How Google Ads works

How Google Ads works on PC

To start use Google Ads on PC, you must first connect to its main page and then perform thesubscription to the service using your email address.

Connected, then, to this page, presses the button Sign up now located immediately under the heading Grow your business with Google Ads and, if you have not already done so, log in to your Google account using the appropriate login form.

On the page that opens, then, define the goal you intend to achieve by selecting one of the available options (Receive more calls, Increase sales or website registrations o Receive more visits to your physical location) and click on your button NEXT I will continue.

At this point, you must describe your business by filling out the form that appeared on the screen with the requested information (eg. Business name e Business website) and click on the button once again NEXT I will continue.

Then define the range of action of the campaign, delimiting a geographical area within which to concentrate the advertising activity: click on the button Set a radius around your business to delimit a more or less large area or click on the button Set specific areas to delimit very specific areas. Once you have defined the area on which you intend to operate with your campaign, click on the button again NEXT.

Now is the time to set keyword themes: this is a very important operation, as the keywords you decide to set at this stage will be matched to the searches made online by users. Choosing the right keyword theme, therefore, is very important. Google may offer you a default theme: to remove it (if it is not in line with your marketing purposes), click on the (X) mail in his correspondence and then click on the button Add keyword theme. In the text field that opens, type the topic of your interest, select one of the categories from those available and then click on the button NEXT.

Now you need to write your ad. Fill in the text fields 1 title, 2 title, 3 title, Description 1 e Description 2 with all the information you want to show in the ad and, after seeing the preview on the right, press the button NEXT.

After completing this step as well, set your budget, clicking on one of the available options and then clicking on the button NEXT. Therefore, review the characteristics of your campaign and possibly modification some settings using the appropriate function that allows you to do this. Next, click on the button NEXT and, on the new page that opened, provide the information regarding the billing and payment of the advertisement.

To proceed, then, fill in the data located in the section Customer information (Eg. account typename, last name, address, telephone number, etc.), complete the information located in the section Method of payment (Eg. Card number, Name of the holder, CVC, etc.), presses the button Send and follow any instructions that appear on the screen to complete the operation.

Did you see that it wasn't difficult at all to sign up for Google Ads and run your first ad? When a user searches on Google and sees your ad (based on the keywords you have previously set), you will pay the daily budget you have chosen only if they actually click on the ad created. Easier than that ?!

How Google Ads works on smartphones and tablets

want use Google Ads also from smartphone or from tablet? No problem: just download the official app of the service, available on both Android and iOS / iPadOS, and follow the instructions below to make the most of it.

After installing and starting the official Google Ads app on your device, press the Start button located in the center of the screen and, if on your device you have already added the Google account linked to your Google Ads profile, tap on the your name and surname located under the heading Account Google Ads; otherwise tap on the item access and log in to another Google account.

In the screen that opens, presses the button (≡) placed at the top left, tap on the item Campaigns to have specific data about the campaigns already started and / or to start new ones. To start a new campaign, just press the button Create announcement and follow a guided procedure that is very similar to the one I have already described to you in the previous chapter.

To change the settings relating to the app, however, presses on the item Settings (always after pressing the button (≡)) and, in the screen that opens, select your preferences regarding the notifications to be received regarding any suspicious activities perpetrated on your account, alerts regarding the performance of advertising campaigns already launched, payment notices, any billing problems encountered and so on.

Other helpful resources for using Google Ads

If you'd like to delve further into how Google Ads works, there are many useful resources which you can use to use the Web advertising service made available by the Mountain View giant. One of these is undoubtedly the official Google Ads guide, available at the link I just provided you. As you can see, the guide is divided into 5 main sections, each of which deals with specific topics concerning Ads.

  • First steps - this section illustrates the basic notions for publishing an advertisement and for managing your advertising campaigns.
  • Manage ads - This chapter shows information about campaign settings, keywords to use, budgeting and bidding and much more.
  • Measure the results - this section explains some concepts concerning the correct reading and understanding of data from campaigns, tracking sales, conversions, etc.
  • Smart campaigns - in this section the function that allows you to create advertising campaigns in a "smart" way is explored.
  • Billing - details are provided here regarding the settings and payment methods that can be used, the possible use of promotions and coupons, the request for any refunds and so on.
  • Get information - in this chapter you can find links to the features of the service and any new features introduced.

I also remind you that if you deem it necessary, you can receive more information on how Google Ads works by contacting customer service at the number 800 597 494, available from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00.

How Google Ads works

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