Change creation, modification and access date of a file, document or folder

    Change creation, modification and access date of a file, document or folder
    In many situations it is necessary change the creation date or modification date of some particular file or folder. This is especially desirable if you are sending a file to someone else and don't want him or her to know the exact creation date of the files.

    Someone may ask what I'm alluding to but the situation is clear enough: if I had to work on a document a few days ago and I'm only starting it today, I do my job in a hurry, I change the creation date of the file and show to my boss that I had started and finished it a few days ago. Basically, with a good imagination in the way of an apology, you can vouch for this date for give indisputable proof that you were at the computer a certain day (when instead you were at the sea ..).

    This of how to change the properties of the file and the date of creation but above all of the last modification made is an argument that can give rise to cheating in any disputes, including procedural ones.

    To change the creation date and update date of a file any one can use a tool of your choice among these that I point out.

    1) Bulkfilechanger is a very simple portable program where you just need to drag and drop the files and folders whose date ownership you want to change. You can easily apply an absolute value for both the day and the hour or let the program do the calculation and set a rule. For example, you can add or subtract a specified number of hours and minutes of the actual creation or last modification. Bulkfilechanger works on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

    2) Another program to change the creation and modification dates of files is New File Time which is substantially identical to the previous one. You can also change the "Data" property on an entire folder by specifying the "Folder". Here too you can decide a rule, without setting an absolute value, specifying whether the files must be younger (Younger) or older (Older).

    3) Attribute Changer to change the attributes and properties of a file capable of changing the date of creation of a file, of modification and also of the last access or use.

    4) Stexbar is a Windows integration that adds a tab to the properties of a file to change the creation, modification and access dates. The latter is perhaps the simplest and most immediate way to have this information always at hand.

    Very simple robetta, nothing sensational or technical but, like many small tools, convenient and to keep in the drawer in case one day it should be needed.

    This article can be linked with a more important page in which it is explained how to eliminate the hidden references of a Word or Excel document (author name, dates and various properties) and to the one to change the properties of a PDF file. These programs are particularly useful when you download a facsimile from the internet and edit it by making it your own.

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