Best realistic, 3D, free ski game for PC, Android and iPhone: Ski Challenge

    Best realistic, 3D, free ski game for PC, Android and iPhone: Ski Challenge There is a 3D ski game really nice, available for all platforms, PC e mobile and most importantly completely free.
    Is called Ski Challenge come to version 15 (version 20 on Android), a real one Free ski simulator with excellent and very realistic graphics. You compete against other players on the ski slopes of the world championship with the aim of becoming first in the standings in each race. There is also the World Cup mode, with new races available every month, from Val Gardena to Bormio and then also Kitsbuhel, Wengen, Garmisch, Val D'Isere and Sochi, the best free runs in the world.

    As can be seen from the trailer above, Ski Challenge it has really well done graphics, with tracks drawn in a realistic and detailed way, more or less faithfully reconstructed. The camera is positioned behind the skier and you have to turn during the descent to make the shortest trajectory without puncturing the doors or crashing. As mentioned above, it can play Ski Challenge on PC, for Windows e Android
    All versions are free and without limitation.

    Ski Challenge is a high quality ski racing simulation where it is possible virtually 3D skiing on slopes all over the world.
    For each race you can also choose the weather conditions so you can choose whether to ski while it snows or with the sun.
    At first you can sign up for the game (but you can also play without registration just for training) e customize your skier choosing the color of the suit, skis and helmet.
    Before every race you must also prepare your skis, choosing whether to make them faster by increasing the wax or to improve them in cornering (carving) or braking (edges).
    You can then compete for the World Cup, challenging other players and officially ranking in the game's world raking.
    You can also choose to play alone in offline mode, for training. For each track it is required first to qualify and then to go to the official race. The controls in Ski Challenge are very simple and on PC just use the arrow keys to turn, the up key to go faster and the down key to brake. On tablets and smartphones you can play by orienting the screen left and right with your hands, but you can also change the control mode in the options. There are also two types of shots, in first person, in full 3D or in third person seeing the skier from behind.

    The possibility of compete against other competitors and above all that of win real prizes it is probably one of the most interesting elements of the game that makes it ultra competitive although after a few games it can be monotonous. The level of realism is ensured by the graphics and the fact that the tracks are reproduced almost faithfully. The controls seem easy, but when the speed increases it's not that easy to stand on your skis and not crash.

    Ski Challenge is a wonderful game, definitely the best of skiing, multi-platform, free and very competitive, highly recommended to everyone.
    As mentioned above, you can play online or you can download free Ski Challenge for Windows, in the mobile version for Android.
    See you on the slopes!

    Best realistic, 3D, free ski game for PC, Android and iPhone: Ski Challenge

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