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How to call Wind

Do you have to get in touch with Wind and you don't know how to do it? You don't have the time to go to a shop and would like to have telephone information on the offer you have subscribed to? Not a problem at all: you can call Wind and receive assistance by telephone.

To contact Wind and speak to a Customer Service operator, all you have to do is make a phone call to the number 155. By following the steps that I will indicate to you, you will be able to find out all the latest news relating to your offer (or other Wind offers), you will be able to know which services are active on your number and the relative prices but you can also speak directly with an operator. The call to the number 155 è free from phone from smartphone with SIM Wind or Tre, but also for those who call from Telecom city and Infostrada fixed network.

To make the call, then take your smartphone with SIM Wind in hand and open the application with the handset symbol to be able to make the call. Then tap on keypad (usually it has the symbol of a square formed by dots) and, using the keyboard of your smartphone, type the number 155. Then start the call by pressing the button with the handset symbol.

Once the call is initiated, wait for the recorded voice to welcome you and list all available options. Usually the choices you have are usually a couple. Specifically, at the time of writing this guide, by typing the number 1 on the numeric keypad, it is possible to obtain information on the news of the Wind or Infostrada tariff plans. By pressing the key 1 it is also possible to modify your telephone offer.

The second choice to make is relative to pressing the key 2 on the numeric keypad of the smartphone. By choosing the latter option, you will be able to receive assistance from a Wind consultant, to whom you can directly express your doubts and also request general information always regarding your fixed or mobile telephone line.

In this case, therefore, if you wish to receive assistance from an operator, open the numeric keypad of your smartphone during the phone call and press the key 2 from the keyboard of your device. At this point, if you are calling directly from the Wind line for which you need assistance, stay on the line without pressing any key. If, on the other hand, you wish to receive assistance regarding another Wind or Infostrada numbering, press the key 1. Obviously once you have pressed the button 1, you will be asked to enter the number for which you are requesting telephone support.

By waiting or typing the number for which you want assistance, you will then be asked if you want to receive SMS free with some general information about your phone line. Specifically, to receive an SMS free on the number for which you are calling (or for which you have requested assistance) with the remaining credit and the status of the active offers, enter 1 from the numeric keypad. If, on the other hand, you want to configure your smartphone for surfing the Internet, press the button 2: you will receive a free SMS that will allow you to carry out this operation in a very simple way. Would you like to receive information on the Veon application by Wind? In this case, type 3 from the numeric keypad of your device. In case none of the above options corresponded to your needs, type the key directly 4 from the numeric keypad of your smartphone: you will be put in contact with an operator.

Once you have pressed key 4, confirm that you want to speak to an operator by pressing the appropriate key relating to the reason for which to request assistance (for example, there is the key 1 for tariff problems or general problems with the telephone line and key 2 for Internet connection setup, etc.). Generally, an answer is obtained more quickly by requesting the generic assistance service, then pressing the number key 1 of the mobile phone. In the event that all operators are busy, you will be placed on hold or you will be invited to call back at a later time. Please, try to be patient: sometimes it can take some time to talk to an operator.

Wind online assistance

Despite my help, were you unable to speak to a real Wind operator? Are you tired of the endless telephone "labyrinths" that the operator forces you to? Then try to ask for online assistance; through the social networks or the Wind VEON app you can get in touch with technical support. Read on to learn more.


Wind has made available a new smartphone app that allows you to get in touch with the customer care service in an extremely easy and fast way. This is the app named VEON which you can download for free on Android and iPhone and which replaces the previous Wind Talk application.

The application allows you not only to chat with technical support operators, but also to give credit to your contacts, participate in competitions to receive prizes throughout the city and communicate with your friends via an online messaging system. Try it by downloading it from your device's default store (App Store for iOS or PlayStore for Android): I'm sure you won't regret it.

If you wish to use VEON to receive assistance, make sure you have associated your WIND telephone number with the application and then tap the button with the symbol of a little man and a gear to go to your profile section. Then tap on your phone number and then on headphones symbol to access the Wind client service section. You will then be able to chat directly with a WIND operator to receive assistance.


If for one reason or another you cannot install the VEON application on your device, but you absolutely must succeed in your intent to contact the telephone company, know that you can also contact the Wind operators via Twitter. All you have to do is connect to the official @ Windcittà Twitter profile and send a direct message in which you briefly state your question and indicate your Wind number.

If you don't know how to send a direct message on Twitter, just press the button Message. If this option is not available, write a new tweet expressing your problem and mentioning at the beginning @ Windcittà (remember you only have 280 characters available!) and you should be contacted shortly by an operator.

Do not forget, however, that by sending a Tweet in which you mention @ Windcittà you will write a public tweet: the message will also be read by your followers, so avoid writing sensitive information such as your phone number. If you want to chat privately with Wind you will have to use the direct message tool offered by the social network instead.


Also Facebook it can be used as a means of communication to receive support from Wind. How? Simple, connected to the official page of the operator on the social network and click on the button Message which is located at the top right.

Then type your message briefly explaining your doubts (or your problem) and indicating your telephone number and your name and surname. Once the message has been sent, wait a few minutes for the operator's technical assistance to contact you. If you do not receive a reply within 1 hour, try soliciting the operator by sending a new message on Facebook or another online support service.

Number to call Wind

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