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If you want to contact a TIM operator by phone, call the 119 from your mobile phone, listen carefully to all the indications of the automatic service and press the number corresponding to the option commercial, technical and administrative assistance. At the time of writing this guide, the correct key to press is the number 4.

Then presses the button corresponding to theadministrative and commercial assistance (should be the number 2), choose the option concerning others needs and within a few seconds an employee will answer you to whom you can expose your problem.

If you do not want to solve a technical problem, but rather want to report the theft or loss of your phone to request the SIM block, call the 119 and type 4-3 followed by your mobile number and the pound symbol (#).

In short: according to the current scheme of the automatic TIM service, to obtain assistance from an operator, the sequence must be entered 4-2-6 while to report the theft or loss of a SIM you have to press 4-3 . The assistance service is available 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. The call is free from all fixed and mobile TIM lines.

Online assistance

If you have not yet managed to get in touch with a TIM technician, try to contact the social assistance channels made available by the operator. What are "social channels"? Nothing complex or accessible to a select few, I am simply referring to the company's Facebook and Twitter profiles.


To contact TIM's automatic assistance service on WhatsApp, add the number to the phonebook prefix 335 1237272 and contact him. To speak to a human operator, ask your question, wait for the answer from the automatic system and say you are not satisfied.


If you want to contact TIM via Facebook, connected to the official page of the company on the social network and presses the button Message located at the top right to start composing a new private message.

At this point, you must type a short enough message in which to expose your problem to the operator, provide all your personal data (telephone number, name, surname and social security number) and enter the hashtag #TIMmobile so that the operator can quickly sort the communication, differentiating it from the request for assistance for the fixed line.

Send your message and within a few minutes you should receive an answer from a TIM employee who will help you solve the problem or clarify your doubts, in case you asked a simple question about rates and offers.


Prefer to use Twitter? No problem. Start composing a new tweet by mentioning at the beginning of the message @ TIM4UAlessio, @ TIM4UStefano or @ TIM4UGiulia (i.e. one of the three TIM customer care accounts for the mobile line) and expose your problem or your doubt in the few characters provision by the service. At this stage there is no need to indicate your data or your mobile number.

Within a few minutes you should be contacted by “Alessio”, “Stefano” or “Giulia” who will become your followers on Twitter and will invite you to continue the conversation via private messages (where there is no limit of 280 characters).

TIM website

I recommend, before call TIM operator and waste time between call centers and messages on social networks, take a “spin” on the TIM website and check that the solution to your problems and / or the answer to your doubts is not already present in the support service.

To find the documentation relating to all the topics covered on the site, type some terms in the search bar located in the center of the screen and click on the results that appear automatically.

TIM assistance for fixed telephony

Do you need assistance for a TIM fixed network line (formerly Telecom città)? No problem, even in this case you can contact the operator either by phone or via the Internet.

If you prefer to use the telephone support service, please contact the 187 from the home phone and after listening to the welcome message, dial 1 to receive information on active offers on your line or 2 to report a fault.

If your phone is not working well, you can contact the 187 from another landline or mobile phone, the call is free. To get in touch with an operator you need to type the number key 2 (the key to request assistance) and you have to type the number for which you need support followed by the hash symbol (#).

If you prefer to contact the operator's social channels, connect to Facebook or Twitter and get in touch with one of TIM's official accounts regarding the landline.

  • On Facebook you can connect to the official TIM page (it is the same that also manages communications regarding the mobile line) and send a message to the operator by clicking on the appropriate button at the top right. In the message you must explain your problem, you must provide your personal data (telephone number, name, surname and tax code) and you must enter the hashtag #TIMfixed to allow operators to quickly sort the communication.
  • On Twitter you can contact the @ TIM4ULuca, @ TIM4UFabio and @ TIM4USara accounts by sending them a tweet in which you request assistance (without indicating personal data). Within a few minutes you should be contacted by the TIM operators who will invite you to continue the discussion via private messages.

TIM's online assistance services are active every day of the week from 7.00 to 24.00, obviously contacting them does not involve any cost either on the bill (in the case of the fixed line) or on the telephone credit (in the case of mobile phones).

How to call TIM operator

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