How to get free Netflix on iPhone

Scaricare l’app Netflix su iPhone

How to get free Netflix on iPhone

The first fundamental step you must take to be able to have Netflix for free (or at a discounted price) on your iPhone is, as can easily be deduced, to download the application on the device. To do this, first of all grab your iPhone, unlock it and access the home screen of the same.

Then open theApp Store (the blue icon with the letter "A" in the center), presses on the card Search located at the bottom right, type Netflix in the top field, press the button Search on the onscreen keyboard and select the icon Netflix (the one with the red “N” on a black background) from the search results that are shown to you. You can also speed up the execution of these steps by pressing here from your iPhone in order to connect directly to the section of the App Store dedicated to Netflix.

Adesso, premium pulsating Get, confirm the download using the Touch ID or Face ID (depending on the iPhone model in your possession) and / 0 by typing the password of your Apple ID and wait for the download process to be started and completed. Once completed, you can press the button apri visible on the screen to start using the app immediately. You can also access Netflix by tapping on its icon that you find on the main screen of your iPhone, along with all the other applications on the device.

If in carrying out the above steps, error messages should appear relating to the fact that you are not authenticated with your Apple ID on the App Store, please note that you can immediately remedy it by reading my tutorial on how to create an Apple ID and then pairing it with your device.

Activate the free trial period

How to get free Netflix on iPhone

As already mentioned above, Netflix, depending on the promotional periods, may provide an initial trial of variable duration (for example 14 or 30 days), but this is not always available. Having said that, let's see how to proceed.

Once you have downloaded Netflix and opened the application on your iPhone, decide, first of all, whether or not to receive the application notifications, responding as you see fit to the alert on the screen, then tap the button Provalo prays that you find below. On the next screen, click on the button See the plans to view the three available plans (do not worry, you will not be charged until the end of the trial period, after which you can still avoid paying by deactivating the automatic renewal) and stop on the name of the one you prefer.

If you do not know which plan to choose, below I have proceeded to illustrate the main characteristics of the three available solutions in such a way as to put you in a position to easily opt for what you think will do the most for you.

  • Base (7,99 euro / month) - Allows you to view content in standard definition, with access from a single device.
  • Standard (11,99 euro / month) - The contents are in Full HD and allows up to two simultaneous accesses.
  • Premium (15,99 euro / month) - offers definition in Ultra HD and up to four simultaneous accesses are allowed.

Successively pigia sul bottone Continue in order to start the account creation procedure in order to use the service. Then type in the field Email the e-mail address you want to use to create the account to use the service and in the field Password the password you intend to associate with the latter, then check the box No, do not send my email with the special offer from Netflix if you want to avoid receiving promotional messages from Netflix and press the button again Continue thoroughly schermo.

Finally, press the button Subscribe with iTunes, confirm the activation of the subscription using Touch ID, Face ID or by entering the password of your Apple ID and then click on OK in response to the on-screen notice indicating completion of the action. To confirm the success of the entire procedure, you will also receive an informative email from Apple, to the email address associated with your ID.

Then complete the registration for the service by indicating (if you want) your phone number (useful for password recovery in case you forget it) and the devices on which you are going to use Netflix in addition to the iPhone and enter your username (and that of any other users you want to use the service) by advancing the procedure by tapping on the button Continue which is below.

Finally, indicate the titles you prefer among those appeared on the screen in order to allow Netflix to refine its content filter based on your preferences and then presses again on Continue, select your username from the screen Chi vuole will I save Netflix?, awarded his OK in response to the warning that appeared on the screen and… immediately start enjoying movies and TV series available on the service at no cost!

Using Netflix on iPhone

How to get free Netflix on iPhone

At this point, I'm sure, you're wondering: how do you use Netflix on iPhone? A legitimate question, indeed more. I will therefore try to explain in a simple and concise way how you can use the app of the famous video streaming service on your iPhone to be able to watch TV series and movies on the go.

Let's first review the first screen that is shown to you, the one called Home page. At the top you will find the contents in evidence, while as you scroll the screen you can view the covers of the most viewed contents in the city, the previews, your video list, the titles of the moment, etc. To view a given content, just tap on its preview and then on the button Play.

From the screen to start playback, you can also view the plot, trailers and other useful information relating to the selected film or TV series, you can add the chosen content to the video list, you can express your approval on it or share the link for viewing. You can also perform the local download of one or more video elements by tapping on the symbol of down arrow thorn next to its title.

By accessing the section instead Search, after tapping on magnifying glass placed at the bottom of the screen, you can search for certain content by keywords as well as view TV series and films by category, selecting those proposed. The section Download, always accessible by tapping on the appropriate item at the bottom, instead allows you to access the contents that you have downloaded locally on your iPhone and that can be viewed offline.

Then pressing the button Other, also located in the lower right part of the screen, you can switch users, manage profiles, access the video list, app settings and account settings.

Turn off automatic renewal

How to get free Netflix on iPhone

The Netflix subscription is renewed automatically every month, with consequent payment, also automatic, of the fee required for the plan selected during registration.

If, therefore, it is your intention to prevent the subscription from being renewed, you must put into practice a specific procedure for deactivating the automatic renewal (through which you can still continue to use the service until the natural expiry of the current subscription).

To proceed, you have to press the button Other located at the bottom right of the Netflix app screen on your iPhone, scroll to the web page that opened in Safari, locate the section Plan information and press on Cancel streaming plan then stop on apri in response to the warning you see appear on the screen asking you if you want to open the iTunes Store.

On the screen of iTunes Store that you now see, presses the icon of Netflix, stop on the item Cancel trial period che sta in basso e remi su Confirmation in response to the on-screen notice to confirm the cancellation of the trial period. As proof of the success of the operation, at the end of the trial period you will also receive an informative email from Apple to the email address associated with your ID.

Solutions to have Netflix on iPhone while saving money

How to get free Netflix on iPhone

As I told you at the beginning of the article, there are solutions that can allow you to take advantage of Netflix without having to pay the full price of the subscription. In short, it's not quite like using Netflix for free, but always better than nothing.

You ask me what are these solutions? Well, for example, you may be able to save some money on the monthly subscription sharing the expense with other users. If you have three friends and / or three relatives who want to subscribe to Netflix (and who are part of your household), you could subscribe to the plan Premium of the service that supports the access of a maximum number of four users at the same time and share the expense with them thus having the complete subscription at a reduced price.

Alternatively, you can contact Together Price: a well-known and appreciated online service that allows you to organize yourself with various groups of users and to divide the cost of subscription services, including Netflix.

Additional systems for having Netflix at a discounted price then consisting in activating any telephone offers, such as those of Vodafone and TIM, which include the subscription to the service (which is why the cost of the offer also includes that of Netflix). If you want a complete overview of the telephony offers that include Netflix, connect to the website of SOSTariffe and choose the type of offer you are interested in from the left sidebar. You can choose from the offers Family which include the Internet and phone calls, those ADSL+TV which include video services, ADSL + mobile which include Internet connection for the home plus mobile line offers and much more.

How to get free Netflix on iPhone

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