Convert the photo into a video game avatar

If until a few years ago to create yourself you had to draw from scratch with complicated programs or with virtual games like Second Life, without ever being able to make your face identical to the real one.
All this becomes possible thanks to the implementation of advanced image manipulation technologies based on Artificial Intelligence that transform photography into an almost alive and very realistic digital figure.

To convert a photo into an avatar, the best way is by using your smartphone. You can then create an avatar to use as an emoji in chats or as a profile picture for Whatsapp, Facebook and other apps. We have already seen several apps that can do this:
- You can create an avatar with Facebook starting from your own image.
- You can use the Google GBoard app to create Emoji with our face.
- The Bitmoji app, to turn photos into Emoji with our face.
- Zepeto, to create an Animoji on Android with our face.
- More apps to create avatars of myself on Android and iPhone
If we are going to use a PC and we want a real video game avatar that has our face, usable not only to have fun or to have a digitized profile photo, but also to create virtual characters that resemble us to use for commercial purposes or to create videos, there are still many other websites and web applications, some of them free to use:
- Sites to turn a photo into a cartoon, including Toonify, a web app that converts the photo into a character from Pixar animated films.
- Photoface, in an online demo version, allows you to create a 3D animated avatar from a photo of your face and with your own voice.
-, to become a Virtual 3D Avatar from the photo.
- LoomieApp, to appear in a videoconference with a 3D avatar
- Althea, to create animated videos with photos, avatars and voices of themselves.
- MP-Change to animate your face in a photo, which allows you to recreate himself, like in an animated film.
Finally, interesting and similar are also the apps that create DeepFake videos with our face and the sites to put your face in a video instead of the protagonist.

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