Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather Forecast

Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather Forecast On Android phones and tablets there is often a weather app provided by the manufacturer, capable of showing temperatures and weather forecasts with a good level of accuracy. If this app isn't as accurate as we hoped, we can always find the one that meets every need, that is precise, beautiful to look at, and that provides current temperatures and weather conditions for your location and reliable weather forecasts to know what the weather will be like in the next few years. days.

In the guide that follows we will show you the best weather app for android to download on your phone, so you can get all the information on the weather forecast for the days to come, check the trend of temperatures and prevent any large-scale events (gusts of wind or storms).

Like all the apps in this category, the weather apps also work by taking advantage of the location of the phone, so as to be able to show the weather for the city or the area in which we are at that precise moment. When the warning appears, therefore, do not worry and confirm the permission for geolocation, trying (when possible) to assign the permission only when the app is active in the foreground, to prevent the localization from being activated when the app is not open. .

3B Weather

The first weather app that we recommend you try on Android is 3B Weather.
Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather Forecast
Using this app, one of the most reliable in weather forecasts, we will get a renewed, simple and functional graphic interface to consult the daily and hourly weather forecasts. The app also contains videos, satellite maps, a real-time radar for incoming clouds and precipitation, a webcam service from various city locations, photos based on current weather forecasts and widgets to apply to one of the screens. home.

the weather

Another very reliable weather app for Android devices is Meteo - by Meteo.icom.
Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather Forecast
By focusing on this app we will be able to obtain weather information for all cities, with the addition of a customizable weather widget, an advanced radar system for rainfall and a screen to get forecasts up to 3 days; among its additional functions we point out the screen for marine forecasts, the presence of animated wallpapers, a weather comparison system for two different locations, the screen for earthquakes and the real-time notification system.


If we travel a lot abroad or have to reach an EU or non-EU country, we advise you to focus on the app Weather Forecast: AccuWeather, available for free from the Google Play Store.
Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather ForecastAccuWeather">
With this app we can get accurate forecasts for the main cities and for any city in the world, with information up to 5 days from today's date. Among its features we also point out the humidity monitoring system, the allergy monitoring system, the screen with the satellite view of clouds and precipitation, the day-to-day temperature monitoring and the COVID-19 infection monitoring screen. for every area of ​​the world.


If you want to get accurate weather information we can focus on the app WeatherBug, available from the Google Play Store.
Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather ForecastWeatherBug">
With WeatherBug you can see information about the forecast for every hour, for 7 days. The application provides real-time alerts in case of bad weather, has an animated radar and a satellite view and also the ability to see webcams in order to check the weather in distant places. Weatherbug can therefore be considered the most detailed weather app for Android only that has the problem of being only in English and not providing some of the features in the territory. Furthermore, advertising is quite invasive on the screen. WeatherBug isn't even the fastest app to navigate and feels a bit heavy, especially when run in lower-end smartphones. Few and small widgets for the WeatherBug screen.

More weather apps for Android

The apps marked above are among the most popular, but not necessarily the best for Android: the store is really full of accurate and detailed weather apps, some with more beautiful widgets, others with sparse interfaces but precise information. To find other alternatives to the apps seen above (which are even better even if less known) just take a look at the bulleted list below:
  • MyRadar Weather Radar, a truly complete, easy to use, yet powerful app that displays animated weather radar around your current location and a satellite view of city and worldwide weather conditions.
  • One of the best more technical meteorology apps is Windy which we have reported as the one to control the intensity of winds, waves, snow and rain in real time.
  • Weather Today: This app provides information on current weather conditions and forecasts with a simple and clear interface. Obviously it contains all the information on actual temperature, humidity, visibility, dew point, air pressure, wind speed and much more.
  • Weather Underground: Another very effective app for displaying exact weather information for the place where you are, with the greatest possible accuracy. It also allows you to check the status of the weather in a large number of different weather stations around and is perfect for knowing what the weather is like in a place where you are going.
  • Yahoo Weather- Weather app closest to the default iPhone app, providing an overview of the day's weather conditions in the local area. In a single screen you can see the time of sunrise and sunset, the real temperature, the perceived one, the barometer, the visibility, the dew point, the humidity. The nicest thing is that a panoramic photo of your current location appears and stays in the background. Unfortunately, the Yahoo app, not recommended, has no widgets and does not allow you to deepen the forecasts for the following days, always referring to the website on the browser, which is very inconvenient.
  • NOAA Weather Radar Live: one of the best apps to track multiple locations at the same time and know the weather conditions you are in. The app allows you to highlight your favorite places, search for a particular location by name or pinpoint the location on a map to find the weather forecast for a specific area. The free version of the app uses animated images in real time, showing precipitation, rain and cloud cover.
  • Aeronautics Weather: app of military origin useful for viewing the weather report for all cities and receiving warnings in case of dangerous events. It also provides the widget to keep the forecast fixed on the screen.
  • Animated 3D weather: app for those who want something nice to see, with the weather conditions described by animations that signal wind, rain or other atmospheric phenomena.
  • Meteo Live: very functional weather app, with weather reports accompanied by photos to actually see what the weather is like. The forecast shows current temperatures, precipitation information, sunrise and sunset times and other information, with a 7-day forecast and an hourly forecast for 24 hours. The strong point is definitely the widget, to keep the weather forecast always in view on the phone screen.
  • FlowX- One of the coolest weather apps to look at, with forecast charts and weather maps presented in an animated scrolling timeline. Flowx can display a variety of data, such as precipitation, clouds, and wind direction, with reliable and consistently accurate data from NWS / NOAA and Environment Canada.
  • Appy Weather: Minimal weather app with basic functionality, no extra tools, ideal for those who want a simple and straightforward weather app.
  • Weather Apex: Nice and clean weather app, which shows the current weather, a weather radar, a 7 day forecast, weather alerts and allows you to monitor multiple cities at the same time. In addition, daily weather news is provided in the notifications. The app also has a selection of weather widgets as add-ons.

If so far we haven't found the perfect weather app yet, we can try one or two of the apps above, so as to choose the best one for our Android devices.


A weather app must first of all be precise and the apps that we have reported to you in this guide tend to be all very precise, even for those who live in small towns or move often from one city to another. Most of the apps indicated have advertisements in the interface, which we can remove by paying for the premium version of the app (however optional).

Always on the same topic we can read our guides that tells us when it rains and for how much with forecasts per minute e YoWindow to find out what the weather is like on the Android animated wallpaper.

Best Weather App for Android with Temperatures and Weather Forecast

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