opening the file FileFormatConverters.exe, putting the check mark next to the item Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms (o Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms) and pressing the buttons in sequence Continue e OK.

Associate PPTX files with PowerPoint

Even if you have PowerPoint installed on your PC, do PPTX files open in another program? No problem. By restoring theassociation of PPTX files with PowerPoint, you can have them open from PowerPoint on double-clicking. Let's see what are the steps you need to take on Windows and macOS.

  • Windows - right click on a file in Pptx and select the item Property from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, click on the button Change and select Power point from the list of available programs. If PowerPoint is not in the list of available programs, click on the items Other appsLook for another app on this PC and select the executable "C: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficexxPOWERPNT.EXE".

  • MacOS - right click on a file in Pptx and select the item Get information from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, expand the field Open with, select the voice Microsoft PowerPoint from the menu below and first presses on Edit everythingand then Continue per salvare i Cambiomenti.

LibreOffice (Windows / Mac / Linux)

You have no intention of purchasing Microsoft Office or any other paid software for aprire and PPTX file? Then I highly recommend you download LibreOffice, a great free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It is capable of not only opening, but also editing, all Microsoft Office file formats without giving almost any compatibility problem.

To download LibreOffice on your PC, connect to the suite's official website and click on the button Download version xx. If you are using a Mac, also click on the button Translated user interface which allows you to download the language pack to translate the program into cittàn (not necessary on Windows as it is already included in the main installation package).

Once the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, open the suite installation package (LibreOffice_xx_Win_x86.msi) and complete the setup by clicking on first NEXT twice in a row and then on InstallYes e end.

On Mac, you can install LibreOffice by opening the dmg package containing it and dragging the software icon into the folder Applications of macOS. When done, right-click on the LibreOffice icon and select the item apri from the menu that appears to start the program for the first time, overcoming the macOS restrictions (which prevent the execution of software from developers not certified by Apple).

After this step too, close LibreOffice by pressing cmd + q, april il dmg package that contains the cittàn language pack for the suite, right click on the icon LibreOffice Language Pack contained in the latter and select the item apri give the menu to compare.

In the window that opens, first presses on Install twice in a row, then on Yes, identify me and type the password of your user account on macOS to complete the installation of the language pack as well.

Mission accomplished! Now you just have to start LibreOffice, select the item Open file from the left sidebar and select the PPTX file to open.

If you want to associate PPTX files with LibreOffice so that they are automatically opened by the program, follow the association procedure that I showed you previously for PowerPoint (obviously choosing LibreOffice o Impress instead of PowerPoint from the list of available software).

Online services for opening PPTX files

Do you need to open a PPTX file but don't want (or can't) install new software on your PC? No problem, there are gods online services that allow you to view, edit and create presentations in PPTX format directly from the browser.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a very famous cloud storage service that in addition to allowing the online storage of files of all kinds, also offers the possibility to view and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from the browser. It is completely free and to use it just connect to its home page and then log in with your Google account.

Once logged in, to view (and edit) a file PPTX in Google Drive, drag it into the browser window and wait for it to load. Next, double-click the PPTX file icon that appears in the Google Drive home menu and choose the option Google Slides from the menu Open with which is displayed at the top.

At this point, to view the presentation, click on the button Start presentation which is located at the top right. To change it, however, use all the tools made available to you by Google Slides. After making changes, you can download the presentation offline by going to the menu File> Download As and selecting the voice Microsoft PowerPoint (.pttx) da quest'ultimo.

PowerPoint Online

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the Office suite applications are also available in online versions that are completely free and do not require an Office 365 subscription. Among these, of course, there is also PowerPoint Online that you can use to view , edit and create PPTX files directly from the browser.

To use PowerPoint Online, connect to its home page and log in with your Microsoft account (if you don't have one, you can create a Microsoft account by following my tutorial on the subject). Then click on the item Upload a presentation located at the top right and select the PPTX file to view and / or edit online.

Once the upload is complete, the presentation will automatically open in PowerPoint Online. To view it, click on the tab Show located at the top right and presses the button From the beginning. To modify it, however, use all the tools made available to you by PowerPoint Online. When you are done editing, if you want to download the presentation offline, click on the button Fillet located at the top left and select the items Download as e Download a copy give the menu to compare.

App to open PPTX files

Smartphones and tablets now have very advanced potential, let alone if they cannot reproduce and edit PPTX files! Here I am in fact to point out some app to open and edit PPTX files.

PowerPoint (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)

To have maximum compatibility with PPTX files and exploit (almost) all the potential of PowerPoint on the go, you can rely on  mobile version of PowerPoint which is available for iPhone / iPad, Windows Phone and for Android devices and is free on all devices with dimensions equal to or less than 10.1 ″ (on larger devices it requires a subscription to the Office 365 service).

The PowerPoint app includes most of the basic PowerPoint features for computers (it lacks several advanced features) and also supports cloud storage services, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud (on Apple devices only). Its operation is extremely intuitive since it has an interface practically identical to that of the desktop counterpart.

WPS Office (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)

WPS Office, a free productivity suite (in its basic ad-supported version) that allows you to create, view and edit all major Microsoft Office file formats on Android, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone devices.

The app does not present major compatibility problems (at least with not too elaborate documents) and supports both saving and uploading of documents from cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. A must try if the PowerPoint mobile app doesn't suit your needs.

Other interesting apps that I would like to point out are: Google Presentations (Android / iOS) which allows you to view and edit presentations via Google Drive and AndrOpen Office (Android), an almost perfect port of OpenOffice for Android. They are not as comfortable or practical as PowerPoint for smartphones and tablets, but should be taken into consideration.

How to open PPTX

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