Hogwarts Legacy: where to find the werewolf hidden room

Hogwarts Legacy: where to find the werewolf hidden room

There are wizards and witches at Hogwarts Legacy who can transform into any animal at will. They are known as animagi..

Meanwhile, there are also some humans who can transform into a human-wolf hybrid whenever there is a full moon; These are the Wolfman.

At this time, we still need to know if there are werewolves in the game or if your character can have this ability.

interesting, yes a room full of information about werewolvesand we'll show you where it is.

Werewolf Hidden Room Location

To reach this hidden room, start from fast travel to Bell Tower Yard Flying Flame.

Opposite Flying Flame, turn right, up the first flight of stairs and through the door. After that, go down the stairs to the left to reach the hogwarts castle dungeons.

In the dungeons you will find a massive tapestry with a large shield with the letter K. The shield is actually a hidden door.

Walk towards it to open the door and find a corridor and another door that will lead you to the werewolf's hidden room.

here you will find a werewolf statue vamos tapestries on the wall of the room.

You can also find another similar tapestry with a K on it. However, you cannot go through it, but using Revelio will reveal a Field Guide Page for Werewolf Saga Tapestries.

Finally, you can find a chest in the right corner of the room. This is just one of the hidden rooms that you can discover in Hogwarts Castle.

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