Best Tweak Windows 10 and 7 to change hidden system settings

The word Tweak, in english it can be translated as "modicare", "tuning", "make up". The term Tweak, in computer science, therefore means making changes to a system or program in order to customize it and make it more performing. The programs or tools whose title is the word Tweak are tools to make adjustments to the system, moving those levers that, in theory, could not be changed.
But sometimes on a system like Windows some changes can lead to an increase (light) performance and can serve for optimize the operating system o customize its use. With the release of Windows 8 first and then Windows 10, several Tweak programs have spread that allow you to do a little bit of everything, from simple changes that can also be done from the control panel to hidden settings that could only be changed by the keys of register, up to automatic optimization tools.
In this article we see the 10 best free programs to make tweaks or tweaks to Windows 10 and Windows 7 and 8.1.

1) Winaero Tweaker is a tool that includes several tools to modify hidden options and system settings in Windows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 10. The updated program is the most renewed and complete of this list.

2) Windows Ultimate Tweaker it works well on Windows 10 without creating problems and without giving the possibility of doing damage to your PC. The settings and options are hundreds and it is impossible to list them all, so I leave you the "pleasure" of fiddling with this program for the many possibilities and the many levers on which you can act.

3) Computech Windows Tweaker is a program for anyone trying to hide or show drives, disable firewall, disable USB, UAC, Remote RPC, Security Center, Offline Files and Action Center ports temporarily.

4) XDN Tweaker is another tweaking utility for Windows 7 that also works on Windows 10. In this tool there are hundreds of options and settings to change on the system as well as some useful tricks that also allow you to optimize Internet Explorer.

5) TweakerPower is a hidden options program to customize and optimize the system, which runs on WIndows 7, Windows 8 and even Windows 10. There are system and registry cleaning functions, options to change the appearance of Windows, tools to uninstall programs, manage startup, restore points, tools to repair Windows, search for duplicate files, registry management and backup, and optimization tools.

6) Simple System Tweaker allows you to increase Windows performance with automatic tweaking. It is an automatic tool, already configured with all the selected options, in which just press a button (Apply) to obtain what should be a complete optimization of the PC and an increase in Windows performance. While you can scroll through the many configuration options, you can also just click the Apply Tweaks button to apply all pre-selected and recommended changes. Before writing this article I personally tested the pre-selected tweaks on my computer and there were no problems, the computer turned on again and is working normally.
I Tweak Generali are interesting interventions for speed up Windows operations, some of which are known, others much less. In the tab of Network tweak there are changes related to the TCP / IP protocol so improve data reception and internet download speed. There is also a section regarding i Tweak on Windows Services in which it is recommended to disable those services that, in 99% of cases, are useless and only waste resources. THE Visual Tweaks finally they are some changes for disable some unnecessary graphic effects that consume memory by slowing down your computer.

7) Tweak Me uses a system of checkboxes to activate or deactivate that contain many tricks to modify the operating system. The categories of settings are like: Internet Explorer, performance, security, Windows Update, and more. For each item there is a description in English which must be clearly explored as appropriate, by searching on the internet. However, most of the configuration options are understandable. Tweak Me is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8 and Windows 7.

8) GigaTweaker is an all-in-one tool for optimizing, tweaking and tweaking Windows 7. There are a ton of options that can be activated divided into categories such as: Security, Permissions, Disks, Files, Visual Effects, Windows Explorer, Memory Management, System Information and so on . It also allows you to create system restore points. It also offers a great function that is not normally present in other tweaking tools, namely a history of all the changes that have been made through Giga Tweaker which, eventually, can be restored to their original values.

9) AeroTweak is a portable program to change various settings of Windows 7, otherwise impossible to change.

10 ) Tweak Now Powerpack is a powerful tool (not free) that is used to modify every aspect of the Windows 10 and 7 operating system and the web browser. By default the Windows Secret module is displayed which includes application tweaking, Control Panel, desktop and other stuff. Inside it contains many useful modules, such as Disk Cleaner, Usage Analyzer, Registry Cleaner, Disk Defragmentation, Startup Manager, System Information, Ram Memory Optimizer, Track Cleaner, Utility to uninstall a program. The good thing about this software is the ability to go back after any changes made so you don't risk damaging your computer.

In my experience, everything these tools do can also be done manually, without downloading anything. The fact remains that many things would be complicated and these Tweak programs make them much easier and allow, in some cases, to solve small errors or lead to increases in computer performance. In general, every single setting item must be checked on the internet in specialized forums and, if one of them creates strange blocks, then it will be discarded immediately.

Personally I tried them on the fly but not in every feature and without enabling all the tricks and changes so I can't say that all are better programs even if they are reported by many authoritative english and American blogs. Their use is not recommended for everyone; if your pc is fine and you do not have the passion of a "geek" or computer geek, it is not worth doing anything and it is better to ignore these tools.
If instead you want to try to get more from your computer then you can use these Windows tools full of tricks and hidden settings, but always paying attention to what you do (even if it is almost impossible to do damage with such commercial tools).

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