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Register on Fiverr

Before going into the details of this guide and explain yourself how Fiverr works, let me explain how to create an account to access the service. Registering on Fiverr is a procedure that can be carried out both from a computer and from smartphones and tablets, by downloading the application for Android and iOS devices.

If you want to create your account on Fiverr from a computer, connected to the official website of the service, click on the item Join present at the top right and choose whether to register using your Facebook account, your Google account or via email. In the first two cases, press the button Continue the [name] o Continue with Google, otherwise enter your email address in the field Enter your email e pulsing sul pulsating Continue.

In the new screen that appears, enter the username and password (must contain at least 8 characters, including an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number) to be associated with your account in the fields Choose a username e Choose a password e pulsing sul pulsating Join. Now, log in to your inbox, open the email received from Fiverr and click on the button Active your account to activate your account and complete the registration.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to register with Fiverr using the service application, start the latter by tapping on its icon (the white Fiver lettering on a green background) on the home screen of your device. Then press on the items Next e Join e, nella nuova schermata visualizzata, fai tap sul pulsating Connect with Facebook to create an account by connecting your Facebook profile, on the button Connect with Google to register using your Google account or on the button Sign up with email for the classic registration via email.

In the latter case, enter your email address in the field Enter your email, specify a username and password to log in to Fiverr in the fields Choose a username e Choose a password e pulsing sul pulsating Sign up. Within a few moments you will receive an email from Fiverr: press the button Active your account contained within it to activate your account.

Buy a service on Fiverr

If you mean buy a service on Fiverr (Called Gig), all you have to do is connect to the main page of the platform, access your account, identify the service of your interest and complete the purchase.

To proceed, connected to the main page of Fiverr and, if you have not already done so, click on the button Sign in present at the top right to access your account. In the new page opened, select the category of the service you need, choosing one of the available options among Graphics & Design, , Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business e Fun & Lifestyle, then choose a sub-category from those displayed on the screen and identify the Gig that you think best suits your needs. Alternatively, enter the keywords related to the service of your interest in the search field Find service (located at the top left) and presses the button Search.

To understand better, let's take a practical example: if you have a text in in your languagen and you need to translate it into English, click on the category Writing & Translation and choose the subcategory Translation present in the sidebar on the left. On the newly opened page, select the option city in the field Translate from and option English in the field Translate to to view the available Gig.

Also, through the options Delivery Time e Price range, you can further filter the available offers based on delivery time and price. Once you have identified the Gig of your interest, click on its name to view the description, the reviews of other users, the related Gig and the available purchase packages. Among the factors to consider, there are also revisions (audit) which allow the buyer to ask the seller to make changes if the service received does not fully satisfy his needs. If in doubt, you also have the option of contacting the seller by pressing the button Contact me and entering your request in the appropriate field.

Once you have identified the Gig that best suits your needs and the package of your interest, press the buttons Continue e Order now, choose the payment method you prefer among credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) is PayPal, enter the data and press the button Confirm and Pay.

It will be useful to know that your payment will not be credited immediately to the seller's account: only if the latter accepts the order and completes it within the established time, the transaction will be successful. Once the seller has done the work, you will see a notification on the item Messages (indicating that there is a new message) and you will be able to view the final result.

If, on the other hand, you have not identified any Gig that meets your needs or you do not want to waste time searching, you should know that you can publish yourself a request for the service you are looking for. To do this, connected to the main page of Fiverr and, after logging into your account, press the button Post a request.

On the newly opened page, enter your request in the field Looking for, specify the category of your request using the drop-down menu under the heading Choose a category: and specify the time you are willing to wait for the delivery of the order, selecting one of the available options between 24 Hours, 3 Days, 7 Days e Other. Finally, if you wish, specify the budget available to you in the field What is your budget for this service? e pulsing sul pulsating Post to publish your request. As soon as a seller is interested in doing your job, you will be notified and can get in touch with the user in question.

As mentioned above, if the service received is not to your liking, you can ask the seller to review the work by also suggesting the changes to be made by pressing the button Request revision. If not, press the button Accept & review order to access the complete work, download any files and leave the review to the seller.

Finally, if you are wondering what happens in case of problems with the order, you will be relieved to know that there is the possibility of opening a dispute: Fiverr will take on the role of mediator to try to solve the problem.

The procedure for buying a Gig from smartphones and tablets using the Fiverr app is almost identical to what was described above for computers. After starting the service app, tap on the item More present in the menu below, presses on the option Sign In twice in a row, enter your login details in the fields Enter your email or username e Enter your password e pulsing sul pulsating Continue.

Now, tap on the item Home and enter the service you are looking for in the field What are you looking for?. Alternatively, tap on the gods icon four squares at the top right, select one of the available categories and tap on name of the Gig of your interest, then presses the button Order [price] twice consecutively and then on the button Pay now. Then choose the payment method you prefer, press the button Continue And that's it.

Becoming a seller on Fiverr

Would you like to earn some extra cash by doing jobs as a translator, graphic designer or programmer? if so, you can become a seller on Fiverr and offer your services. You should know, however, that using the service application it is not possible to open a seller account and create new offers.

To become a seller, then, connected to the Fiver website from your computer, click on the item Sign in at the top right and log in to your account by entering your login credentials in the fields Email / Username e Password. Now, click on the option Become a seller and, in the new open page, presses the button Become a seller, then enter your name and surname in the fields First name e Last name e clicca sull'icona della camera present accanto alla voce Profile Picture to upload a photo of you (mandatory operation to proceed with registration as a seller).

Then enter your description of at least 150 characters in the field Description specifying your hobbies, your skills, and anything you deem relevant to persuade potential buyers to partner with you. Finally, in the section Languages, indicate the languages ​​you speak (by pressing the button Add new) and click on the button Continue to continue recording.

On the screen Professional info, specify the category of your competence using the drop-down menu next to the item Your Occupation and selecting one of the available options (Graphic & Design, Video & Animation, Writing & Translation, Digital marketing etc.). You can also add more than one occupation category by clicking on the item Add new and choosing one of the options just mentioned. In the section cv, you can specify your skills in the field Add Skill also inserting the level, using the drop-down menu Level experience.

If you wish, you can add additional information related to your training and certificates you hold in the fields EducationCertification, after which you can enter your personal site or that of your previous work in the field Personal website e pigiare sul pulsating Continue to move forward.

On the screen Linked Accounts, if you wish, you can connect your social accounts by pressing the button Connect related to items Linkedin, Google e Facebook, otherwise he presses the buttons Continue e Continue & Create Your First Gig to complete the registration as a seller.

Create a Gig on Fiverr

To create your first Gig, that is the digital service you intend to offer on Fiverr, presses the button Create a Gig. If you don't see this option, click yours photo present at the top right, select the option My Profile dal menu che compare e, nella nuova aperta page, pigia sul pulsado Create a new Gig.

Now, enter the title of your ad in the field Gig title (maximum 80 characters), select the category using the drop-down menu next to the item Category by choosing one of the available options (Graphics & Design, Digital marketing, Video & Animation, Music & Audio etc.), choose a sub-category and specify the service you offer. For example, if you want to share your WordPress knowledge, you will need to select the category Programming & Tech, the subcategory WordPress I will select the voice Help/Consultation as a service offered (Service type).

Then enter a maximum of 5 key words in the field Search tags e pulsing sul pulsating Save & continue. On the screen Scope & Pricing, you can create up to three purchase packages for your Gig, specifying the delivery times, the price, the questions available to the buyer, the minutes of real-time support conversation and the services offered. In the section Description, describe your Gig by entering a description of at least 120 characters in the appropriate field, while in the section Frequently Asked Questions you can add FAQs that may be useful to the buyer.

On the screen Requirements, enter the information you will need and that the buyer will have to provide to start your work, then presses the button Save & Continue, upload at least an image, a video or a PDF file of your previous works or that best sponsor your offer and press the button again Save & Continue.

In order to publish your offer, you must enter and verify your phone number. Press the button Verify now, enter your phone number in the field Enter your Phone Number and click on the button Verify SMS to receive a confirmation SMS, or Verify by call to receive a phone call. Then enter the verification code received in the appropriate field and presses the button Submit code. Now, click the button Publish Gig to post your offer and that's it.

To manage your Gigs, click on yours photo in alto a destra, select the voice My profile from the menu that appears and select the option Gig in the main menu. In the newly opened page, click the icon of freccia rivolta verse il basso related to the Gig of your interest and choose one of the available options: Edit to make changes; Share to share the offer; Delete to delete the selected Gig or Pause to make your offer temporarily invisible.

To view and accept orders, click on the item instead Order and select the job you want to do: once an order has been accepted, a countdown will appear depending on the delivery time you indicated when creating the Gig. Once the work is complete, access the section dedicated to orders, select the order you have completed, press the buttons Deliver your orderUpload Work e Deliver work and wait for the buyer's reply.

It will be useful for you to know that Fiverr applies one 20% commission for each Gig sold and that payment occurs afterwards 14 days from the conclusion of the delivery of the order. To track your logins and redeem earnings, click yours photo, select the voice My profile and, in the newly opened page, choose the option Earnings present in the main menu.

How Fiverr works

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