How to contact Linkem

How to contact Linkem by phone

If you need to contact Linkem by phone, you can take advantage of the various numbers made available by the operator.

First, if you are a private customer and you need technical assistance, you can call the number 800.546.536 from landline or the number 06.94444 from mobile phone; this last numbering, moreover, can also be used to receive information of commercial nature. The call to Linkem customer service is free and the service is active tutti i giorni, from PM08:00 pm PM21:00.

Anyway, after starting the call to the most appropriate numbering, listen carefully to the welcome message voice, then press the button 1 of the phone, if you are already a customer Linkem, and indicates, when requested, the phone number linked to the stipulated contract, followed by the key # (With art. 1234567 #).

If you are not a Linkem customer, you must press the button 2; to receive generic information on the service, finally press the button 3. In any case, once you have reached the most suitable section for your case, follow the instructions of the voice guide and press the button to get in touch with a consultant.

Note that the key combinations to press may change at any time; therefore, I invite you to always pay attention to the instructions that are proposed to you by the guide voice, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and annoying "labyrinths".

If, on the other hand, you are a business customer and you have subscribed to a Linkem offer combined with VAT number, you have to contact the numbering 800.487.078, from a fixed line, or to the numbering 080.8888, from mobile. The working hours are the same already seen for private customer assistance: tutti i giorni, from PM08:00 PM21:00.

How to contact Linkem by email

If you want contact Linkem by email, you will be pleased to know that the operator provides several addresses to contact, based on the type of assistance or information you need. Below you will list them all.

  • - for general information on the service, commercial information or activation of new contracts.
  • - for requests for technical and administrative assistance, information on your contract and requests for any changes to it.
  • - for sending reports or complaints.
  • - to send the form relating to the automatic direct debit or any changes to the reference current account.
  • - for sending payment receipts made, aimed at reactivating any interrupted services or settling any outstanding payments.
  • - for sending withdrawals, cancellations and waivers.

Depending on the type of assistance you requested, when sending the email you may have to indicate your personal data, your contract data and attach self-certifying forms and / or copies of personal documents (especially in the case of cancellations).

Generally, Linkem staff responds to requests within 24 hours after their progress. However, depending on the workload and the period, the times could be shorter or longer.

How to contact Linkem operator via chat

If you need a more immediate solution, you can consider the service of Live Chat made available by Linkem, through which you can make various types of requests: technical assistance, commercial assistance, assistance for new activations, administrative / contractual information and so on.

To be able to use the chat, all you have to do is connect to the home page of the Linkem site and press the button depicting a comic, generally placed in the lower right corner; then answer the questions asked byvirtual assistant, indicating whether or not you are a Linkem customer and specifying the type of information you need.

Following each indication provided, you will have the opportunity to receive automatic and dedicated assistance from the virtual manager; if, on the other hand, you prefer to speak directly to an operator, type the sentence "I want to speak to an operator" within the text field Type a message, answer affirmatively to the next warning and wait for a real operator to respond to your request.

When this happens, explain in detail the problem you encountered or the information you need; if necessary, you can send any files by clicking on the symbol of clip, attached to the chat window. Once the communication with the operator is complete, press the button for end the chat and choose if send a transcript of the conversation, indicating yours when requested email address.

Linkem's chat service is always free and it works tutti i giorni; virtual assistant is available 24 hours on 24, while it is possible to receive support from human operators only from PM08:00 PM21:00.

How to contact Linkem assistance via social media

Alternatively, you can contact Linkem assistance also through social networks Facebook e Twitter. If you prefer to use Facebook, open the browser you usually use from your computer, connect to the platform home page and log in with your credentials; from smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, install theFacebook app (available for Android, iOS and iPadOS) and log into your account.

Once this is done, select this link to quickly reach the Linkem Facebook page, press the button Send a message and, if requested, proceed with the installation of the Messenger app for Android, iOS and iPadOS; subsequently, type your message concerning your request, send it and wait for an operator to answer you.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use Twitter, you must first connect to the main page of the service and access your social profile or, if you use a smartphone or tablet, start the app dedicated to the service (available for Android, also on alternative stores, and iOS and iPadOS) and log in to your profile.

Next, hit the button for Compose a new tweet and address a new message to the account @LinkemSpa, indicating, in broad terms, what your problem is; avoid entering personal information, as it is a public message and, consequently, can be viewed by anyone.

Within a few minutes, you should receive a response from Linkem, which may invite you to continue communicating via direct messages, so that we can provide you with targeted assistance (and obtain confidential information if necessary).

Other methods of contacting Linkem support

As an alternative to the options I have proposed so far, you can contact Linkem assistance also through fax, by sending requests, forms and receipts to the numbers made available by the operator: 080.5622084, for general information; 080.5622085, for contractual changes or administrative information; 080.5622087, for sending the forms relating to direct debit; 080.5622086, for reports or complaints; 080.5622089, for sending receipts relating to payments and / or outstanding payments; 080.5622090, for sending withdrawal, termination or waiver forms.

Furthermore, if you do not intend to speak directly with an operator but would still like to receive information to try to solve the problem independently, you can use the virtual assistant made available by the operator (which I told you about a few chapters ago), or visit the Linkem support web page, where you can find a huge amount of guides and FAQs relating to different categories: Technical Support, Contracts and Forms, Business information e Administrative information.

How to contact Linkem

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