How to know if an SMS has been read with Android

How to know if an SMS has been read on Android

Android, the well-known operating system for mobile devices developed by Google, gives the possibility to check if a SMS has actually been delivered to the recipient, providing in some cases the option of reading verification. It is necessary, first of all, to know the procedure to enable the aforementioned functionality, as it is usually disabled by default.

Delivery confirmations

The option Delivery confirmations is a tool, as the name suggests intuitively, which allows you to verify the actual delivery of an SMS, through the official Google app, called Messages.

Before explaining how to activate the Delivery Confirmations function on your device, I would like to tell you that this function activates a return receipt that has Costi scalable from yours remaining credit (the cost is equivalent to that of a national SMS, depending on the operator). Are you ready? Good! Now follow me carefully, because I will explain how you can activate this service.

As I explained to you at the beginning of the tutorial, this method works if you are using a Android device: however, most of the smartphones of the famous “green robot” do not have a pre-installed message app already enabled for this function, which allows you to check if your SMS have been read. It is therefore necessary to specifically install a suitable app on your device: I recommend Google Messages.

To download Google Messages to your terminal, open the Play Store (the ▶ ︎ symbol colored), search Messages in the latter and first tap onicona dell'applicazione, in the search results, and then on the button Install. If you are reading this tutorial directly from your device, you can open the Messages tab on the Play Store using the link I gave you earlier.

Once installation is complete, start the app you have chosen to use for SMS (in this case, Google Messages): keep in mind right away that, for the procedure to work, both you and the recipient must use the same application and both of you must have enabled read receipts.

Then press themenu icon, usually represented with symbols o , located at the top right of the screen, then tap on the item Settings. Swipe up with one finger until you find and press the option Advanced: certain models do not have this option, rather presenting an item like text messages, o simili.

That said, check the item Read confirmations, which will send you a notification when the message has been opened by the recipient. This option, however, is not available on all Android devices; some have a defined option instead Receive SMS delivery confirmations, or you will only be notified of the confirmation of delivery of the message sent (without being sure, therefore, if the recipient has actually opened it).

Have you given it a try to see if it works? Good! If so, when you send an SMS you can have premuto the message itself, then press on the menu at the top right, then tap on the option Show details: in some models, there is the possibility to view the voice See report. The delivery status requires the wording to appear Delivered; if it has not been delivered, the status will appear Pending o Nobody.

Verification string

Another solution you have on your side consists in the simple preposition, in the text of a normal SMS, of a particular code string: it is a tool whose cost is equal to that of a single SMS (depending on your telephone operator), with an effective and immediate response.

To use it, just prepend the string to the message *n# (asterisk, lowercase letter “n”, hashtag), then writing the desired text immediately below, including spaces. Once the SMS is completed (such as, for example, * n # Try) you can send it easily like all the others, by pressing on SMS arrow key, placed next to your text message.

Once the sending is completed, you can immediately check the status of the delivery: an automatic reply message will appear on the screen containing apreview of the SMS sent, recipient number and l 'outcome. In the case of a successful delivery, the text will then appear message [your message] to [the number you sent it to] succeeded. As you can guess, this method does not, however, allow you to be sure that the recipient has actually read your message.

How to know if a message has been read on Android

Considering that SMS are now falling into disuse, if you need read confirmations, I strongly advise you to "turn" towards the increasingly popular instant messaging app. There are so many to choose from and valid in this sense: now I will show you the methods for some of the most famous and used.


WhatsApp is a free instant messaging application, owned by the well-known social network Facebook, which allows users to exchange text messages, audio, video e images. It also has advanced features that allow you to share information about your own position, papers e contacts between individual and group chats. In addition to the default mobile version, it can also be used in a desktop version. You can download it directly from the Play Store from this link. For more information, you can read my tutorial about it.

Once the download is complete, start the app and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number and create your free account: I've talked about it in detail in this guide. After that you need to verify that you have enabled the read confirmations: to do this, press the button at the top right, then tap the items in sequence Settings, Account, Privacy. At this point, check that the option Read confirmations is activated (i.e. the lever must protrude to the right), otherwise you will take care: if it is deactivated, you will not be able to receive or send read confirmations, except in the case of group chats.

Once the aforementioned checks have been carried out, go back to the main chat menu, tap on user's name you want to send a message to, or create a new chat by pressing the white button with green background bottom right. After opening the conversation, type a message: then, to send it, press on white arrow button on a green background, to the right of your message. Now, look closely at theicon that appears at the bottom right of the message itself: depending on the type, you can check the progress of the sending status and reading.

If it appears a gray check mark, it means that the message has not yet been delivered to the recipient (for example, has not yet opened the app). If they appear instead two gray check marks, you have confirmation that the message has been delivered, but the recipient has not read it yet. When they finally appear two blue check marks, you have confirmation that the recipient has read your message.

Clearly, if the recipient of the message has disabled the blue ticks, you will not be able to find out if they have read the message, even if you have enabled read receipts on your WhatsApp.


Messenger is a free instant messaging platform, developed by the social network giant Facebook, which can be used both via an app, downloadable from the Play Store, and via a Web browser (by connecting to this address). Provides the ability to send messages by attaching them photo, audio, video, adhesives and many other features, such as using games and video calls.

Once downloaded on your device, open the Messenger application, by tapping on theicon with a white lightning bolt on a light blue background present on the main screen or in the applications menu and log in with your Facebook account: if you don't have one yet, find out how to fix it.

Once logged in, tap the user's name you want to send a message to, opening one accordingly conversazione, or press the button in the shape of a white nib, top right, to address a new message to a user or group.

Then type the message you want to send, then press the button in the shape of a blue arrow on the right of your message, to confirm sending. Look at the now small icon that materialized under the sent message, at the bottom right: if a blue check mark in a white circle, it means that the message has been sent, but not yet delivered to the recipient.

If, on the other hand, a white check mark in a blue circle, it means that the message has been delivered, but the recipient has not yet read or opened it. Finally, if you see theyour friend's profile picture, in which case it means that the recipient has read your message.

If you'd like to delve further into the messaging app issue, I recommend that you read my tutorial on the best messaging apps.

How to know if an SMS has been read with Android

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