How to call Vodafone from TIM

How to contact Vodafone by telephone from the TIM line

If you want call Vodafone from TIM, you need to dial the number 800 100 195 from a mobile phone or TIM landline and follow the instructions for the automatic service. There are three options to choose from: by pressing the button 1 you can request the transfer of your current line to Vodafone by pressing 2 you can request assistance for a Vodafone mobile phone while pressing on 3 you can request assistance for a Vodafone landline.

How to call Vodafone from TIM

If you have one Vodafone mobile phone and you want to get in touch with an operator after pressing the button 2 type the number for which you intend to request assistance and choose if block your SIM following the theft / loss of the phone or if speak to an operator to receive technical assistance. At the time of writing, the key to request the SIM lock is the 3 while the one to talk to an operator is the 4, but the combinations are often subject to variation. Follow the instructions of the voice guide if you want to avoid mistakes.

Have you got a Vodafone landline? In this case, if you want to get in touch with an operator you must enter the number 3, after which you have to dial the number for which you wish to receive assistance (followed by the key #) and you must follow the instructions of the recorded voice. Waiting times may vary based on the workload operators need to clear before accepting your call.

Operators are available every day from the 08.00 22.00 (during the night it is only possible to report the theft / loss of a device and request the consequent blocking of the SIM), the call is paid according to your rate plan.

How to contact Vodafone via the Internet

If you don't feel like wasting time on telephone support services, you can also contact Vodafone over the Internet. How? But obviously using the operator's social channels.


Su Facebook, you can request technical assistance from Vodafone by connecting to the Vodafone It page and clicking on the button Message you see at the top right. A box will open in which you will have to write the message to be delivered to the operator: try to briefly illustrate the problem encountered on your line (or to express your doubts regarding offers / promotions in progress) and provide the number for which you require support.

The Vodafone assistance service should contact you within a few hours directly via Facebook, helping you (at least hopefully!) To dispel all your doubts.

How to call Vodafone from TIM


Prefer to use Twitter? No problem. If you compose a new tweet mentioning the @VodafoneIT account at the beginning of the message, you can request assistance from Vodafone also on this social network. Given the limit of 280 characters you will have to be "very brief" in exposing your problem. DO NOT enter your mobile number or other private data in the tweet as it will be publicly visible.

The operator will shortly add you to his contacts and invite you to contact him via direct messages (therefore via private messages) to dispel all your doubts and / or solve all your problems. In direct messages there is no limit of 280 characters, so you can expose your doubts in a more complete way.

How to call Vodafone from TIM

Vodafone website and app

Do not forget, then, to consult the “Support” section of the site where you can find answers to the most frequent questions asked by users to Vodafone operators. If your problem falls within one of the cases examined by the site, you could avoid wasting time by contacting Vodafone directly by phone or via the Internet.

The same information can also be found in the app My Vodafone available free for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. The application works even if a Vodafone SIM is not installed on the phone, just access it using the username and Password of your Vodafone account. If you have not yet created a Vodafone account, create it by pressing the appropriate entry in the application or on the Vodafone website.

Once logged in, to receive assistance from the My Vodafone app, press the ad icon hamburger located at the top right (≡), selects the items Assistance and support> Need help? from the bar that appears on the side and choose one of the topics provided by the online support service (eg. Active offers, Ho finito i Giga and so on).

How to call Vodafone from TIM

If you have subscribed to a Vodafone SMART plan, you can take advantage of a dedicated assistance service through which chat with a Vodafone operator via the operator's website or via the My Vodafone app. The plans of the SMART line are as follows.

  • Vodafone UNLIMITED
  • Summer Smart 500
  • Smart 350 Limited Edition
  • Vodafone Special
  • Smart 100
  • Smart 100+
  • Smart 500
  • Smart 200
  • Smart 200 New
  • Smart 350
  • Smart 200+
  • Smart 250
  • Vodafone Square Smart
  • Smart Zero Limits
  • Mobile Internet

If you want to know more about the procedure for chatting with a Vodafone operator, consult my tutorial dedicated to the topic (just choose a topic from the Support section of the app or site and request further assistance via chat).

How to call Vodafone from TIM

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