How to edit a video on your phone

How to edit a video on your phone for free

In the Android and iOS stores, there are numerous applications that allow you to create, manipulate and edit videos completely free of charge. Below I illustrate the operation of those that, in my opinion, are the best of this type.

KineMaster (Android / iOS)

If you are looking for an app for montare i video sul telefono that is simple to use and functional at the same time, you cannot fail to give a chance to KineMaster, app for Android and iOS that allows you to perform various types of manipulations (cropping, adding titles, background tracks, corrective filters and so on) on movies and, if necessary, also to create animated sequences starting from photos and videos already existing.

The free version of KineMaster does not have restrictions on use, but applies a logo to the exported videos; to remove it, you need to subscribe to the Pro version of the app, at a price of € 4,19 / month or € 25,19 / year (with the possibility of a free trial for 7 days).

In any case, using the app is not difficult at all: after installing and starting it, grant the necessary permissions for its operation by replying affirmatively to the warning messages shown, swipe to the left to skip the welcome tutorial, and tap the button Start, to go to the editing section of the app.

Now, if you don't intend to activate a paid subscription, tap the button (X) which is at the top right and then tap the button [+], placed in the center, to start the creation of a new project. Then indicate the video report to use for the movie and wait a few moments for the main editor screen to be shown to you.

As you can see, all the tools useful for the manipulation / creation of the movie are collected in a single screen: the circular toolbar on the right allows you to insert the new clips in the timeline (Media), new background tracks (Audio), new vocal tracks recorded on the fly (Voice) or other superimposed elements (Strato).

To choose items to add to your movie, tap the button Media; if, on the other hand, you are interested in acquiring content in real time, tap on theobiettivo; to manipulate the clip or clips already added to the timeline, touch the respective previews and use the tools displayed on the right sidebar to modify them (acting on speed, graphics, reverse playback, rotation, crop, color and so on). You can play the movie at any time by tapping the button (►) che sta to the center.

When finished, tap the icon sharing, specify the resolution and quality of the movie and, when ready, tap the buttons Export e Salta, to save the video in the phone memory and, if you wish, share it via social network.

inShot (Android / iOS)

If the previous solution was not to your liking, I invite you to consider inShot, a free app for Android and iOS that is able to add filters, audio tracks, text and captions to your movies, as well as perform basic manipulation operations (e.g. cropping, rotations or corrections), using a clear and functional interface.

Before going ahead, however, I would like to specify that the free version of the app is subject to a series of limitations, such as the presence of advertising banners and the insertion of a watermark on the works carried out. These can be bypassed by signing up for a subscription (with prices starting from € 3,09 / month on Android and € 3,99 / month on iOS) but, if you are only interested in removing the watermark, you can do it by watching an advertising video.

In any case, once the app is installed, start it, tap the button Video and, if requested, allow the access permissions to the memory, responding affirmatively to the warnings displayed. Once you have identified the videos to edit, tap the button (✓), to access the main panel of the app dedicated to editing.

As you can see, the main tools of the editor are located immediately below the pane containing the preview of the clip: for each of them, there are additional functions that allow you to further refine the quality of the chosen edit.

When finished, tap the button Save or onshare icon and select the item Save to export the video to the phone memory or, if you deem it appropriate, share it on social networks.

iMovie (iOS)

If your phone is a iPhone, I highly recommend you try iMovie: if you had never heard of it, this is an app developed by Apple that allows you to design new movies and edit existing ones, all thanks to an essential and perfectly organized interface. Please note that the app is usually pre-installed on the devices of the "bitten apple", but can be downloaded for free from the App Store, even for iPad.

After installing iMovie, launch it, tap the buttons starts e Create progetto and, if you are interested in editing an existing video or making a movie from scratch, tap on the item Footage; if, on the other hand, you want to create a new sequence starting from an already available template, tap on the item Trailer. Then, choose the elements to act on from the proposed list and, when you are ready, tap on the item Create film to start working right away.

As I already mentioned in the opening bars of this section, the iMovie interface is as essential as it is practical: to intervene on the imported clips, tap on the relevant previews on the timeline and use the buttons at the bottom to make the changes. that you consider appropriate.

When finished, tap on the item end which is at the top left and, to export the project, save the movie or share it via one of the apps installed on the system, touch the sharing which is located at the bottom. Easier than that?

Other apps to edit a video on your mobile

Do you think the solutions I have shown you so far are more than valid, but would you like to know more about the alternatives available on the Net, so as to find the one that best suits your needs? In that case, I recommend that you consider the app to edit video on mobile which I list below.

  • Magisto (Android / iOS) - this is an application dedicated to those who need to create short montages containing video clips, photos and background music in a short time and without getting lost in excessive customizations. It is free with the possibility of unlocking additional functions (at a cost of € 4,99 / month).
  • Video show (Android / iOS) - is an app that allows you to manipulate existing videos and create new ones from photos and other video clips. The app is free but has some limitations, such as the watermark affixed to the videos created and the ability to save them with a maximum quality of 720p. To remove these limits and access additional filters and content, you need to subscribe to a VIP subscription (with prices starting at € 5,49 / month on Android or € 4,99 / month on iOS).
  • Adobe Premiere Rush (Android / iOS) - is the successor to Adobe Premiere Clip, a well-known video editing application that was retired some time ago. Just like its predecessor, Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to act “deeply” on the structure of movies and clip sequences, applying filters, effects and professional-level modifications. Basically the app is free but, to unlock some features (e.g. saving movies in the phone memory), you need to pay a subscription to the Adobe Cloud service.
  • CyberLink PowerDirector (Android) - this is the "mobile" version of the famous computer program dedicated to video editing, from which it inherits most of the tools and integrated functions. The app is free but applies a watermark when exporting, which can be deleted by purchasing the Pro version, at a price of € 5,99.
  • Pinnacle Studio Pro (iOS) - in my opinion, it is one of the most functional apps dedicated to video manipulation available for the world of the "iPhone by". Just like its desktop counterpart, this app is packed with advanced editing features, which can be applied to single clips or newly created image sequences. It costs € 13,99.
How to edit a video on your phone

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