App to change writing on iPhone

App to change writing on iPhone Even if today we write more on the smartphone than on paper and we are all super used to touching the keys on a touchscreen, there is always room for improvement and, speaking of iPhone, it is possible to change the way of writing by changing some items in the keyboard settings. integrated on the iPhone or by installing a different application, so you can write more comfortably and with better precision.

Let's see together how to change writing on iPhone, so that we can customize it according to our writing habits, our speed and the type of automation we are looking for (for example a more precise corrector).

Change handwriting on iPhone

With regard to writing mode on iPhone we can intervene directly in the settings of the integrated keyboard, so as to customize the writing style and speed up typing. To proceed we open the path Settings -> General -> Keyboard to find that it is possible:
  • Enable automatic correction of typed terms.
  • Enable predictive text and display suggested words above the keyboard.
  • Activate double-tapping the space bar to generate a period and a space.
  • Configure abbreviations to use for writing longer words.

These are the main items we recommend checking; in addition to these we can also want to activate the caps lock, whether to activate the scrolling to write quickly, whether to show the preview of the character and whether to enable dictation via voice commands.

Other keyboards for iPhone

If the basic keyboard of the iPhone does not appeal to us or is not comfortable for the way we type, we can always use other iPhone keyboard app, so as to integrate additional functions. After installing any of these keyboards it is necessary to add them to the list of keyboards in use, taking us to the path Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add new keyboard. To use one of the added keyboards, in any app, just tap and hold the globe key.

1) Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard
The first keyboard that we can use as an alternative to the one integrated into the system is SwiftKey, very popular on Android and available for free from the Apple App Store.
App to change writing on iPhone
With this keyboard we will have one of the most effective predictive systems in circulation, so that we can quickly type sentences using the suggestions proposed at the top of the keyboard. In addition to the state-of-the-art prediction system this keyboard boasts an emoji prediction system, swipe typing system and a multitude of themes to choose from.

2) Gboard
Another excellent keyboard from the Android world is Gboard, developed directly by Google and available for free from the Apple App Store.
App to change writing on iPhone
With this keyboard we will have a prediction system based on Google technology, the search engine integrated in the top bar, an emoji search system, a search system for the most famous GIFs, voice dictation system, sticker gallery and numerous themes to choose from.

3) ReBoard Keyboard
Another interesting keyboard to try on the iPhone is ReBoard Keyboard, accessible from the Apple App Store.
App to change writing on iPhone
This app allows you to personally choose the color combination for the keyboard, provides a system for choosing the font to use in writing and offers a customizable top bar (in which we can enter shortcuts for websites or apps that we use more than frequent) and allows you to search for images, GIFs and stickers directly from the keyboard, so as to embellish any type of message.

4) RainbowKey
Another keyboard that we can install on the iPhone is Rainbowkey, available from Apple App Store.
App to change writing on iPhone
RainbowKey is a keyboard that allows you to type on a colored keyboard, with a different font and color of the letters, to make it more fun and lively. You can choose between the various preset themes or simply change the size and height of the keyboard. The coolest thing is that you can also customize the sound that plays when you hit a key on the keyboard.

5) Flexible
Among the most interesting keyboards that we can use on the iPhone we also find Fleksy, available from the Apple App Store.
App to change writing on iPhone
Flesky is one of the best apps to change keyboard on iPhone and iPad together with SwiftKey, because it is able to offer graphics with different themes and powerful options such as the possibility of inserting Emoji and GIFs in chats such as WhatsApp. With Flesky you can also have a row of numbers above the keyboard, you can add shortcut keys, there are word predictions, voice feedback that speaks the letter you type, and one-handed writing mode. Flesky supports finger gestures that allow you to type much faster than before, as well as offering a hotkey to use emojis.

6) Better Fonts
If we are looking for a keyboard full of different fonts to use when writing we can use Better Fonts, downloadable from Apple App Store.
App to change writing on iPhone
Better Fonts allows you to write with a different font on each app. You can then select the font you want to use. The app works as an alternative keyboard or as a text editor to type in and use by copying and pasting written text.


Changing the way you write on the iPhone is really very simple, just customize the settings offered by the iPhone itself or choose one of the keyboard apps seen above, so you can get the most sought-after features when we write messages in chat or on social networks.

To handwrite on iPhone, we recommend that you read our guides Write or draw with your finger or stylus on the screen (iPhone, Android) e Best apps for painting and drawing on Android, iPhone and iPad.

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