Best 25 Free Windows Utilities, Must Have and Keep

    Best 25 Free Windows Utilities, Must Have and Keep Thanks to some independent developers who distribute free utilities for the Windows system, we have a nice collection of tools available which, depending on their function, can save us a lot of time in some basic operations or be a salvation when some errors occur. or less severe on the PC.
    Among the best and most useful Windows utilities we'll see those here truly free, which can be downloaded without hiding viruses, adware or sponsors, distributed by reputable developers such as Nirsoft, PortableApps or Sysinternals.
    In particular, these utilities do not require installation and can therefore be performed as they are downloaded or even stored in a USB stick or in a cloud space to always have them available, from any PC, when needed.

    1) Powertoys per Windows 10 is the best utility you can install, bringing many enhancements to the desktop such as renaming files, viewing windows side by side, previewing files, and much more.

    2) Process Explorer is a portable alternative to the Windows task manager, which displays complete information about each running process, the linked DLL files, the file paths and even the possible danger.
    Process Explorer is perhaps the best Task manager for managing processes and tasks on Windows

    3) rKill to terminate suspicious processes and malware on Windows so that you can then remove them easily with the virus scan.
    It is one of the most important security programs ever.

    4) DriverList for DriverList to see the list of drivers installed on your PC is the alternative to the Windows Device Manager, which lists all the drivers loaded with all the detailed information that may be useful in solving problems.

    5) NetTraffic View and other Nirsoft tools to sniff the PC network and intercept internet traffic and passwords, simple and basic, but very powerful and effective.

    6) Wireless Network Watcher to find out who is connected to your wifi network and connects wirelessly

    7) LastActivity View to check the activities on the PC in chronological order, to know how the computer was used.

    8) Autoruns, to find out which programs are running automatically and start automatically when you turn on your computer.
    Autoruns may not be the simplest utility of this type, to use so, in case of difficulty, you can find an alternative in the article on programs to manage automatic startup in Windows and the computer.

    9) Geek Uninstaller is one of the simplest and lightest portable utilities to use as an alternative to uninstall programs on Windows.

    10 ) Clamwin or other portable virus scanners, to always keep ready when the antivirus installed on the PC is rendered ineffective by a malware.

    11 ) ADWCleaner, portable program to find and remove adware, spyware and malicious extensions on all web browsers.
    It is undoubtedly one of the programs you must always have and use on Windows

    12 ) BatteryInfoView, to see if the laptop battery is still good.

    13 ) WebBrowserPassView, to see ligin names and passwords saved on browsers

    14 ) USBDeview lists all USB devices connected to the computer and also provides additional information to test, for example, the speed of data and file transfer of the USB drive.

    15 ) CrystalDiskInfo, to know everything about the disks installed in the PC, to check the health and performance of the hard disk or SSD.

    16 ) HWInfo, a utility to learn everything about your computer's internal hardware and devices.

    17 ) Windirstat to see graphically how the disk space is occupied by each folder and file.

    18 ) Eraser to permanently delete a file from your computer.

    19 ) Windows Repair, a program that fixes the most common Windows errors caused by malware and viruses.

    20 ) Technicians Toolbox, free for non-commercial use, is a collection of Windows administration and system management and troubleshooting tools.

    21 ) CurrPorts is a network monitoring tool to view active and open UDP and TCP / IP ports on a local computer, which is useful for analyzing connections used by different programs. To better understand what it is, you can read the guide on how to see TCP connections, ports and internet use on your PC.

    22 ) Copy contents, For copy the contents of a file (text or image) without opening it, clicking the option on the right click menu.

    23 ) Append Date: press the right button of the mouse on a file or folder to add today's date at the end of the name. The date formatting can be changed by following the guide in the readme.txt file that is included in the installation. This tool comes with sponsors that you should avoid installing.

    24 ) image Resizer: Right-click on an image or a group of photos with the mouse to resize them according to the preset values.

    25 ) Hard Link Shell Extension it is a tool that requires some additional explanation and is very useful. It allows you to create symbolic links to move files and folders from one disk to another. The symbolic link, instead of pointing to the original file as a normal link does, moves the file by making the computer believe that it has remained where it was. This is useful if there is little space on a disk to move program or system folders.

    Best 25 Free Windows Utilities, Must Have and Keep

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