Like having lots of likes on one page

Complete all the information on the page

Like having lots of likes on one page

The first thing I recommend you do is to try to have many “likes on a Facebook page Is that of complete all his information. Why should you take this advice seriously? First of all, you should know that Facebook penalizes (in terms of display) pages that are incomplete, showing them after the complete ones. And then it must be admitted that an incomplete page could be considered neglected by users who will see it, who will be discouraged from putting the much hoped-for like on it.

Usually, when a page presents incomplete or partial information, Facebook sends alerts regarding the changes that need to be made: follow them promptly. If you are told, for example, to enter the username, do so because this simple information can help other users to find and remember the page name more easily, which will also be displayed in the URL (which will be

To create a username for the page, click on the link Create @ Page username (if you are acting as a PC) or on the voice Create a username for your page (if you are acting as a smartphone and tablet) and, in the text field username, type what you want to assign it (after the symbol @), if possible using one that remembers the name you gave it. To conclude, then, presses the button Create username e OK.

To add more information to the page, then, follow the instructions that are automatically given to you by Facebook, based on the data you have not yet provided for your page.

Take care of the appearance of the page

Like having lots of likes on one page

Take care of the appearance of the page it is another important precaution that must be followed if you want to "impress" potential followers. Therefore, try to use profile and cover images that are quality and appropriate to the overall theme of the page. I'll explain.

As far as the 'profile picture, set one that portrays the your face, if it is a personal page, or your company logo, if it is a page dedicated to an activity: in this way, whoever sees the page will remember you or your activity. As for the image itself, make sure it is of quality, so that it does not have grain or other obvious defects. Also consider the possibility of improving it with some retouching, perhaps using programs of the caliber of Photoshop and GIMP or photo editing apps.

Also 'cover image it must meet high quality standards and be free from defects. In addition to this, pay attention to the content of the cover image, which should be used to advertise your business: if it is a personal page, you could use a cover image that depicts your profession or your hobbies, while if it is a company page, you could include a photo of all your staff (or at least part of it), or your main office. If you want, you can also add some writing, perhaps following the instructions contained in the guide on how to insert writings on photos. Also consider downloading or creating cover images through dedicated services. I am sure they will be of great help to you.

When choosing your profile picture, consider that the recommended dimensions are as follows: 170 x 170 pixels on computers and 128 x 128 pixels on smartphones. For the cover image, however, the recommended dimensions are 820 312 pixels x on computers and 640 360 pixels x on smartphones.

Regularly publish interesting posts

Like having lots of likes on one page

If you want to attract new likes to your Facebook page, you have to regularly publish interesting posts. If you update your page with one-off content or if you post uninteresting content, your page will not have the appeal it needs to attract new visitors and, therefore, potential followers. You might even risk losing the ones you already have!

If you run out of ideas on what content to post, look for someone related to the theme of your page, perhaps a funny photo or video that will remain etched in the minds of other users. Another idea could be to post updates related to your personal activities, such as a vacation or a trip, if in some way they may have something to do with your page (which is quite likely if it is a page that has you as its protagonist).

When making posts, I recommend that you include one call to action, Or a call to action, which pushes users who see the post to do something, perhaps just to like the page (eg. Would you like to know more? Like the page!).

To increase the visibility of the post, "tag" it using one or more hashtag, or one of those words preceded by the # which serve to describe the content of a post making it more easily available. If you want to know which hashtags are the most popular at any given time, turn to services such as Hashtagify o Top Hashtag and, if possible, deepen the subject through my guide dedicated to the use of hashtags on Facebook: I am sure it will be useful to you.

Sponsor posts

Like having lots of likes on one page

In recent years, Facebook's algorithm has undergone profound changes. Now, in fact, he prefers the contents posted by profiles - or from the "personal" accounts of users - rather than those of the pages and, as a result, sponsor the posts it has now become essential to try to get a minimum of visibility on the social network.

How can you sponsor content from your page on Facebook? Nothing complicated: after identifying the post you want to sponsor, press the blue button Highlight the post, specify the audience you want to reach with the sponsorship (eg. People who like your Page, People who like your Page and their friends o People you choose by targeting), indicates the budget that you are going to spend on the sponsorship campaign, its duration and currency, and presses the button Highlight immediately located at the bottom right.

In the box Select a payment method, then, add a valid payment method (eg. Credit or debit card, PayPal o Bank account), click the button Continue and follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the procedure. Since there is so much more to say about how to sponsor on Facebook, I suggest you calmly deepen the topic by reading the post I dedicated to this topic: there you will find lots of other information that will surely be of great help.

Like having lots of likes on one page

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