How TheFork works

How TheFork works

How TheFork works

To start using TheFork, first connect to its main website via this link. Once you see the Home Page of the website, you will first have to type the city, the district or directly the name of the restaurant you would like to book from in the appropriate text field that you can see in the center of the screen.

Then indicate the date, time and also the number of people for which the reservation must be made at the restaurant and then press the button Search to confirm your search terms. If you still do not know the date and number of people for which you will have to make the reservation and you simply want to browse the list of restaurants in the app, you can do it and avoid indicating the data in question.

How TheFork works

Your search results will be displayed on the next screen for your selection. To refine your search you can use the filters on the left side of the screen, for example by expanding or narrowing the range of your search.

To further select the search, it is possible to indicate the type of cuisine by placing a check mark on one or more of the items in the kitchen panel. By clicking on the item Other options, the complete list of available options will appear.

If you want to rate a restaurant based on special offers, you can place a check mark on the items in the section Special offers, thus filtering, for example, only the restaurants that offer a 50% discount. Further options are visible by pressing the button Other Options.

The side menu offers other noteworthy search tools: in particular, I would like to point out the possibility of filtering the search for restaurants by neighborhoods. But press the button (+) filters to see all available filters. It may be useful to search for a suitable restaurant for a business meeting by selecting the appropriate item from the section Type of venue.

Not to be forgotten is TheFork's integration with Tripadvisor reviews. The list of restaurants present in the search has a score established on the basis of reviews on the well-known website. In this way it will be possible to identify at a glance, one or more potential restaurants. In the event that you have provided an indication of the booking time, the list of restaurants will present information on the possibility (or impossibility) of booking at the indicated time and the presence of any discounts.

Have you found a restaurant that might be right for you? Click on it to view its detailed profile. This will open in a browser tab and will provide you with a wealth of useful information to help you decide, for booking purposes.

How TheFork works

The first thing you can notice is the presence of numerous images and the indication of the type of restaurant through a categorization that concerns the type of cuisine (for example: traditional cuisine o creative cuisine, international, Chinese, Japanese and so on).

The restaurant information sheet is most often complete with useful information, including the complete menu of the restaurant, a description of the restaurant and other information such as the average price, services and driving directions.

The board Reviews, on the other hand, it allows you to read the reviews written directly by users who have booked through TheFork. The board Tripadvisor reviewsinstead, it allows you to read the reviews written by users of the well-known website.

Once you have chosen the restaurant you can make a reservation, taking advantage of the special offers on TheFork. Keep in mind that, in some cases, the offers may relate to bookings on established days and times, as well as subject to availability. To book, click on the button Continue.

At this point you will need to register for the service; operation that you can carry out in a very simple way. In fact, choose whether to connect your Facebook account to the service or whether to indicate your email address in the appropriate text field on the screen, and then press the button Continue. You will then have to complete the information on the screen, indicating your name and surname, but also your telephone number, data necessary for the purpose of booking the restaurant. Then confirm these data by pressing the button Confirmation of reservation.

Most notable is the presence of a loyalty program on TheFork. The latter allows you to earn Yums, virtual credits, to be spent on the website for future bookings in order to obtain discounts in participating restaurants. For every booking made with TheFork you will earn 100 Yums. Once you have accumulated 1000 Yums you will be entitled to a € 20 discount to spend in the partner restaurants of the initiative. Every 2000 Yums, on the other hand, you will get € 50 discount to book later in other partner restaurants of the initiative.

How to become a TheFork Partner

How TheFork works

If you own a restaurant, you can participate in TheFork's partner program by registering your restaurant and managing reservations through a dedicated software.

The conditions of this partnership are characterized by being very transparent, from the moment in which all information is provided to restaurateurs through a dedicated website.

The use of the software for adding your restaurant on TheFork is available in a basic version free, but by subscribing a monthly fee, you can have access to advanced tools for the management of your restaurant. The prices indicated refer to a subscription of 49 euros per month for the version For of the ERP and 89 euros per month for the version Pro +.

Furthermore, to activate a partnership with TheFork, you will need to register on the TheFork Manager website and, once you have indicated some data relating to your restaurant, wait for a call from an employee, through which you can complete the activation and registration.

For more information on this, connected to the website where you will find everything you need to learn more about the subject in question.

How TheFork works (Android / iOS)

How TheFork works

You are going on vacation and while waiting for your plane to leave, you would like to book a restaurant in the destination city. In the past, however, you have only used the web version of TheFork, and became aware of the application for Android and iOS mobile devices, you would like to know how to use it from a smartphone.

No problem, I can help you: once you have downloaded TheFork via the App Store or PlayStore on Android and iOS, start the application; I want to explain how it works.

If you have already used TheFork in the past (but even if this is your first time using it), I recommend that you log in or register for the service. This procedure will in fact be requested the first time you start the app. Then enter the email address in the appropriate text field or press the button Accessed through Facebook to register through the account you use on the social network.

Alternatively, if you would like to skip this procedure for now and do it later, you can go directly to the restaurant search engine. To do this, just press the button Jumping that you find located in the upper right corner.

On the next screen you will find the restaurant search engine. Then indicate the name of the restaurant if you already know it, the location or the address. Or, if you are already in the city where you would like to search for a restaurant, activate the GPS of your smartphone, so that the app can show you the restaurants in the vicinity.

On the next screen, indicate the day, time and people, information that obviously serves for the purpose of booking. If you haven't decided yet, check the item Without precise date. To continue, click on the button Find a table.

On the next screen you will be able to see a map and a drop down list of results. Did you locate the restaurant? Tap on it and then select the time with an offer from those present. Or, click on the button Book without offer in the event that you do not want to adhere to any of the offers indicated. Once the booking details have been confirmed, click on the button Confirmation of reservation. And voila, the restaurant is booked.

How TheFork works

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