100 Best Free Android Games to Download on Smartphone

    100 Best Free Android Games to Download on Smartphone In this article we see a nice summary of the best free games for android, to download from the Google Play Store and to install on any smartphone or tablet, for hours and hours of play, relaxation, pastime, adrenaline, challenges with other players, adventures, action, puzzles and much more. These are games compatible with almost all Android phones (Huawei, Honor, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, etc.), which you can download from Google Play and install on your mobile without spending a penny. In particular, on Google Play for Android you can find many of those highly addictive games, brain teaser games, puzzles and even some engaging multiplayer to play with your mobile phone connected to the internet.

    In this magnificent list from bestresourcesnow.com, we see the 100 best free touchscreen android mobile games which otherwise would also be difficult to find within the Android market, which is not exactly easy to consult. All the games in the list can be downloaded and installed immediately on your Android mobile phone, from the Google Play Apps site, after checking compatibility and registration.


    1) Paradise Island: This fun free game on Android's Google Play is just right for summer for people who love the sea, the sun and the beaches. You can build your own holiday island and try to attract tourists to make money. It is a game management where you can create the Casino, the Hotel, the entertainment center, the restaurant and the disco to entertain tourists.

    2) Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Friends and the latest episodes of the series: Android.
    This game needs no introduction, you throw the birds with the slingshot to destroy the buildings occupied by the pigs and kill them. Angry Birds can be downloaded for free for Android and, after finishing it, you can play Angry Birds Rio, an extension of the original game with other additional levels and also Angry Birds FRiends, always free. All inclusive there are so many levels to play that it will take at least a month to finish them all.

    3) Sonic the Hedgehog is the original game from Sega, one of the most celebrated and fastest platformers of all time.

    4) Call Of Duty per Android, the best first person shooter game, where war seems real and to be faced with team strategy.

    5) Bubble Blast 2 is another of the most downloaded games in the world by owners of Android smartphones. It is a puzzle game where you have to burst bubbles and trigger a chain reaction to eliminate all those on the screen.

    6) AlphaBetty Saga where to find words, the old Nokia game now also available for Android in the revamped version.

    7) Fruit Ninja is an award-winning game where you can cut fruit.

    8) Live Holdem Poker Pro and the Texas Holdem Poker online to play against other real people connected with the mobile phone. The game is free until all the chips obtained for free are used up.

    9) Jewels Legends is the modern remake of a video game classic, the puzzle where you have to line up the jewels to make them disappear. The graphics are very good and clean and the game is very fast.

    10 ) Mouse Trap is another very addictive puzzle game where you have to guide a mouse to the exit inside a maze, moving the blocks with your finger. There are 1200 levels that require an absurd amount of patience, skill and logic.

    11 ) Little alchemy is the little chemist's game, with four fundamental elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air to combine to obtain new elements. A nice fun pastime with no predefined goals.
    If you like it, there's Little Alchemy 2 too.

    12 ) Tank Hero is a 3D action game only for the most powerful touchscreen phones with Android.
    Yes of a war to be fought with cannon shots with tanks.

    13 ) Cooking Mama the cooking game

    14 ) Robo Defense Free is a fantastic defense game (tower defense style) available in a free version limited to a single map.

    15 ) Air Control is the game where you have to manage the air traffic like a flight attendant, trying to land planes without crashing them, tracing the path with his finger.

    16 ) Drag Racing is a car racing game where you compete to release the clutch better and go faster on the straight. It's all about changing gears at the right time.

    17 ) Glow Hockey is that fun game in theaters, where i two players they have to score each other by using a knob and throwing the puck by hitting it. It is played on the mobile screen by moving your fingers.

    18 ) Labyrint is a beautiful game where you have to orient the screen of the mobile so as to slide the ball from one side of the maze to the other, avoiding it falling into the holes.

    19 ) Pinball Deluxe is the best Pinball for Android, free; alternatively there is Pinball, another cute pinball machine.

    20 ) Zombie Tsunami is a very successful game where you have to infect humans by playing as zombies. The game has continuous horizontal scrolling and very fun and beautiful children's graphics.

    21 ) Four in a Row it would be the classic Force 4.

    22 ) Open Sudoku it's a great puzzle Sudoku per Android.

    23 ) Fruit slice is a game where you have to cut the fruits that fall with your finger.

    24 ) Chess free are chess, for fans.

    25 ) NinJa Race e Daddy jump are other fun games where you have to jump on the platforms.

    26 ) Lonely il solitary with cards you play for free on your Android mobile.

    27 ) 2 Player Reactor is a beautiful game for two players with riddles and quizzes of intelligence and reflexes.

    28 ) Bridge Construction Simulator very well done, realistic bridge building game.

    29 ) TRANSFORMERS: fighters, role-playing game with lots of action and, above all, with Transformers characters.

    30 ) SHADOWGUN: DeadZone: Beautiful 3D multiplayer and online FPS game.

    31 ) Super stickman Golf 2 is the best game of Golf, where you have to throw the ball into the hole.
    Bello is also Super Stickman Golf 1 for older mobile phones.

    32 ) Gravity Project: beautiful 3D arcade game where you have to run, jump and avoid traps by engaging your reflexes, without falling.

    33 ) Nyan cat is the game of the space kitten whose famous jingle can be heard.

    34 ) PUBG, the number two of the Battle Royale shooter games, to be played on Android smartphones for free.

    35 ) Radiant Defense, a bright and cheerful Tower Defense game that, once you start playing, keeps you glued to your Android phone or tablet

    36 ) Dead Trigger instead it is a shooter against zombies, free in 3D with great graphics and excellent gameplay.

    37 ) The Sims Mobile is the original game of the famous Sims in which to create avatars and houses to let them live and grow freely.

    38 ) JetPack JoyRide is a fun free game for Android where a little man runs and jumps avoiding obstacles, never stopping. The goal is to go as far as possible.

    39 ) Bad Piggies, the green pig game from Angry Birds, free for Android and really fun and engaging, all of ingenuity and intelligence.

    40 ) Major Mayhem is an extremely fun free game in which you have to shoot at targets by pointing them with your finger without making a mistake.

    41 ) Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based skill game where you have to make a jeep car walk, with 2D horizontal scrolling, without having it overturned or covered up.

    42 ) Animal Crossing, the Nintendo DS Camping Simulator.

    43 ) ZOOKEEPER BATTLE is a puzzle game where you have to match animals that are alike.

    44 ) Subway Surfers is the typical running game where you have to avoid obstacles.

    45 ) Vineyard Valley, nice furniture game, where you have to make the right combinations.
    46 ) The Simpsons is the game of the famous television series with all the characters of the cartoon and with Homer who has to rebuild the city of Springfield.

    47 ) SmashIt best arcade game of 2014

    48 ) Soccer stars where to score with billiard shots in multiplayer games.

    49 ) Tacticool, 5 vs 5 team shooter game, with top view, very competitive.

    50 ) BadLand is a wonderful game where you move a pet along a path full of obstacles, making it jump and fly. The graphics are among the most accurate while the gameplay made this the game of the year in 2015.

    51 ) Snake, the old Nokia game now also available for Android in the revamped version.

    52 ) PacMan 265 with infinite mazes.

    53 ) Agario, the game of the year 2015, the old Nokia game now also available for Android in the revamped version.

    54 ) Slitherio, the successor of Agario, from 2016.

    55 ) Pokemon GO, the augmented reality game.

    56 ) Clash Royale, strategy and card game

    57 ) Hearthstone, great RPG game of collectible cards, heroes and multiplayer battles.

    58 ) Golf Battle, a very fun Golf challenge, in multiplayer and with simulated matches against players from all over the world, where you will have to get the ball into the hole with a single shot.

    59 ) Red Ball 4, where we will have to move a red ball through an obstacle course through various levels.

    60 ) Fastlane: High Speed, spectacular driving game where you will have to win heavy gunshot races.

    61 ) Power painter, puzzle game where we will have to color the path using various colored cannons.

    62 ) Jump Ball Blast, where the goal is to shoot higher than all with more and more powerful cannons (unlockable).

    63 ) Buddy toss, a very simple game where we will have to throw a person into the air to higher and higher heights, with increasingly strong and skilled throwers.

    64 ) Block Puzzle, game very similar to Tetris in dynamics.

    65 ) New Star Manager, to become manager of a football team and bring it to success.

    66 ) DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE, Dragon Ball Z game with all the characters released in manga and anime.

    67 ) Lords Mobile: Kingdom War: a nice strategy and war game where you can defeat the enemy army.

    68 ) Home Landscapes: a fun puzzle and intrigue game at home.

    69 ) Gardenscapes: very similar to the previous one, only this time the setting is in the backyard.

    70 ) Toon blast: puzzle game for the enjoyment of the little ones.

    71 ) Farm Heroes Saga: game similar to Candy Crush Saga but with fruit and vegetables as protagonists.

    72 ) Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: for all Harry Potter fans, a really well done game with all the references to the famous movie saga and books.

    73 ) Fallout Shelter: a nice strategy game where we will have to manage an anti-atomic bunker by feeding and satisfying all the needs of the occupants and defending ourselves from mutated creatures.

    74 ) Was robots: war between huge robots in this strategic shooter.

    75 ) Online Soccer Manager: Become the manager of your favorite football team and lead them to the victory of leagues and cups.

    76 ) Helix Jump: puzzle game where we will have to make the ball bounce correctly in all planes.

    77 ) 8 Ball Pool: a very fun game to play for all billiards lovers.

    78 ) Battlelands royale: a pitched battle to be played both offline and online with friends.

    79 ) CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars: an arena where we will have to fight the mini robots we built.

    80 ) score! Hero: Follow a player's career by scoring decisive goals with the touch of your finger.

    81 ) Sniper 3D Assassin: game where you play the role of a professional sniper, who has to take out all his targets in one shot.

    82 ) Bubble Shooter: famous game in which we will have to hit the balls of the same color to remove them before they come down.

    83 ) Street Racing 3D: Racing game with great graphics.

    84 ) Farming Simulator: an agriculture simulator, where we will have to take care of the fields and gardens.

    85 ) Skillz: beautiful logic games to test our mind.

    86 ) SimCity BuildIt: build your perfect city by managing every aspect of it.

    87 ) Archery Elite: Become an archery expert with this very realistic game.

    88 ) Bid Wars: Pawn Empire: Build your empire with pawn shop money, ruining the business of your rivals.

    89 ) Tigerball: logic game where we will have to bounce the ball correctly to get it into its container.

    90 ) Broom: famous card game faithfully replicated, with increasingly better opponents.

    91 ) Battleship: Famous naval battle game, with the same rules to play both offline and online.

    92 ) Traffic Racer: Run through traffic faster and faster avoiding accidents.

    93 ) Happy Glass: puzzle game where we will have to draw lines and bridges to let the water pass and fill the glass, without letting it pour.

    94 ) Temple Run 2: adventure and racing game where you can collect all the artifacts and mysteries of the island.

    95 ) Rise Up: protect the balloon during the ascent, avoiding to burst it.

    96 ) Tennis clash, the best multiplayer tennis game.

    97 ) Pou: game similar to Tamagotchi where we will have to feed and take care of a small animal.

    98 ) Slither.io: game in which we will have to make the longest worm of all, eating everything we find on the map.

    99 ) Hole.io: competitive game where we will have to win by creating bigger and bigger holes and making people, buildings and entire cities fall into them.

    100 ) Hello Stars: puzzle game where we will have to throw a ball in front of the person in the least number of moves possible.

    101 ) Fortnits are Android, the most played Battle Royale shooter game of the year.

    102 ) The Walking Dead: Our World, augmented reality game in which to shoot Zombies.

    103 ) Pokemon Quest, free game where to collect Pokemon.

    104 ) The Harry Potter game, graphic adventure of wizards from the famous series of books and films.

    105 ) Fifa Mobile, the other great soccer game on consoles, to be played in 3D on mobile phones and tablets.

    106 ) Football strike, game of free kicks and shots on goal.

    107 ) PES discipline, the most popular soccer game for consoles, even on Android.

    108 ) Mario Kart, a fun game from Nintendo in the mobile version.

    109 ) Doctor Mario World, the nintendo puzzle game, in a mobile version.

    110 ) Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac, beautiful strategic RPG with the story of the knights of the zodiac.

    111 ) Brawl Stars, fun multiplayer game, with 3v3 battles seen from above in mini maps.

    112 ) Rumble Stars Football one-on-one soccer game, multiplayer. Simple to play, it is one of the best of 2019.

    113 ) The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, beautiful role-playing game of 2019, with battles, heroes and a world to conquer.

    114 ) Archero, fast-paced top view, all action shooter, one of the best for Android

    115 ) Auto Chess a multiplayer strategy game, awarded by Google in 2019, where you create the army to fight against each other in a clash between 8 players at the same time.

    116 ) Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, a game where you have to find clues to solve the mystery, also one of the best of 2019.

    117 ) Paper 2, fun game, with many players together where the one who makes the longest worm wins.

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    100 Best Free Android Games to Download on Smartphone

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