How to call with Viber

Preliminary information

Before explaining yourself in detail how Viber works, well that you are familiar with all the main features of this service. First of all, it should be specified that, to make a phone call with Viber, you need to install the relevant software and activate an account: two totally free operations. Pay attention, however, to the required requirements.

A device is possible Android, this must have the version 4.1 or higher of the operating system installed on it. In case you want to install the Viber su iPhone or iPad, you will need to make sure this is equipped with iOS 10 or later of the Apple operating system.

However, it is important to know that the Viber app must first be installed on the smartphone to be used on a tablet as well.

As regards the computer, Viber is available for Windows, MacOS e Linux. However, the client for these platforms can only be used if a Viber account has been installed and configured first on the smartphone. You can download the Viber installation file directly from the service's official website. I warn you, however, that you can only install Viber on Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later and also on some specific Linux distributions (eg. Ubuntu 64 bit e Fedora).

Furthermore, since the services of Viber use the Internet connection, you must make sure that the Internet connection is active on your mobile device or on your PC. As for the Viber client on PC, you must also make sure you have a microphone and headphones, without which you will not be able to make a call. In the case of video calls, however, you will also need to have a webcam.

If you want to know how to download and install Viber and how to activate an account on this messaging service, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the topic.

Finally, as I have already mentioned in the introduction of this guide of mine, although Viber allows you to make free calls to other users subscribed to the service, it is also possible to call national and international telephone numbers on traditional telephone networks, by subscribing to a pay-as-you-go or subscription plan, using Viber out.

You can, in fact, make unlimited calls to any international number (50 countries) at the cost of 8,99 euro / month. If, on the other hand, you want to call only city landline and mobile phone numbers, you can subscribe to a plan with unlimited minutes a 4,99 euro / month or purchase credit for the pay-as-you-go plan for a fee 0,021 euros / minute for calls to landlines e 0,143 euros / minute for calls to mobile phones. More info here.

How to phone with Viber

If you want phone with Viber completely free of charge, you can only carry out this operation to other users subscribed to the service. The feature is available in both the Viber for smartphones and tablets and in the desktop client of the service: for more information, read on.

Give smartphone and tablet

To make a free call with the Viber from Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, first of all, install the app of this messaging service and start it, using its quick start icon on the home screen.

Once this is done, you will be prompted to create a free account: enter the telephone number and press the confirmation buttons in the warnings you see on the screen relating to the correct functioning of the app.

Viber will automatically acquire the verification code that you will receive via SMS, so as to confirm the creation of your account. If you want to know more about the Viber account registration procedure, you can consult my guide dedicated to the topic.

Now, in its main application screen, tap on the tab Call, which you find at the bottom, and press on the wording Viber which is located at the top right, in the section Contacts.

The list of names you see is related to all those who use the Viber app: if you do not find a specific contact, it is probably not subscribed to the service. By tapping on the wording All, at the top right, you can instead view your entire address book, including contacts who do not yet use Viber: by pressing the button Invite next to the person you would like to call, if they don't use Viber yet, you can send them an SMS and invite them to install Viber.

If the user you want to call uses Viber, all you have to do is press thetelephone handset icon that you find next to its name: by doing so, a completely free phone call will be initiated, which will use the data traffic of your SIM or that of the Wi-Fi network. You can also decide to start a video call by pressing theicon with camera, always next to the name of the person you want to get in touch with.

During a phone conversation, you can perform some operations, such as activating the loudspeaker to speak in speakerphone, put in expectation a call or turn off the microphone. If you have made an audio call, you can also open the camera and start a video call, using the key Video. Then pressing the key Chat, you can send a text message to your interlocutor.

From computer

If you want to make a call from your computer, via the desktop client of Viber, you must first download and install the latter. Therefore, connect to the official Viber website and click on the button Download for Windows, if you are using a Windows PC, or on the button Download for Mac, if you are using a Mac.

Once the download is complete, if you use a PC Windows, double-click the .exe file just downloaded and press the button Install, in the screen that is shown to you, to start installing Viber on your computer.

Su MacOSinstead, after double-clicking the .dmg file obtained, trascina l 'viber icon in the folder Applications of the Mac, start the program through its icon in the Launchpad and premium key open, to give confirmations (action necessary only at the first start).

After launching the Viber on your computer, on its main screen you will be shown a QR code. Then open the Viber on your smartphone and press on the tab Other, bottom right. If you have not yet created a Viber account on your smartphone, I recommend that you read the advice I gave you in the previous chapter of the guide.

In the new section that is shown to you, now scroll through the different items available, until you find the one Viber for desktop and tablet (your Android) or Desktop e tablet (on iOS). You can also press theQR code icon that you find at the top right: by doing so, you will see the camera to scan the QR code that was shown to you on your PC screen.

After carrying out this procedure, press the button Synchronize, in the notice that is shown to you on the PC screen, and confirm the synchronization of the activity also on the app Viber, by pressing the appropriate button in the notice displayed on the smartphone. Well: now you can put away your mobile phone, which you will no longer need for subsequent operations.

On the main screen of the Viber desktop client, tap on theicon with little man (Contacts), at the top left, and click on the tab Viber only. Identify, therefore, the contact to call and click on it. In the section on the right, click on thetelephone handset icon, to initiate a phone call, or click on theicon with camera, to make a video call. In the case of a simple phone call, after pressing the appropriate icon, click on the wording Free Viber call, to initiate the call.

How to call with Viber Out

As I have already explained to you in a previous chapter, Viber allows you to make free calls to all telephone numbers of users subscribed to this service. If, however, you want to contact a number not subscribed to Viber, you will have to use Viber out, by purchasing credit and subscribing to a pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription plan.

call with Viber Outthen, you have to top up your credit and choose a plan to use. After starting the Viber on your smartphone, tap the icon Other and select the item Viber out. In the tab Piani, you will be shown all the monthly subscription plans that can be subscribed; in the one called World CreditsInstead, you can purchase credit, which will be deducted based on the rate applied to the phone you make.

Regardless of your choice, via the on-screen box, select the payment method you prefer most among credit card or credit of Google Play. After following the guided procedure, which will require you to enter your billing information and those of the chosen payment method, you will be enabled for calls Viber out.

To call a number, then move to the tab Call in the Viber app and choose a nominative from the list in the section All. In the new screen that is shown to you, then press the key Viber Out call, to make the call.

In desktop of Viber client, instead, you have to press onhuman icon (Contacts) and choose a contact to call from the card All. After selecting the name, press onhandset icon located at the top right, to initiate the call.

The credit Viber out it can also be purchased from a PC, by creating a free account for the service via this link. What you need to do is enter yours telephone number and type the code that you will receive via SMS. Once this is done, you will need to enter a email address it's a Password for the account you are creating and that's it.

On the screen to which you will be directed, you can purchase the credit for the pay-as-you-go plan, using the button Buy credit, or monthly subscriptions, by clicking on the button Buy plan.

Subsequently, even in this case, you will simply have to choose the amount or type of subscription and follow the on-screen procedure to enter your payment method data.

How to call with Viber

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