Google's best jokes and tricks; Hidden Easter Eggs

It is well known that Google is among the healthiest companies in the world and, until this year's crisis, the strength of the most used search site in the world was palpable and visible even from its joke pages, created by Google employees in obvious moments of hilarity or on the occasion of April Fools.
The famous tricks or are not new Easter Eggs of Google but since in this blog we had never mentioned them and since probably not everyone knows them, let's dust off the so-called Easter Eggs of the search engine to spend 20 fun minutes.

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1) Search on Google blink html and you will see how the search result titles flash.

2) Write on Google Do a Barrel Roll and press Enter to see how the screen flips over alone with a 360 degree turn.

3) Look for the word Tilt and see the screen twist.

For these three easter eggs, there is also a trick to use them on normal searches. Searches must have these addresses:
- for the blink:
- for the barrel roll:
- for the tilt:

4) Looking for the word askew and pressing play at the first audio result, the screen distorts.

5) Atari Breakout can be played in Google Images, the game of bricks to destroy with the ball bouncing on a bar at the bottom.

6) Look for words Google gravity and then click on "I feel lucky" to see the whole page fall to the ground.

7) At you can click on the cup of tea to pour it. The page is nice to see on smartphones, where you just need to tilt the screen to see the cup pour the tea.

8) The site elGoog is the Google page upside down.

9) Zerg Rush it's a little game: search for the words Zerg Rush and then shoot the dots that appear before they destroy the search page. On the right there is also the scoreboard, each search result has an energy as well as the enemy pellets which must be shot 4 or 5 times.

10) Search Conway's Game of Life and see what happens, (it's about the game of life).

11) Search on Google Holi, then click or tap on the three colored powder containers on the right, in the information box and you can color the Google search page with colored powders by clicking on the screen.

12 ) Gmail Blue is the new Gmail with Blue colors and there is also a nice presentation joke video (April Fool 2013)

14) You can also go to Google play Pacman inside the Pacman logo at the address
In another article, the others best google logos to play

15) Look for words Thanos and then press on the yellow hand on the right side to bring up a funny animation.

16) Looking for the names of the protagonists of the serie Friends, you will find an Easter Egg on the character sheet on the right. Then look for the names Joey Tribbiani, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing and for each click the icon that appears next to the name, different for each one on the right.

17) Search on Google, Wizard of oz and then press on the yellow hand on the right side to bring up a funny animation.

18 ) Mental research: With Google you can search for sites thanks to the Mentalplex, you have to concentrate, think about what you want to search for and click on the wheel to experience this incredible technology.

19 ) Google Romance: Maybe few know that on Google you can find a soul mate, on this page you can find the love you are looking for.

20 ) Google TISP: Google's Wireless technology directly to your home; to find out how to read the instructions and get the kit sent, free of charge, directly from Mountain View.

21) Several Google pages will be written differently than normal:
Google Bork
Google Hacker
Google Star Trek
Google Pig Latin
Google Elmer Fudd

There are several Google-based search engines. 22) Search Google Map for directions to go from San Francisco to Tokyo: look at line 14!

23 ) Google Gulp: Advertising for a Google drink with four flavors available that will enhance knowledge, eliminate thirst and enhance search.

25) Google-based custom Google search engines can be fun and even useful in some ways. The most famous of these is certainly Ecosia, the use of which promises to save forests and which saves energy. One fun is elgooG, the Google in the mirror where everything is upside down and backwards, to be seen.
Blackle is Google with a black background.

Then I remember the trick for the Google Earth flight simulator .

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For serious Google search tricks I refer to Help Google search options on PC, settings and preferences.

Google's best jokes and tricks; Hidden Easter Eggs

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