Online Karaoke Video to sing songs with flowing words

Some time ago I wrote about how it was possible to remove vocals from music using programs like Audacity.
The result of that operation, done with a free program, was unsatisfactory but, even trying different solutions, without professional programs, you can't do better. On that occasion, however, I had not considered the fact that some people, equipped with adequate technical skills and tools, might have shared on YouTube the songs without vocals, creating videos perfect for Karaoke.
Returning to the discussion, we see here the videos that make it possible sing any song, using only the web browser and exploiting YouTube.

Thanks to the Internet, there is absolutely no need to buy a karaoke machine or go to a public bar or restaurant to sing in front of everyone.
Both for those who can sing and for those who just want to play and scream at the top of their lungs, all it takes to find a free Karaoke online is to have an internet-connected PC, a decent set of speakers and, to have a better effect, a microphone connected to the computer. In some cases, if you really want to try to become famous, even a webcam can come in handy.

La best solution, the easiest and fastest way to sing to the karaoke online it is, therefore, to take advantage of the videos already made on YouTube that can be found on the site SingSnap.
Siongsnap makes a precise selection of videos created specifically for karaoke, Where the singer's voice was removed from the music and words of the text flow on the screen, coloring themselves when they are to be sung. The site also allows you to record videos to be able to resent.
There are many free songs to sing on this website, which you can search by genre or by year. Each song is played without original vocals with flowing text e the words that are colored when they have to be sung.

Going right on Youtube, we have nice video collections in Karaoke Channel for English music and city Karaoke for music.

Other web applications with Karaoke videos to sing I'm:

- AirConsole Karaoke allows you to sing using your mobile phone as a microphone, showing the words that flow in full screen.
In another article, the guide to play with Airconsole

- Another great site to have songs in Karaoke mode is Karaoke 4 Free, which shows the lyrics of the songs by coloring it when it is to be sung. This site is free, without registration and with the possibility of downloading the videos of the songs.

If then in other articles I had described the best free program to sing Karaoke on your computer and the procedure for turn mp3 into karaoke music, I also want to remember the free game for pc UltraStar Deluxe (Singstar clone for Playstation) I talked about in the article on how to play music and sing online.

Online Karaoke Video to sing songs with flowing words

Audio Video Online Karaoke Video to sing songs with flowing words
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