The best free AntiSpam protection on Windows

Surfing the internet and at the same time protecting your email boxes from Spam is a rather difficult undertaking nowadays.
I would like to indicate the best program to eliminate spam that is all junk mail, unsolicited advertisements and company, however, this time, it is impossible to indicate one or more programs that can give 100% protection security.

The spam filters and the software that deal with them are "self-learning", that is, they continually adapt the evaluation criteria based on what they have received in the past and what the user may indicate as unwanted, then cross-referencing their data and statistics with the online ones of the other antispam servers.

However, it is possible to limit spam e it depends a lot on the attention of each one not to disclose your e-mail address and the degree of protection used on your PC.

Due basic steps they are, without any doubt, having a good antivirus (Perhaps in this context the best is the Kaspersky Suite) and a good antispyware; two recommended steps are to beware of rootkits and to install a great firewall.

The most important recommendation in order not to disclose one's email address, it is to inform friends who write to us to keep the email addresses of the recipients of their messages covered, especially in cases where the recipients are many.
This precaution is very simple as it is sufficient to write the recipients of an Email message in the CCN field instead of in the To: or CC:

One of the best Antispam programs for Windows, XP or Vista, it is Spamihilator which works with practically all email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.) and for the main of them the configuration is automatic.
Spamihilator has a remarkable set of predefined spam filters, and while the program is rarely updated, the filters are updated often.
The greatest advantage is represented by the Self Training function, that is the possibility to learn from us which are the 'good' messages and which ones are spam.

The most efficient program it's SpamBayes instead.
Unfortunately the graphical interface is non-existent, there are few instructions (moreover in English), and the need to train it for a hundred emails before it works properly, however, today it is the best recognized anti-spam software.

SECURITY UPDATE TRAINING: From Caesar's report and subsequent evidence, it is necessary to report, as the best antispam software, PopFile with Bayes filter and fully updated to May 26, 2008 in its latest version.

NOTE: : in using antispam software you have to be very careful because, never being too precise, you risk losing important emails and having to look at both the antispam folder and the inbox every time.

Between the Email boxes more famous, I recommend Yahoo Mail, whose spam filter seems to be more efficient than the others.

However, the Spam problem remains very open and, in another article, the basic instructions for block email spam and filter your inbox against advertising.
Get started with advice and your experiences.

The best free AntiSpam protection on Windows

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