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Before getting to the heart of the matter and explaining, concretely, how contact Amazon Logistic, it seems only right to provide you with some general information regarding the operation of the shipping service in question.

First, you need to know that Amazon Logistics is Amazon's official courier and makes deliveries from Monday to Saturday, from 08:30 to 21:00 (The times, however, are indicative and may vary in some areas, times of the year or based on the shipping option chosen).

If no one is present at the time of delivery, the Amazon Logistics courier will, when possible, leave the package in the mailbox. Otherwise or, in any case, if the delivery is not successful at the first attempt, a second delivery attempt it will be carried out automatically on the next working day up to a maximum of 3 attempts. On the third unsuccessful attempt, the expedition will be placed in stock for 72 hours before being returned to the Amazon fulfillment center.

For further details, you can refer to the information page dedicated to couriers and shipments annexed to the section Customer service and assistance of the Amazon site and that dedicated specifically to Amazon Logistic.

As for the traceability of the shipment, practically the same rules apply as for all the other couriers that Amazon can rely on. So, from the Web you just need to access the section my orders after placing the mouse pointer on the you don't know at the top right, then you need to identify the order you are interested in receiving tracking information and click on the relevant button Track my package.

From an app for smartphones and tablets, however, you have to press the button with the three lines horizontally at the top left, select the item my orders from the menu that opens and press on the order you want to monitor. For more information, contact my guide on how to track an Amazon package.

Contact Amazon Logistic

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally get to the heart of the matter and go, therefore, to find out how to get in touch with Amazon Logistic. As anticipated at the beginning, it is possible to succeed in the enterprise both from Web, by connecting to the Amazon website, which through theofficial application of the service available for smartphones and tablets. If you want, you can also get in touch with Amazon Logistic via phone.

In all cases, keep in mind the fact that, being Amazon Logistic a courier managed directly by Amazon, getting in touch with the latter is essentially the same as contacting the customer service of the ecommerce giant. Having said that, let's find out immediately how to proceed.


If you intend to contact Amazon Logistic via the website of Amazon, the first fundamental step you must take is to connect to its home page and, if necessary, access your account by placing the mouse pointer on the item Hello Login, Accounts and Lists (located at the top right) and pressing the button Log in, in the menu that opens. Then type in your login data in the appropriate fields on the screen and click once again on the button Log in.

Then click on the button Hello [your name], Accounts and lists (top right), select the wording My Account and, on the new page that opened, click on the options Help e Contact us. In the new page that has opened, select the tab An order placed (should already be selected), select the order of your interest (by default the last one should be selected, but if you want you can choose the one you are interested in by clicking on the button Select another order and choosing the one you want to get help for). Then, use the drop-down menu attached to the section Tell us more about your problem, under the option corresponding to the reason why you want to contact Amazon Fulfillment.

Then use the additional drop-down menu that appears on the screen to provide further details about your problem by selecting the correct option, then choose the contact system you prefer from those found in the section How would you like to contact us? appeared lower.

Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose, by clicking on the relevant button, to contact Amazon and its courier by telephone (Telephone), by e-mail (E-mail) or via chat (Chat).

If you clicked the button Telephone, type your phone number in the empty field Your number and click sul bottone call me now, to be contacted immediately by customer service.

If, on the other hand, you clicked on the button E-mail, fill in the box at the bottom by typing the additional information relating to your problem or doubt (you can help you with the examples already reported inside), then press the button Send. Your message will therefore be forwarded to Amazon and within a short time you will receive an answer by e-mail.

If you pressed the button Chat, type your message in the empty field that you find in the new window that has opened on the screen, under the heading How can I help you today?, then click on the button Start Chat. After that, the chat session will start and within a few moments you will be able to interact with Amazon customer service.


You can also contact Amazon Logistic using theWhatsapp of the famous e-commerce site available for Android / iOS / iPadOS. To do this, first of all install and start the application by tapping on the relevant icon that you find on the home screen of your device (if you have not already done so), then log in to your account (if necessary) by filling in the fields affixed that are shown to you on the screen and by tapping on the buttons Continue e Log in.

Now, press the button with the three lines horizontally placed at the top left, tap on the item Costumer Services from the menu that opens and then on the wording Contact us found at the bottom of the new screen displayed.

Now choose how to get in touch with customer service by tapping on the item Contact customer service by e-mail (to contact customer service by e-mail) or on that Call Customer Service (to contact customer service by phone) at the top and, on the next screen, presses on the wording An order I placed.

Further specify the reason why you wish to contact Amazon and its courier by pressing one of the options below the item My question is about, select the reference order from the list that will open and press the button Continue to customer service which appears automatically.

At this point, if you had chosen to contact Amazon by phone, type your phone number in the appropriate empty field and tap the button call me now to receive a call from customer care.

If, on the other hand, you had chosen to contact the customer service of the e-commerce giant via email, fill in the box below the item Provide more information explaining in detail the reasons behind your contact and click on the button Send email. Afterward, Amazon will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

In case of further doubts or problems

Have you followed my instructions on how to contact Amazon Logistic in detail, but is there something that is not yet clear to you or some hitch has arisen in the course of work that you could not cope with? Given the circumstances, the best suggestion I can give you is without a doubt to go to the dedicated section of the Amazon site support and assistency and try to search among the various solutions available the one that seems to be more similar to your situation.

To do this, just click on category reference at the top of the site and subsequently on topics available or on direct links to the most popular questions and difficulties at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can do a direct search via keyword, by typing those of reference in the appropriate field under the heading Search the help library which is at the bottom and giving then Submit on the keyboard.

You can also contact the customer care  of Amazon, as already seen together in the previous lines for Amazon Fulfillment, and ask for help using phone, chat or e-mail or, again, go Twitter. For more details on how to contact Amazon for matters not directly related to Amazon Fulfillment, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to contact Amazon.

How to contact Amazon Logistic

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