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Software to open xml.p7m files for free

If you have received an electronic invoice in XML.P7M, what you need to do to open it is to equip yourself with the right software. The files XML.P7M they have the characteristic of containing information regarding the signature of the person who issued the invoice, compared to simple files XML, which contain only the invoice.

In the next chapters, I will therefore show you some programs that can do for you to open these files and verify the embedded signature, as well as view the attached invoices.

Open xml.p7m file with Dike

The first software I want to tell you about is Dike, which is available for Windows, MacOS e Linux: it is free, but also available in version For for a fee, with a cost equal to 49 euros + VAT, which allows you to perform operations on multiple invoices at the same time, thus speeding up the process of applying the signature or brand. It is also available as a free app for Android and iOS.

If you are interested in the free version of the software, go to its official website and click the button Download, corresponding to the operating system installed on your PC. When the download is complete, if you use Windows, open the file . MSI obtained, double-click on it and press the key NEXT.

Accept, therefore, the terms of service and press the buttons NEXT, twice in a row, and then Install. Now, click on Yes, in the Windows User Account Control window, and press endat the end of the procedure.

Su MacOSinstead, after downloading the file Mg program, double-click on it and move theDike icon in the folder Applications, to install it. Then start the software and press the button apri, in the box you see, to confirm its execution.

At this point, all you have to do is import your files in XML.P7M in Dike, to verify their signature. On the program's start screen, then move the mouse pointer over the box Verifica and premium tasto Verifica, to select the file to import. Once this is done, you will be shown a message indicating if the document signature is valid. You can then read more information about the signature by pressing the button Details.

Do you also want to view the invoice attached to the imported file in Dike? Nothing simpler: press the button Save, which you find below, and choose the destination folder in which to store the file in XML. To open the invoice, you can rely on software such as View electronic invoice, available for free on the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 or use Microsoft Excel, if you want to view the invoice in table format.

Alternatively, you can consult my guides on how to open XML files or how to convert an XML file to PDF, to find other useful solutions for this purpose.

Open Aruba p7m xml file

In addition to the solution I gave you in the previous chapter, you can also download ArubaSign: a free software from Aruba that allows you to read the information contained in the files XML.P7M. If you are interested in this software, you can download it directly from the official Aruba website.

On the web page that is shown to you, click on the wording ArubaSign signature software and choose the operating system on which you want to install the program, chosen from Windows, MacOS e Linux.

Su Windows, after downloading the file EXE, double click it, select the language cityno I awarded her OK, in the box you see. At this point, press the button Yes, select the architecture of your computer and press the keys NEXT, twice in a row, Install e end, to conclude the procedure.

Su MacOSinstead, double-click the file Mg downloaded and move theicona di ArubaSign in the folder Applications on the Mac. At this point, start the software by pressing the key apri, in the box that is shown on the screen.

On the main screen of ArubaSign, first prize Verifica and use the box you see on the screen to import the electronic invoice in XML.P7M. If you have followed the procedures I have indicated to the letter, you will see various information relating to the digital signature embedded in the file.

If you want to export the invoice in XML, in the box Select documents, click on the wording [file name] .xml and premium tasto Save document, up. Then select a destination folder and press the button Save, to confirm.

As I have already explained to you in the previous chapter, you can use different software to view the invoice in XML. If you don't already have one, you can refer to my guides on how to open XML files or how to convert an XML file to PDF.

Other services to open xml.p7m files for free

In addition to software Dike e ArubaSign, there are several others to view xml.p7m files for free. In general, you can find an exhaustive list directly on the AGID website. However, if you want me to recommend some of them in particular, you can refer to the list below.

  • MnlSignVerifier (Windows) - is free software available for Windows only. Its operation is simple: all you have to do is import a file into it P7M, to read all the information attached in it, including the invoice.
  • View invoice (Windows 10) - is an application for Windows 10, downloadable for free from the Microsoft Store, which allows you to open files P7M in a few clicks. A version is also available For, at the cost of 1,99 €, which allows you to remove advertising banners.
  • PostaCert (Online) - although it is not a software, it is an excellent free online service from Poste cittàne, which can be used directly from a web browser. It allows you to view the signatures of a file P7M and to download the invoice in XML.

Open Android xml.p7m file

If you need to view an electronic invoice in XML.P7M su Android, what you need to do is download one of the many apps used for this purpose, such as Electronic invoice viewer.

This free app is available directly on the Play Store and allows you to open a file XML.P7M to view the invoice contained within it. You can therefore open the invoice in PDF format or send it to other users, using the included sharing tool. It is also available in one version Premium, at the cost of 2,39 €, which simply allows you to remove advertising.

If you are interested in using the app Electronic invoice viewer, what you need to do is reach the link that I have provided directly from your Android smartphone or tablet, in order to open the app tab on the Play Store. At this point, press the button Install and wait for the download and installation process to finish.

Once this is done, all you have to do is locate the file XML.P7M on the memory of your Android device, using a file manager, such as Google files or by pressing on the attachment in the email. In the first case, you will need to select Electronic invoice viewer as an app for opening, while in the second case, the file will be opened automatically with the app in question.

Once opened, the invoice can be viewed in PDF format or shared externally with other users: all you have to do is click on the icon located at the top right and select the items respectively View PDF e Share PDF give the menu check if you press.

On the main screen of the app, however, you are shown the history of all the invoices displayed. By pressing the key +, which is located at the bottom, however, you can import invoice files in XML from the memory of your device.

Open iPhone p7m xml file

If you use a iPhone or iPad, a free app that might interest you is P7M Viewer, downloadable from the iOS App Store. Although it is free, it is supported by banner ads, which can be removed via an in-app purchase of 2,29 €.

If you are interested in P7M Viewer, reach the link I provided and press the button Get. At this point, unlock the download and installation of the app using the Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password and then press the button apriat the end of the procedure.

Once the application is started, on its main screen, indicate if you want to receive relevant advertisements, then pressing the button Confirmation. At this point, tap the button Open P7M that you find in the center of the screen and browse the folders on your device to locate the file P7M to display.

Now all you have to do is press on the file to view the invoice within the app. In case you want to share it via email or via messaging app, press the share button located at the top right. By pressing the icon instead , at the top left, you can access several additional features, which allow you to view additional information about the invoice, such as the attached signature (Signature information). Convenient, right?

How to open xml.p7m file

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