App to swap faces in a photo: FaceSwap

Among the funniest apps are those that they take a photo and swap people's faces. This photomontage operation, called Face Swap o Face exchange, it might seem complex, while in reality it can be achieved very easily thanks to some smartphone applications that allow you to instantly swap faces in photos.
So you can putting one person's face on another's body standing in the same photo and making even hilarious photomontages.
Using face detection or facial recognition technology, the app is able to find all faces in a photo, crop them, and automatically swap faces on the fly. In this article we see the best apps to swap faces in photos on iPhone, iPad, Android.

1) The app FaceSwap for Android and for iPhone, free, you can use it easily and just touch with your finger, enlarge and position faces perfectly by swapping the body. New photos with swapped faces can be saved to the camera or shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly from the application. FaceSwap works not too well in dark photos or in images where the face of one of the two is not frontal.

2) Face Swap Live (for iPhone and Android) is unquestionably the best face-to-photo swap application out there, as it allows you to swap faces in real time on the camera, taking a selfie with another person. Face Swap Live can also use images saved in the gallery. In addition, the application that also allows you to record videos with swapped faces.

3) Recover is a FaceSwap app for Android and iPhone that is applied to ready-made videos or clips taken from famous movies. For example, you can put your face in place of Johgn Travolta's in Pulp Fiction or in the Captain America movie. The result is really great and realistic, a lot of fun to share.
4) Between so many things you can do with Snapchat, there is also the very funny Face Swap among the live effects of his camera. The face swap feature is found among the various Snapchat masks and effects. You can record a clip by holding down the shutter button or tap it once to take a photo.

5) Face Swap Booth, free for Android and for iPhone and iPad is an excellent application for swapping faces in photos also using those of famous actors and parts of their faces. The application also offers advanced editing tools, fun masks and other advanced features. For example, you can choose someone else's eyes and put them on another face.

6) MixBooth for Android and iPhone does not swap faces in photos, but merges the faces of two people to create one. It is also possible to create a face with the faces of strangers or celebrities.

MSQRD, the app to mask and transform face in photos and videos it also has the face swap function, Live in real time, without having to upload photos.

FaceSwap is also a free application for Windows 10 developed directly by Microsoft Reaserch. On Windows Phone the Swap works well, as long as the photo is well lit and with the faces of the two people to be swapped front and not blurry.

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