Hogwarts Legacy: How to earn money (gold) fast

Hogwarts Legacy's internal economy is limited in terms of purchases, but also generous enough: this is how you can get it off the ground.


Hogwarts Legacy has many shops to visit in Hogsmeade and you will inevitably need a lot of money to be able to pay for the recipes for the potions, brooms, power-ups and other items that will be available to you, many of them necessary for progression, if not very useful.

How to earn gold quickly | Hogwarts Legacy -

Luckily, making money isn't too difficult in Hogwarts Legacy: gold will drop from every defeated enemy, but – if you want to buy everything – you'll have to earn money much quicker. For everything you need to earn fast money in Hogwarts Legacy, read on for our guide.

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chests with one eye

One-eyed chests are scattered all over the world, inside houses, shops, Hogwarts, caves and forests, everywhere. The only problem is that they won't open unless you're invisible. Fortunately, you'll be able to learn a spell to make yourself invisible early in the game, and you'll be able to create invisibility potions for even better effects later on. Almost all eye chests contain 500 gold, which is a nice boost to your wallet. To open chests with the Hogwarts Legacy eye, read our guide.

holiday fair

You'll be able to sell animals for a surprisingly large amount, and once you have the Room of Requirement and a variety of nurseries, you'll be able to raise animals in addition to the ones you catch. You can sell your precious pets at the Fair of Fairs for some extra money.

The equipment

You will have limited space in your inventory for equipment and the only options to get more space is to destroy or sell the items inside. So it's a good thing that most shops buy your gear, and pay you a uniform price. Just be sure to sell any pieces of equipment with worse stats than what you're already using.

Open your store

Well, there is a store that offers slightly better prices, and that is yours. Going far enough into the game, a side quest will allow you to open an actual shop, and you can sell your items here for a 10% bonus compared to other shops. Once you've unlocked it, be sure to stop by and sell your items here regularly.

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