How to get free FIFA packs

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to get free packs on FIFA, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, the packages referred to are clearly the ones available in Ultimate Team and within which they can be found players, Consumable and more.

This mechanic is clearly virtual reminiscent of the classic sticker packs, loved by generations of football fans. The user therefore does not know the contents of each package, but can at least know which one rarity will be the elements present within it.

In fact, there are various types of packages, namely bronze, silver e gold. Then there are solutions maxi, promotional e players only. In any case, without going into too much detail and generating possible confusion, I remind you that the various packages all contain cards of a certain rarity (all details are indicated during the purchase).

Obviously, the fastest way to get packages is to spend FIFA Points, which is the in-game currency that can be purchased for a fee with real money, but as mentioned there are ways to get free packages, and I will explain them all to you below.

How to get free packs on FIFA

After talking to you about the general situation, I would say that it is time to take action and show you how to actually have a good number of packs in FIFA Ultimate Team without having to resort to micro-transactions. I'll show you in the tutorial how to get free packs on FIFA 21, but the indications should be generally valid for all editions of the football simulation and all gaming platforms.

Rosa creation challenges

Le squad making challenges they are probably one of the most underrated possibilities by novice users.

In fact, this functionality requires you to swap some players, effectively eliminating them from their team, to get determined packages or rewards. Therefore, there are not a few who, without analyzing the feature well, think that the game is not worth the candle or maybe that it is not something fun.

In fact, if used well, the possibility of exchanging your players for packages and the like can be particularly useful. In fact, the requests of the game change often and therefore you may find some very interesting proposals.

To give you an interesting example, you are usually asked to create a complete squad, creating a team that meets certain requirements, like having some understanding, nationality, evaluation or similar. This means that you could finally "get rid" of those players you never use and who are difficult to sell, perhaps in exchange for a "tasty" package.

In short, my advice is to always investigate all the requests of the game, analyzing which are the proposed squads, taking a look at the players you don't use a lot and trying to understand if you can use them for these challenges.

As for the fun factor, I can assure you that, although initially it may seem a "boring" feature, in reality the squad creation challenges can be an excellent pastime, especially if you have always enjoyed "being a coach".

In fact, the requests of Ultimate Team can sometimes be "bizarre" and succeed in combine less skilled players, respecting the same in some way i requirements, priceless. To be clear, in some less "expensive" challenges, some users have managed to "get rid" of low-league players with items of much higher value.

Of course, as far as packages are concerned, the luck factor. However, you understand that this possibility offered by FUT can prove to be a great way to get free packs on packs, taking advantage of the "secondary" elements and avoiding micro-transactions.

I mean, from my point of view you should try to do as many squad building challenges as possible. To do this, you usually just need to start from the section PINK CREATION CHALLENGE di FIFA Ultimate Team, then taking a look at all the possibilities available.


The classic way to get free packs on FIFA is to buy them with credits. In fact, I remind you that the latter can be obtained simply by playing to the title of Electronic Arts.

There are many ways to get free credits, so you shouldn't have any problems getting the main ones packages offered by the game, which I remind you are available in the section SHOP by Ultimate Team. Just to give you a concrete example, a classic Gold package generally requires 5.000 credits.

Considering the fact that you can usually get them 1.000 credits even just by winning at Extreme difficulty against Team of the week, you understand that a lot depends on yours ability within the game.

In any case, at the end of the various games of Ultimate Team can generally be obtained hundreds of credits, also based on the actions carried out during the matches. In short, it is enough to simply play and have fun to constantly obtain, for free, credits to be used then to purchase packages.

Also, other possibilities you should consider are the fact that sometimes the rewards of the aforementioned squad creation challenges consist precisely in credits. Other than that, I remind you that sell items and players (o discard them) can guarantee good satisfaction in this regard.

In short, you might be interested in taking a look both at my tutorial on how to get free credits, in which I have further explored the topic, and the one related to how to sell players on FIFA.

If you are interested in some more advanced functionality, you may want to deepen the guide on how to sniper on FIFA, a technique that can allow you to save credits and consequently be able to buy more packages.

In other words, the possibilities offered by FIFA are certainly not lacking: you simply have to find the right "balance" during your game sessions, but I'm sure that, by delving into all the mechanics mentioned, you will be able to get good satisfactions.

Promotional initiatives

How do you say? You've heard there are other methods to get free packs within FIFA Ultimate Team? They didn't lie to you: in fact, there are even more possibilities to get new items without having to "put your hand" to your wallet.

In fact, you must know that the FIFA video game series is constantly evolving, as well as that Electronic Arts is always very attentive to what happens in the real world in terms of football. For this reason, you should often keep an eye on the official portal dedicated to the game, always updated with the latest possibilities available.

Just to give you a concrete example, EA communicated at the time, through this website, the possibility of obtaining up to 24 "free" rare gold packs choosing to perform the FIFA 21 pre-order.

In any case, it is difficult for me to provide you with detailed information, as each chapter is obviously a story in itself and promotional initiatives are clearly at the discretion of Electronic Arts.

However, typically, one of the possibilities that come up on an annual basis is that of "Start" the Ultimate Team mode of a new chapter with gods free packages, which are given on the basis of what the user has done over the previous years.

Put simply, users usually find these "gifts" when they connect for the first time to the appropriate Web App or to the game following the release of the latter. Furthermore, in some cases, as happened for example in March 2021, Electronic Arts decides to gift packages to users based on how much they have played, in order to encourage them to continue their "adventure".

To conclude, I remind you that EA has decided to allow users to link the FIFA account with that of Twitch, in order to make users obtain, in certain promotional periods, the rewards related to Amazon Prime Gaming, linked to the Amazon Prime subscription.

There were also times when it was possible to redeem packages related to FIFA in a "free" way thanks to the aforementioned Amazon Prime Gaming, so it might interest you. In short, I advise you to always keep an eye on all these initiatives, which can always represent excellent opportunities to "flesh out" the squad or in any case obtain potentially useful elements.

How to get free packs on FIFA Mobile

To conclude the guide, I remind you that it also exists FIFA Mobile, Also known as FIFA Calcium, or a video game available for mobile devices, more precisely for Android (also available on alternative stores for devices that do not have Google services) and iOS / iPadOS.

The latter implements some mechanics similar to those seen in the main chapters of the series, including the packages. For this reason, I wanted to inform you about the fact that, even in this case, there are methods, actually very simple, to be able to obtain these elements for free.

In any case, as far as this version of the game is concerned, the main advice is simply to finish matches, even letting them "scroll" (the players will move by themselves), in order to obtain the various packages.

In fact, since it is a classic mobile title, there are not many other mechanics to analyze, as everything is much more "smooth" and well defined. The game also in this case "guides" the user, "taking him by the hand" from the beginning.

For the rest, since you usually play the Electronic Arts title, I would advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to FIFA, where you can find many other tutorials dedicated to this series of football video games.

How to get free FIFA packs

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