Best extensions for Internet Explorer: add-ons and add-ons for IE

Today's is a real challenge for bestresourcesnow: find at least 10 best extensions and add-ons for Internet Explorer.
Undeniably, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most used browsers because, thanks to extensions or add-ons, they allow you to implement applications and tools to be used on the websites you browse.
Internet Explorer, Microsoft's browser, has unfortunately never focused too much on addons and only recently, with Internet Explorer 9, has it opened a gallery of extensions, which, however, remains rather sparse.
Internet Exporer 9 is a great browser, on par with others and perhaps even better when taken alone.
Without extensions, however, it remains 10 steps behind Firefox and Chrome.
To try to dispel this taboo of IE, let's see well 18 best extensions, also called add-ons or add-ons, for Internet Explorer 11.

First of all we must underline an important function of Internet Explorer on Windows 7 8 and 10 (also because for XP there is no IE9).
All sites can be fixed for quick opening on the taskbar.
Some websites such as Facebook, Twitter or other online applications, newspapers and social networks then implement quick links that appear by right-clicking on the locked icon in the Windows taskbar.
L'integration between the system and the browser is perhaps the best additional feature of Internet Explorer 11.

Many of these addons are no longer found because Microsoft has withdrawn the Internet Explorer.r extension site

find add-ons to install on Internet Explorer you could go to the site of the addon gallery, in English language.

Extensions for Internet Explorer they are divided into various categories, with Jump Lists, Accelerators, Web Slices and Toolbar.
- accelerators they are tools that can be used by pressing the right mouse button on web pages.
Le Web Slices are add-ons to add to the favorites bar and have a glance at the latest news or updates of a site or about a topic.
Le toolbar instead, they are added as menu bars.
However, the best add-ons or extensions for Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are not found in the official gallery; these are mainly programs to be installed on Windows that integrate into the Microsoft browser and work as add-ons.

1) WOT
WOT stands for 'Web of Trust' and is the most useful tool for surfing the internet safely, preventing visits to poor and unsafe sites.
Being a very popular tool based on user ratings, WOT is the most effective tool ever to know the reputation of websites from a security point of view.

2) Bing Toolbar, very useful for having shortcuts to the most important services on the internet such as Weather, Facebook and more.

3) ZoomInto
ZoomInto is an IE11 addon that allows you to zoom in on an image, crop it and save some part of it.
This tool is useful if you want to download a large image, to save only a part of it and make quick changes.

4) Advanced IE History Bar
This handy add-on opens a side panel on the left side of the Internet Explorer browser window, which lists the history of sites visited by the user.
The extension allows you to browse your history much faster and find previously visited sites by sorting them by URL, title, date and number of views.

7) Xmarks (no longer exists)
Xmarks is an extension that allows you to synchronize and backup your favorite sites in order to have them stored on multiple computers.
Xmarks also has extensions for Firefox and Chrome so you can keep your bookmarks synchronized whichever browser you use.

8) Speckie
One of the best add-ons for Internet Explorer is the one that spellchecks what you type when filling out forms or text fields on websites.
The spelling checker for Internet Explorer is automatic and in your language and signals when you make mistakes while typing.

9) Enterra Download Manager
Although the download management on Internet Explorer 9 is very effective and improved, you can install this addon to improve your downloads.
Enterra Download Manager is an innovative plug-in compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer which makes it more efficient to download files. Enterra Download Manager add on is a multifunctional easy to use toolbar that allows you to access files from FTP and HTTP servers via the appropriate protocol.

10 ) Find on Facebook
This extension allows you to search for people and groups on Facebook, any web page you are visiting.

11 ) Share On Facebook
It is an accelerator to share links on Facebook quickly.

12 ) CleanPage
This addon is a mix between the popular Adblock and Print Friendly extensions and serves and cleans web pages of extra elements.

13 ) WebM Video
WebM for IE9 is the plugin for watching HTML5 streaming videos on Windows 7 and Windows XP.
I talked about the HTML5 plugin for Youtube and other video sites in another post.

14 ) Mouse Gestures
With this add-on you can use the mouse to draw shapes so as to execute web browser control commands through mouse gestures.

15 ) Chrome Frame (no longer supported)
The Google addon allows you to simulate browsing websites with Google Chrome from Internet Explorer.
See also the post: Two browsers in one, Chrome inside IE and Internet Explorer inside Chrome.

16 ) BugMeNot
One of the best add-ons for Internet Explorer is to find passwords and logins for websites with Bugmenot, in order to access them without registration.

17 ) LastPass
To keep all passwords in a safe, synchronized and safe, protected by a master password that will be the only one to remember, you can use the Lastpass program.
Lastpass is an add-on for all browsers, including Internet Explorer.
In this way the logins to the sites will be automatic and there will be no risk that some outside can steal the passwords.
I wrote a guide about Lastpass and how to manage and store website passwords.

Finally, I would like to say that, on Internet Explorer, you can use bookmarklets or buttons to add to the favorites bar.
The bookmarklets have the advantage of not burdening the web browser because they act only if called up.
The list of best bookmarklets for browsers is in a dedicated article.
On Internet Explorer they also work very well Bing Bar with Facebook, Weather and Email notifications and Google Toolbar with account synchronization.

To conclude, keep in mind that on Internet Explorer, in the management of add-ons, they can check the performance of installed addons whether or not they slow down the browser.

Best extensions for Internet Explorer: add-ons and add-ons for IE

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