How to use uTorrent

How to download uTorrent

Of course, let's start this guide on how to use uTorrent seeing how to download and how to install the program on your computer. Then connect to the uTorrent website and click on the button Download uTorrent for Windowstwice consecutively to download the software. If you are using a Mac, the button you need to click is the one with it written on Free download for Mac.

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (uTorrent.exe) and complete the software installation procedure by first clicking on OK and then Yes, NEXT twice in a row, Accept e NEXT two more times in a row.

So remove the check mark from the item Yes, I'd love to check out this download and finish the setup by clicking on Ends. If you are asked to download additional promotional software and / or browser toolbars (e.g. the Ask toolbar), decline by clicking on Skip offer o Refuse / I do not accept.

If you are using a Mac, to install uTorrent on your computer you need to open the package dmg that you downloaded from the program's website, after which you have to start the executable uTorrent contained within it and you have to click in sequence on the buttons apri, Continue, Decline (to avoid installing additional promotional software) e Done.

How to open the doors for uTorrent

Once the installation procedure is complete, before you begin use uTorrent, you need to configure your router to allow the program to accept incoming connections (and thus to download files at maximum speed). To do this, write down the port number that uTorrent uses to work.

To find out which port is used by uTorrent, go to menu Options> Settings application, select the item Connection from the left sidebar in the window that opens and take note of the value indicated in the field Port used for incoming connections. If you are using a Mac, instead, select the item Pref Renze from the menu uTorrent located at the top left, click on the tab Network present in the window that opens and note the number of the Inbound TCP port.

At this point, open the browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and linked to the page or to the page, which corresponds to the address of your ADSL router. If you are unable to enter the modem / router using the "coordinates" I have just given you, try to follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to enter the router.

Then type in the username and password combination required to access the device configuration panel (usually it is admin / admin or admin / password) and click on your button OK to establish the connection. From now on, the steps you need to take vary from router to router.

For example, if you use a router Thomson you have to go to the section Toolbox> Game and Application Sharing and click on the item Create a new game or application which is located at the bottom. On the page that opens, type uTorrent in the field Your name, metti il ​​segno di spunta accanto alla voce Manual entry of door mappings and click on the button Following to continue configuring the door to open. Then type the number of the port used by uTorrent (eg. 64095) in the two fields divided by the wording a and click on the button Add but I will complete the operation.

In this way, you have created the rule to open the uTorrent port. Now you need to associate the rule with your computer by clicking on the entry Assign a game or application to a local network device placed at the bottom. On the page that opens, select the item uTorrent in the drop-down menu Game or applicationselect l 'IP address of your PC from the adjacent menu, check the box Register and click on the button Add to complete the door opening procedure on the router.

If you have a router instead TIM / Telecom, you have to click on the item Port Mapping which is located in the right sidebar and you have to fill in the form to create Custom Virtual Servers: In fields Internal door e External door you have to type the number of the port used by uTorrent to accept incoming connections; in the menu Door type you need to set the value TCP; in the field Destination IP you have to type the local IP address of your computer (if you do not know what it is, find out by following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to view the IP address), while in the field Your name you have to type in a name of your preference (eg uTorrent) for the rule you are creating. When completed, click on the buttons Attiva e NEXT and the uTorrent port is open.

How to configure uTorrent

Now you have to check the correct configuration of the router and you have to optimize the download and upload parameters of uTorrent. To do this, it calls the function of Configuration Wizard from the menu options program and make sure there is a check mark next to the items Band e Network. Dopodiché selects the voice Milan, IT from the drop-down menu located at the top and click on the button Start the tests. In this way uTorrent will check the opening of the port in the router, will test the real speed of the Internet connection and will adjust its download and upload parameters accordingly (in order to ensure the best possible performance).

If everything goes right, they appear two green check marks on the right side of the window, otherwise some Red "x" or delle yellow ticks. In the first case, click on the button Save & Close to save uTorrent settings and start downloading at full speed. In case of problems, however, try to set a static IP on your PC, to disable the UPnP port mapping from the settings of uTorrent (always in the section Connection) or search for specific information on configuring ports on your router.

Unfortunately, the Mac version of uTorrent does not include the same test and optimization function of the download and upload parameters as uTorrent for Windows. To solve the problem, run an ADSL test and configure the program "manually" as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to speed up uTorrent Mac.

Then I advise you to secure your downloads by using a VPN, that is, a virtual private network. If you had never heard of it, this is a system that allows you to use the BitTorrent network anonymously, browse online, and bypass geo-restrictions without being tracked by ISPs or bad guys. Among the many VPN solutions available, I point out NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark, which are very cheap, effective, and have servers all over the world. They are compatible with PC / Mac, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

How to download files with uTorrent

Mission accomplished! You should now have a uTorrent properly configured and fully functional. To put it to the test immediately, connect to one of the Torrent search engines that I reported to you some time ago on the blog, such as Zooqle, and download the files of your interest.

You have two options to download files from the BitTorrent network: the first is to download a small file with the extension .torrent from sites like Zooqle and open it with uTorrent. The second, however, consists in clicking on a special link called magnet link, which is often represented with a red magnet icon. For the end user there are no big differences between these two download modes, in any case I recommend the magnet links that are more convenient to use: just click on them and the download is immediately taken over by the client, uTorrent in this case.

Remember that to download quickly from the Torrent network it is necessary that the downloaded file has a high number of peer e cedar, i.e. of people sharing the file and the complete sources of the latter. Once the download has started, close the main uTorrent window and the program will continue to download by "sitting" in the Windows notification area (next to the clock) or in the MacOS Dock bar.

Please note: if you are looking for alternatives to uTorrent without advertising content, check out qBitTorrent. I told you about it in depth in my tutorial on how to download Torrent files.

How to use uTorrent on Android

As mentioned above, uTorrent is also available for Android. This means that you can install it on your smartphone or tablet and use it to download files from the BitTorrent network on the go.

use uTorrent on an Android device, download the free version of the application from the Google Play Store (which, unlike the paid Pro one, has advertising banners inside it), start it and press the icon of the magnifying glass (top right) to search the files of your interest on the BitTorrent network. A Google Custom Search will open.

Once you have identified the file of your interest, presses on its link (magnet link or link to the .torrent file), choose uTorrent from the list of applications available for opening the connection and presses the button Add to start the download. Easier than that?

How to use uTorrent

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