IPhone Data Recovery That Won't Turn On: All Methods 2021

Is it really possible to recover information if your phone is really dead?

We must be honest, we do not want to waste your time or give you useless hope: if the motherboard has damaged and you never did the back up of certain information, there will be no way to recover the data. If this is unfortunately your case, don't force yourself to read on.

The ways to have hope of recovering lost data once the iPhone no longer turns on are:

  • If you have a backup done in the iCloud
  • If the motherboard not was damaged

If at least one of these possibilities is positive, here is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, follow the instructions on this page to recover all your from iPhones!

We never tire of repeating, when it is necessary it is essential to do the back up of all the information on the phone, as often as possible, because you never know when some unforeseen event can make you no longer have access to the data, for example: mobile phone stolen, lost or broken.

How to recover photos and videos from dead iPhone

If you don't have the backup done, you have little hope with the motherboard, but you have to make sure that this is not damaged. It is possible that this has remained intact, but the phone does not turn on because other parts are damaged, if these are possible repair also temporally and turning the iPhone back on, the data can be recovered.

Apple's support is likely not going to help you with damaged internal parts, don't give up, because other assistances will be ready to help you. Don't try to do it yourself if you don't have the knowledge, and read on.

Getting to a recovery point in this case must be your main goal

The important thing is to bring the iPhone to a point where it can turn on, even if his functionality not I'm al 100%, the only thing that matters is thepower on and bring it back minimally alive in order to extract useful information.

It is true that the phone will not remain in great condition, but it will allow you to recover at least i give more import anti, so as not to lose all information completely.

Not even as a joke you can think that this repair procedure can be done alone: ​​it takes a lot of knowledge and above all a stable hand. It will not be enough to follow a tutorial on youtube or follow the instructions step by step, but you will have to contact a professional and be willing to reverse some money for cell phone repair.

Recover your data from iCloud

If you want to retrieve the information you had on your mobile, log in to iCloud and following these steps you will be able to recover the data you were able to backup:

  • From your PC open the browser on ricerca you prefer and go to the official page of iCloud
  • Access the page with your data for this platform: email e password
  • Many will present themselves to you icon in front, click the one you want to recover data from
  • Once clicked you will be able to see up to the last one information to which you did the back up
  • For example photos, just click on the icon that says Gallery and then at the top right click the icon with a cloud with down arrow, in this way you can download all the data you want to yours computer.

As you can see, the process is really very simple, you just need to know your credentials and have been backed up recently.

How to check that my iPhone is really dead completely and not just not working in part?

Sometimes we think that the time has come to say goodbye to our iPhone because it is actually dead, when in reality we have to look for everything. the minimum problems, because it could be that only of the parts are not working and it would not be appropriate to immediately throw in the towel.

Here are some things to check before considering iPhone lost forever:

  • Battery: Check that the battery did not stop working suddenly, even if your iPhone indicated a high battery percentage and it is shut down at any moment, it could be a flaw with this. Put your cell phone on charge and wait see a light or a sign of hope. In case the battery is the problem consider the idea of replace it, before changing the mobile phone.
  • Screen: to check if the screen is not working, we advise you to do ring your mobile or make it vibrate somehow. In this way you will understand if it is only the screen that has gone black and therefore it seems that the mobile is dead or instead it is a more serious problem. Often seeing the black screen is associated with dead phone, but it may be that below it, everything is working fine.
  • Try doing the full reboot following these steps (valid for models X and 11):
    • Press the button at the same time low volume and side key
    • Drag the slider right to switch off the mobile phone
    • Wait at least 30 seconds
    • Try turning on your cell phone as you usually would to see if there are any signs of life
  • Put the iPhone in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update), reminding you that the iPhone will revert to its own initial factory conditions.

Here are the steps to DFU iPhone 6:

    • Connect the phone to the PC with the lightning
    • Switch off the mobile phone
    • Turn your phone back on by pressing on power button
    • Keep your finger on the key power on and start pressing the key as well Home for a total of 10 seconds.
    • Release the button power on and continues to to maintain pressed the button Home for at least 8 seconds
    • For the result to be satisfying the phone screen it must remain off and iTunes from your computer will notify you detected an iPhone in recovery mode
Here are the steps to put in DFU the iPhone 7: Since the Home button is no longer mechanical starting with this model, replace the Home button with the one to lower the volume, following all the steps explained above for the model 6.

Here are the steps to DFU iPhone 8 and iPhone X:

    • Connect l’iPhone al computer
    • Start the application of iTunes
    • Press i two keys who control the volume quickly and press the key power on to the right
    • To maintain pressed the right button until it turns black
    • Once the screen goes black, release all keys
    • At this point you have to press the power buttons and that for turn down the volume to 5 seconds
    • Release the button power on e keep pressed the volume down For others 5 seconds about
    • At this point iTunes will launch a message on your PC
    • Throughout this process it is screen of yours iPhone it must remain black.
  • Seek help with the Apple support by going to theirs authorized store or online.
  • Seek external support of professionals.

These are all the possibilities that can be explored before declaring your phone like dead definitely and with no hope of recovering the data, but at least you will know that you have tried all the methods you had available.

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